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Marrying a Malaysian: Immigration Interview For Permanent Residency (PR) In Malaysia

Photo By: Elin Chow

Back in October 2018, I submitted my application for permanent Residency (PR) in Malaysia and I was given a date for an interview at the immigration office in January 2019. I have attended the interview with my husband last week at Jalan Duta immigration office, the branch where I have applied my Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTSVP) and submitted my PR application.

We were asked  to bring along all the original documents listed in the PR application checklist on the day of the interview. This is simply for the interviewing officer to verify your documents.

Original Documents Required

Below are some of the original documents required (but may vary case to case):

- Old and new passports (applicant)
- Birth certs (applicant and Malaysian)
- Malaysia marriage cert
- Overseas marriage cert (if you registered overseas)
- Malaysian sponsor's MyKad
- Proof of residence (water or electricity bill)
- Security bond receipt
- Children's MyKad & birth cert
- Children's passport

Photocopies are not required as we have already submitted them during the application. To be honest, I was feeling really nervous about the interview as I could not communicate well in Bahasa Melayu. There are very little information available on the internet, so we really have no idea what kind of questions they would ask.

The Interview

We were slightly late on the day of the interview as we were caught in a traffic jam. It was quite an unlucky day for us because we have difficulty finding a parking space at the immigration office too. But luckily, the interviewing officer did not penalize us for being late.

The interviewing officer is a very friendly Malay lady who greeted us warmly with a bright smile upon our arrival. She asked my husband whether I could understand or speak Bahasa Melayu. He answered that I could only understand the language in a basic way. She smiled and asked for the original documents.

She briefly checked the original documents against the photocopied documents that we have submitted last year before proceeding to ask more questions. Below are some of questions she have asked:

- Personal information like phone number and address
- Occupation and monthly income
- Our marriage date
- How long we dated before getting married
- Where and how did we met each other
- The reason for applying permanent residency in Malaysia

My husband answered most of the questions and all I did was smile and nod my head. The interviewer officer was pleased with the answers and we were glad that we were not penalized for my inability to speak the Malaysian language. It seems that as long as one of us is able answer the questions in Bahasa Melayu, we will be safe.

The interview lasted about 10 minutes. It was short but pretty smooth sailing. At the end of the interview, we were to told to wait for the interview invitation from the police. The police should call either one of us anytime in the next 6 months.

While waiting for the call from the police, we are allowed to travel abroad. She mentioned that a lot of people thought that they are not allowed to travel overseas during this period, which is not true. We can still travel anywhere as we like. If we did not receive any phone call from the police in the next 6 months, we could call the person-in-charge to inquiry about the status. Also, we have to make sure that we continue to renew my LTSVP until my PR application is approved. If not, I will not be able to stay here.

We were told that if the police interview went on smoothly, they will then proceed to submit my application to Putrajaya for processing. Since we registered our marriage in Malaysia, it will be easier for me to get PR in Malaysia. My application will probably take 2-3 years to approve, which is considered quite fast.

So I guess now I could only wait. I shall update about my police interview in another post again once I have done that. Please note that everything I have shared in this post is solely based on my personal experience. Each immigration offices in Malaysia or interviewing officers would have different set of questions or rules for PR interview. So please use this post as a reference only.

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Monday, January 21, 2019

Losing My Stubborn Weight With Squeeze Me ๐Ÿ‹ + Matcha Premium ๐Ÿต

Photo By: Elin Chow

Are you eating healthy and exercising, but you are still not losing weight or stopped losing weight? You have tried every diet and weight loss recommendations, yet you are still unable to achieve results, despite your best efforts. Desperate attempts to lose weight can be incredibly frustrating and disheartening, especially when you are not seeing any result on the scale. If you find losing weight to be difficult, you are not alone.

A Little Introduction About Me

I lead a pretty healthy lifestyle. I work out 2-3 times a week and each session lasts about 30 minutes. I try to eat healthy most of the days and drink at least 2 litres of water everyday. I try to avoid fried and sugary food and drinks as much as I can and eat more fruits and vegetables instead of meat. It is not easy and occasionally I do give in to food cravings.  But I am always keeping my cravings in moderation, counting every calories I eat.

