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Singapore Flyer + City Tour [Part 2]

Source: City Tour
Photo By: Elin Chow

Are you ready? Here comes the Part 2 of my Singapore Flyer City Tour! If you have not read, here is the Part 1 of the tour.

It was almost noon time by the time we finished our 40 minutes ride on the Singapore Flyer. Feeling extremely hungry, my husband and I decided to have our lunch at the Singapore Food Trail, which is located at the ground floor of the Flyer complex.

Singapore Food Trail

The Singapore Food Trail is an unique 1960s-themed dining concept set against the backdrop of the 42 storey high Singapore Flyer. It gave you a nostalgic feel at the very moment you set your foot into this open concept hawker center. Not only that the food stalls has been designed in pushcarts and makeshifts stores styles, the entire hawker center has also been specially furnished and decorated with furnitures, props and cultery that are reminiscent of the 1960s.

In case anyone have no idea what hawker center is, this is the name given to open-air food complexes in Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong and the Riau Islands. In this food complexes, you are usually see many different food stalls which sell a different variety of inexpensive food. In other words, hawker stalls are where you will be able to find lots of local speciality as compared to high class restaurants.

As a tourist attraction, be prepared that food and drinks are priced at a higher price here as compared to the other hawker stalls elsewhere. Most of the food prices start at SGD 5 and drinks at SGD 3. The Singapore Food Trail is not just an ordinary dining place, but also a place where foreign tourists get to learn some of the Singapore history and chinese culture. 

The Hopper Bus City Tour

The sky turned gloomy once again by the time we finished our lunch. As it began to drizzle, we made our way out to the entrance, ready to be board our bus. I prayed deep inside my heart for the rain to stop. It stopped but the sky remains dark, which made photo-taking really hard and challenging.

The above is how the Hopper Bus looks like. However, for people who have purchased the Singapore Flyer City Pass A, you will get a Captain Explorer DUKW ride instead (see below).

The Hopper Bus offer 3 different bus routes for the vistors - the Green, Red or Orange, each of them covering different destinations and attractions. The package we booked through Singapore Flyer only entitled us a city tour on the Orange bus route. Below are the details of the bus stop location and schedules.

So we boarded our bus at the 1.40pm slot and started our city tour. Majority of the passengers or in fact, all of them are tourists. We did not feel odd, but acted as one of them too. But as they got fascinated by what they saw, I am busily capturing as much photos as I could. Afterall, I should make this a worthy trip. My husband, on the other hand, got bored and fell asleep throughout the journey!

Now, I guess it's better for me to let the photos do all the talking.

These are places where I have passed by dozen of time but have always failed to notice their existence. It was only then that I realized what a beauty they are. These heritage of Singapore, I hope they will never become the victims of modernisation. But we will never know. 

The Singapore River Cruise

The sight of Singapore Flyer marked the end of our bus tour. We could have alighted at any stop but it's much more convenient for us to reach Merlion Park for our boat ride from the Flyer. 

Priced at SGD 22 for adult and SGD 10 for child, the river tour covers the following routes:

At the Merlion Park jetty, which is conveniently located right in front of the Fullerton Hotel and beside the iconic Esplanade, is where we boarded the Bumboat for our Singapore River tour.

The Singapore River

Previously the old port of Singapore, the Singapore River was once the main center of trade, commerce and finance of the colony. As the economy advances, the bustle of entrepot trade has disappeared and has now been replaced with an array of bars, pubs, restaurants and antique shops.

As the bumboat sailed pass the Marine Bay sands, it also marked the end of our 40 minutes river tour. However, unlike the Singapore Flyer or Hopper bus city tour, the river tour was not as impressive.

The Singapore River, it has its unique charm. But not a place where my husband and I love. Despite its beauty, the majestic architecture makes the surroundings feel stressful. Perhaps I would feel differently when I am to re-visit the Singapore River after years as a real tourist.

With these, my city adventure came to an end. It was tiring and boring at some point, but still rewarding. I saw Singapore from a different perspective and a beauty that I will feel proud of.

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