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Visiting The Singapore Science Centre

Official Website: The Singapore Science Centre
Photo By: Elin Chow

Like any other Friday nights, my husband and I were discussing about our plans for that coming weekend. As usual, it was a long discussion which usually will never get us anywhere. Most of the time we either ended up going for another weekend movie or just wandering aimlessly in the shopping malls.

However, on this particular weekend, we decided to visit the Singapore Science Centre. Well, actually I was the one who have suggested this idea, which unfortunately, was initially rejected by him. I am not sure what was the reason that led him to rejected my suggestion. Perhaps, he might have thought that the Science Centre is a place for the kids and thus, it will be a rather boring place to spend time.

Yet... I insisted, but not because that I love Science. In fact, since a child, I was never really interested in any of the Science subjects. I could even remember that I will often fell asleep during my Science classes in my Primary and Secondary schooling days.

Since I dislike Science so much, why did I insisted on visiting the Singapore Science Centre? Well, I just figured out that it would not be a bad idea for us to go on an educational trip together, something different and probably much more interesting than a movie date. A place where we could spend time quietly together without having to squeeze through the crowds in a shopping mall or the Cinema.

The Singapore Science Centre

Officially opened on 10 December 1977, the Singapore Science Centre is currently one of the oldest and largest Science centres in the Asia region. Since its opening in 1977, the Singapore Science Centre has been actively promoting scientific and technological learning for the general public, especially among the students.

We arrived at the Science Centre at around 10 am and was immediately welcomed by a huge dinosaur display located near the entrance, beside a McDonald's outlet. For those who are feeling hungry, I believe McDonald's is the only place where you could probably get some food if you do not wish to walk all the way back to the Jurong East Mrt station.


The Singapore Science Centre's exhibition galleries feature more than a 1000 exhibits. Most of them are interactive and hand-ons, which in fact, provided us a better and more interesting learning experience. I am not sure whether we have visited all, but I am pretty sure that we have managed to visit most of them.

1. The Waterworks

Located just right at the entrance of the Singapore Science Centre, we came across a little water playground for the kids. However, this is not just a playground. Rather, this is where our adventure started. The water playground, named the Waterworks, is actually one of the highlighted exhibit of the Science Centre. Set with up the support of PUB Singapore, the Waterworks aims to educate the public about the importance of water in our lives. 

However, I personally feel that the Waterworks has not really served its original purpose of educating. Instead, it became more of a water playground for the kids where parents are also seen joining in the fun too.

2. The Mind's Eye

While at the ticket counter, we decided to purchase a 2-in-1 Package which includes the admission to the Science Centre and a 45 minutes IMAX movie at the Omni-Theatre.  The reason for choosing this package was because we are not really interested or keen to visit the Snow City at all. Furthermore, we feel that buying a package is more worth-while than single venue admission.

The Mind's Eye is about revealing the secrets behind illusions. Illusions, whether created intentionally or unintentionally, are always deceiving for our eyes. Most of the time, our eyes and brains are tricked into seeing and believing something that do not really exist. Often, we called these illusions as magic.

If you are someone who is attracted to optical illusions, this might be a great place for you.

Sadly, I am not someone who is interested or believe in magic. However, just when I started to feel bored, I came upon an exhibit named "Head on a Platter". This is where you will have the chance to see how you will look like without a body!

Interesting, isn't it? This magic can actually be achieved by using mirrors!

3. Scientist For a Day

I believe that most of us who have gone through primary and secondary school education would have understand something about the Scientific method. For those who could not rememeber, the Scientific method basically refers to the techniques used to acquire new knowledges.

The processes include: 

1. Inquries
2. Setting up a hypothesis
3. Procedures for experiments
4. Analyse the data
5. Conclusion

At the Scientist for a day, you will have a chance to see how some of the simple experiments are carried out. 

The above is an experiment to find out which types of water the hamster prefer the most. 

Albert Einstein, one of the greatest scientist in history. I am really pleased to meet you here. :D

4. Bioethics Exhibition

This particular exhibition exhibits the lastest technologies and treatments in the life sciences. A number of interactive exhibits are available to encouage the visitors to explore issues related to organ transplantation, genetic testing, stem cell therapy and cloning.

5. Uniquely You

Uniquely you is an exhibition about genetic inheritance. Our genes is the reason that makes every one of us different and unique. There are some really interesting exhibits featured at this exhibition. 

In particular, there is an exhibit which will give you an idea on how you will look 10 or 20 years later just by taking a photo of you. At another exhibit, I have also managed to catch a glimpse on foetus development inside the womb in 3D.