I lost quite a lot of weight from consistent exercises and healthy eating over the year. Yet, I could not reach my weight loss goal and no matter what I do, the weighting scale just stopped moving. Obviously, I have hit a weight loss plateau and to overcome it, I have to try something different. Perhaps changing my diet and exercise habits will help, but this is something I do not wish to do.

So I am tempted to try every slimming products that are available in the market just to lose weight, especially when exercising and dieting stopped working. But I did not because I am not sure whether the products are safe or not until a friend of mine (she is a certified seller of the products) recommended me to try Squeeze Me + Matcha Premium by M First out.

Derived from a mix of natural ingredients, Squeeze Me + Matcha Premium is the perfect combination to healthy weight loss. The products claim to eliminate your bloatedness, cleanse and detoxify your insides, boost your metabolism, beautify your skin and reduce your excess body fats. 

Sounds too good to be true? Yes, it is. But I still decided to give it a try because I am attracted to the claims that I could lose extra weight without long sessions of sweating in gym or dieting. Besides that, I also have bloating problems and irregular bowel movements and hoped that the products would help to solve my problems.

To be honest, my expectations were not high and I was not convinced that the products would be able to help me lose weight that I cannot lose through exercising and healthy eating.


Feel It" Squeeze Me is a specially formulated Cellulose from Japan that helps with body detoxification. Cellulose is an insoluble fiber starch that your body cannot digest. As a result, sugar in Cellulose is not used for energy by the body.

Cellulose has no calories, vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates or fat. It is natural dietary fiber that keeps your digestive tract healthy. As it cannot be dissolved in water, it binds itself to the food you have eaten and helps it move through your intestines, pushing waste out of your body.

Feel It" Squeeze Me is a detox drink that claims to:

- Soften stubborn stool and detoxify body
- Relieve edema
- Improve digestion system
- Enhance immunity system
- Improve skin
- Anti-aging
- Relief constipation
- Improve metabolism
- Improve strength and endurance
- Improve memory and mental alertness
- Flatten belly

This is what happens when you pour a sachet of Squeeze Me into a glass of water with oil. Squeeze Me will dissolve oil, and when consumed, it will break down fats and remove them from the body.


The main ingredients consists of lemon, lime, prune, inulin,citric acid, wheatgrass, dandelion extract and cassia seed extract.


- Great source of antioxidants, dietary fiber and Vitamin C
- Have anti-inflammatory properties
- Free radical scavenger
- Immune system booster
- Naturally cleanse and detox the body
- Improve digestion
- Aid in losing weight and eliminating body fluids


- Improves digestion
- Helps saliva break down food better
- Simulate secretion of digestive juices
- Prevent constipation by promoting bowel movements


- Reduces cholesterol level and lowers  blood pressure
- Relieve constipation by promoting bowel movements
- High in Vitamins and Potassium


- Simulates production of beneficial  bacteria (probiotics)
- Helps in weight loss
- Excrete harmful toxins out of body and
- Promotes healthy complexion
- Simulates minerals and calcium absorption
- Boosts immune systems and slows down aging process

Citric Acid

- Acts as antioxidants and slows down aging process
- Increase urine output and detoxification
- Aids in digestion

Wheat Grass

- Improves digestion and reduces food cravings
- Anti-aging
- Improve immunity

Dandelion Extract

- High in iron and Zinc
- Detoxifying
- Helps inflammation and congestion of liver

Cassia Seed Extract

- Improves digestion
- Prevents constipation
- Helps in weight loss


The product comes in a yellow slide box containing 17 yellow sachets of Squeeze Me. The packaging is interesting and extremely eye-catching.

I love the sachet format because it is very travel friendly. It is very convenient to bring it around. But at the same time, I also hate it because it is not environmentally friendly. I hate the fact that I am creating waste for every sachet I consumed.


Formulated with premium natural Matcha extract that is sourced directly from Kyoto, Japan, the Matcha Premium claims to:

- Prevent of oil absorption
- Burn calories
- Excrete excess body water
- Excrete excess toxins
- Improve blood circulation
- Improve metabolism
- Decompose excess body fats
- Suppress appetite
- Lower cholesterol
- Detoxify intestinal tract


The main ingredient, Matcha, is low in calories and free of added sugars, so it is unlikely that they will be stored as fats. Loaded with natural healthy antioxidants, it helps to flush out toxins, boost metabolism and accelerates fat burning process without any side effects.

