Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Life Is Tough But Stay Strong

Photo Copyright: Elin Chow

"When life gets tough, remember you are tougher."

This is officially my third week at my new job and today is the day I finally received my first pay cheque from my new company. One of the happiest thing happening to me in the month of April.

Then I thought of the past 4 months. I could not remember when was the last time I have felt the same happiness, even when it was pay day. Whenever I thought of this, I feel really glad that I have made the right decision a month ago.

That was to hand in my letter of resignation. It was a tough decision. Between money and happiness, what would you choose? It took me months of struggle and finally, I chose happiness.

I am thankful that luck fell upon me at the moment I decided to resign. To be offered a new job which I am very glad that I accepted. I met a couple of awesome colleagues and a great and understanding boss. I hope this would be the place where I could stay till the day I retire.

I am looking for a perfect life. But I have no idea what is a perfect life. Some people have told me that my life seems to be so prefect. But I do not think so. I am never satisfied with my life or stop pursuing for a better future. Slowing my pace down makes me feel afraid. However, at the same time, I have never truly feel happiness for once.

"Then I realized if I wanted to find happiness, I have to understand that the perfect life does not exist."

Even though slowing down my pace makes me feels afraid, I have been trying to stop 'forcing' things to happen. To lead a simple and contented life. This is my new year resolution for this year.

I slowed down my pace of life and started to notice things which I have all along been left unnoticed by many others.

The electricity transmission towers! Recently, I found myself falling in love with these pylon towers, so much so that I just could not stop taking photos of them.

My life has been extremely monotonous for the past few months. Having relocated to Kuala Lumpur about 6 months ago, my life typically revolves just around home and work. My weekends are rather routine where I usually spend most of the days at home. It's pretty sad sometimes when I looked back at the past 6 months of my life. It seems that I am just wasting my youth away.

So, do I miss Singapore? Yes I did. I miss the weekeds where I get to put on some makeup, dress up and spend the day with my friends or my husband. Since I moved to Kuala Lumpur, I did not really have the chance of putting on any makeup or dress up for a day anymore.

"Travel is the only thing you buy to make you richer."

I have been wanting to explore Kuala Lumpur more. But travelling around has been so inconvenient without a car. I hope I could get my husband to drive me around more when he is finally back from Penang.

Even so, I still managed to catch a glimpse of the iconic KLCC. All thanks to my company where its office is conveniently located near the KLCC. Indeed, it is impressive, but I believe Kuala Lumpur is not just about the KLCC. It is the vibrant culture of the city which I would love to see. Preferably things which I am unable to find in Singapore.

Other than that, I have been wanting to travel to as many countries as possible. It has always been my dream to see more of the world. Travelling is not just about relaxation, but rather a time to broaden your horizons.

"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy."

I always love the sunset. The mix of the red, orange and yellow never fails to bring a smile onto my face. These are simple little things that has made my week great. To some people, these may be nothing. But to me, it helped me to find some meaning for my routine life. A meaning that kept me strong and work hard towards my goals.

Even though I understand that the perfect life does not exist, having goals will create a difference in my life.

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