6. Climate Change & Earth: Our Untamed Planet

Earth: Our Untamed Planet is created in partnership with Earth Obervatory Singapore. Its purpose is to examine the relationships between the forces of nature and humans. It discusses the impacts of global warming and how natural disasters such as tsunami, earthquakes and volcanoes eruptions affect human activities.

Have you ever wonder how it is like to be caught in an earthquake? The Earth simulator will enable you to experience three different magnitude of quakes.

7. Genome

The Genome exhibition explores the areas of genetics enhancements. I believe the Hulk is one great example of genetic mutation.

8. Sound Exhibition

This is where you will learn more about soundwaves and how they are transmitted. The interactive exhibits here will make your learning journey fun and exciting.
9. Marine Alcove

The Marine Alcove was nothing impressive except for the few marine life and corals featured. 

The Moray eel, a snake-like fish, is one of the highlight of the Marine Alcove.

10. Fire Exhibition

Obviously, the huge dinosaur fossil here is not part of the Fire Exhibition. My husband and I found the fossil at the entrance beside the Marine Alcove, in the same hall where the Fire Exhibition is. 

The Fire Exhibition, just like its name, is about combustion. Nothing much awesome except for the fire torrando demostration which we have just happened to see by luck. The performance basically give the audience an idea about how a fire torrando is formed.

11. Living With Viruses

Living with viruses explores the significant issues related to the causes of worldwide spread viral infections. Also learn how the infections are controlled.

Some of the featured viruses featured here include Dengue, HIV, SARS, Hepatitis, Hand-foot and mouth diseases, Influenza, Avian Flu, Polio and Smallpox. Learn the reasons why we are so vulnerable to these viruses and the ways to prevent and stop them from spreading.

We saw these really realistic looking birds display in one of the corner of the Science Centre. They look really pretty!

12. Invent! It's In You

I think the aim of this exhibition is to highlight the importance of inventions, which have made significant changes and impacts in our life. Embrace the creative and inventive spirit and create a better tomorrow.

I could not understand the meaning behind this beautiful collage, which I strongly feel should be placed in an art museum instead in a Science centre.

I am not sure what this is. But it does look really sophisticated to me. This is the only reason why I took a photo of this.

There is also an area specially dedicated to camera and photography, an invention which I am really thankful for. Without this invention, I think we will lose out a lot in life.

My husband and I look real silly in this photo. But still, this was really fun. We had a really good laugh.

There are a lot of fun elements in this exhibition. I found myself could not stop taking pictures with my camera! Even if you are not a photography addict, touring this area of the Science centre should make you feel delightful.

13. Robotics Learning Centre

If you are a fan of robots, then this might be a great place for you. I believe most of us would be able to recognise most of the robots featured here.

Wall-E from the Disney animated film, Wall-E. I must say this is really a great production.

Of all the featured robots, I love this one the most. It has got a really innocent look that seems to attract my gaze.

Even Doremon came into the scene. 

Even as a girl, I enjoyed touring the Robotics Learning Centre very much. You can tell by the number of photos I have managed to take here!

14. Ecogarden

If you are feeling tired after hours of indoor Science tour, consider taking a breath of fresh air at the Ecogarden where you will find a diverse variety of plants. Be prepared for mosquitoes attack!

What! There is actually a plant called the Mother-in law plant!!!

Just beside the entrance of the Ecogarden, there is a chick incubator. If you are lucky, you might have the chance to see a hatching egg before your eyes. Unfortunately, my husband and I were not as lucky that day.

We were waiting for the last Science demostration of the day to start while I snapped some photos of the surroundings.

Albert Einstein is everywhere!

15. Tesla Coil Demostration

What I knew was this is a Science demostration which has to do with high voltage electricity. Basically, an audience was chosen from the crowd to sit in the cage, which is to be shocked by electric waves. Pretty exciting. But I could not imagine how that poor guy was feeling at that moment.

As the last demostration ended, our trip to the Singapore Science Centre also came to an end. Having visited the Science Centre many times in my life for school excursions, this was the best trip of all. It's not that I feel interested. In fact, I was starting to feel bored after an hour of the tour. But even the most boring trip can become fun when the time was spent with your most loved one.

Initially, I wanted to break this post into two parts. But then I realized that it will be better if everything stay together as one. I am sorry for such a long post. However, I believe this will not take you a long time to read since it is flooded with photos than words.

I actually visited the Singapore Science Centre back in September 2012. Although the place might not have changed much, but some of the exhibition might not be available anymore. For more infornation, please visit the Singapore Science Centre official website.

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