Matcha is a healthy source of minerals and vitamins. It helps to blocks bad cholesterol absorption and enhance body's immunity system.

Other than Matcha extract, the ingredients also include white coffee bean extract, grape seed extract, lemon juice, mint tea and hydroxycitric acid.

White Coffee Extract

- Boost metabolism, eliminate fats and sugars in the cells
- Break down fats and block fat absorption

Grape Seed Extract

- Rich in Linoleic acid that can effectively reduce oil
- Burn calories
- Rich in Cellulose, organic acid and more

Lemon Juice

- Rich in Vitamin C
- Promotes secretion of Proteolytic enzymes in stomach
- Improve bowel movement

Hydroxycitric Acid

- Suppress appetite
- Slows fat making process in your body


The product comes in a white zip lock bag, packaged inside a white-green slide box. Opening the zip lock bag, you will find another transparent zip lock bag, containing 40 tablets of Matcha Premium. It is small and fits in your bag easily.


Both the products are a mixture of natural ingredients, all with health benefits. Once I have learned that the ingredients are safe, I started the detox. My first impression was both the products taste really good and eating them everyday was a breeze.

Squeeze Me smell and taste just like sweet lemon juice. I like that it is not too sweet or too sour. For people who find this too sweet or too sour, you can drink it mixed with water. You are required to take one sachet per day and I usually drink this at night, right before I go to bed. If you have gastric problem, it is recommended that you drink this right after your dinner instead.

There are 3 different ways to consume Squeeze Me -  ice pop, mix with water or drink it straight from the sachet. You can choose to consume it whichever way you like.

Matcha Premium, on the other hand, taste somewhat like Matcha flavored ice-cream but in a candy form. It was sweet with a slight bitter taste. The taste of Matcha is pretty strong, but I find that sucking on it will cause a temporary sweet aftertaste in the mouth which I hate. To prevent that, I will usually swallow it with water. I take 2 pills a day - one after breakfast and another one after lunch.

I am advised to drink at least 2 litres of water per day after consuming the products as it helps to flush out toxins from the body. It is not something difficult because I am already drinking that much of water everyday.


Now, I am going to talk about my bowel movements. You might want to skip this part if you feel disgusted.

It takes approximately 8-10 hours for Squeeze Me to work through your system. I experienced a slight stomach churning sensation on the first day after drinking it on the night before. It was uncomfortable and I have to run to the toilet after every meal. But fortunately, the discomfort gets away after I pooped.

I pooped a total of 4 times on the first day and my poop were soft and extremely smelly. That was quite a lot times because I am slightly constipated and I felt really great after every visit to the toilet.

However, on the second day, I did not poop as much. I only pooped 2 times, but I felt so much lighter. I continued to experience increased bowel movements until the 4th day, pooping about 2 times a day. My stools were really soft and I could pass more easily. I do not even need to push for the poop to come out.

However, on the 4th day, I did not poop at all. I guess my colon was clean by then, so I decided to stop drinking Squeeze Me for a few days. I started drinking it again on the 7th day but I only went to the toilet once. Now I only drink it once or twice a week.

Since I started consuming the products, my digestive system has improved, reducing stomach gas and bloating. My appetite has also becomes smaller, which is normal because both the products are supposed to suppress my appetite and curb my food cravings. But I also get hungry easily due to increased metabolism.


As I was flushing more toxins and waste out of my body, I feel less bloated and started to see some difference in my excess weight. The difference was not really huge because I was not very fat in the first place, but my body definitely feels so much lighter than before.

I am standing at 153 cm tall and before I started consuming the products, I weighted around 55-56 kg. That was after I lost 4 kg from consistent exercise and eating healthy. I am trying to get to 50 kg but unfortunately, I have hit a weight loss plateau and my weight was always stuck at 55 kg. It was so frustrating!

But after a week of consuming the products, I started to see some results. I did not change my usual diet or exercise habits, but I started to lose weight gradually without doing anything extra. My tummy has become slightly smaller and I feel better from insides out.

I lost 1 kg in 2 weeks and another 0.5 kg in the following week. It feels great that I am naturally losing weight without going on a strict diet or exercising more. I am still losing weight but this is the result at the time I am writing this post. The best thing is there is no need for me to abstain from any particular type of food, but I still try to avoid sugary and oily food to maintain the result. After all, it is also very important to be healthy.

I know some of you might feel that the weight loss is too slow.Well, who doesn't want to lose weight fast. But trust me. It is better to lose weight slowly than rapidly because it is more sustainable in long term. This will ensure that you are actually losing fat than muscle and water.

Overweight or obese people might see a faster result, losing much more weight in a week than lighter people do. I have seen remarkable results with a number of people.


In total, I lost about 2 kg in a month, with a smaller and less bloated tummy and improved digestive system. The products exceeded my expectation and have delivered the promised result.

Squeeze Me + Matcha Premium are just perfect for people who:

- Have no time or too lazy to exercise but want to lose weight
- Have hit a weight loss plateau and unable to lose more weight
- Have poor digestive systems
- Feel tired easily
- Are often constipated
- Are underweight

It taste great, improve your skin, remove unwanted toxins from your body, solve your constipation problem, boost your metabolism and erase your fats without any side effects. You can lose weight simply by drinking a sachet of lemon juice and swallowing 2 pills of Matcha tablets everyday.

Things to note:

Make sure you have ready access to a toilet on the first day because you will not be able to hold the urge to poop. Squeeze Me is the one that will make you go to the toilet. So remember to choose a stay-at-home weekend to start the detox.

Not Suitable For:
Squeeze Me
Matcha Premium

- Children below 7 years old
- People with heart diseases
- People who are having diarrhea
- People who often feel nauseous

- Teenagers aged 18 years below
- Pregnant women
- Menstruating women

I certainly do not recommend relying on the products to lose or maintain your weight in long term. Consistent exercise and healthy eating are still the best way to improve your overall health and fitness. You can use the products as supplements to help you reach your weight goal.

Of course, it is not necessary for you to consume both the products at the same time. You can choose to consume only Squeeze Me to detox your body or relief constipation. I recommend taking the Matcha tablets only after detoxification. After that, you can choose to consume just the Matcha tablets to lose weight.

Let's get rid of our stubborn fats together! If you are interested to buy or learn more about the products, please visit Geanne Facebook or Wechat her (s_geanne).

Geanne is a certified seller of Squeeze Me and Matcha Premium, so you don't have to worry about getting scammed. All her stocks are 100% authentic and safe for consumption. Shipping is also available worldwide.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

[Review] Hanskin Real Complexion Hyaluron Skin Essence

Photo By: Elin Chow

Recently I received the Hanskin Real Complexion Hyaluron Skin Essence from Tandlelove Beauty Store for review and I am excited to share about this product with all of you because it is so amazing! In fact, this is currently my most favorite skincare product to use.

The Hanskin Real Complexion Hyaluron Skin Essence is an all-in-one korean skincare product filled with water containing 10% of Hyaluronic acid (HA). Basically, it acts as a toner, essence and lotion that deeply moisturize and retain moisture in skin.

The product is infused with an advanced form of HA called sodium hyaluronate, which has an ability to hold 1000 times more water than HA. This is because it has a smaller molecule size than HA, allowing it to penetrate the skin better, hydrating you from inside out.

Due to its extremely hydrating properties, it also helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, resulting in  a brighter and more youthful complexion.

The product is packaged in a lovely pink box and comes in a frosted clear plastic bottle with a pink pastel screw on cap, containing 300ml of the product. I really love the packaging because it is very simple but cute.

Other than that, the packaging also feels incredibly sturdy in my hand. But unfortunately, it is quite heavy too, which makes it not so travel-friendly.

I have been using the Hanskin Real Complexion Hyaluron Skin Essence for a few weeks and so far, it has not cause my skin to break me out. In fact, I am happy that my skin actually feels less oilier than before. I guess keeping the skin well-moisturized does help to reduce excess oil production and acne outbreaks.

I love the consistency of the essence. It is watery (slightly thicker than water) and light, which allows it to be absorbed in an instant, leaving my skin feeling hydrated and incredibly soft to the touch. I am happy that it works perfectly well for my oily/combination skin. It keeps my skin moisturized for an entire day without feeling sticky or oily. My skin also looks brighter and more dewy than before..Now I could not keep my hands from touching my face because it feels so smooth and soft!

Another thing I really like about this product is that there are no added alcohol, color or fragrance, making it gentle enough for people with sensitive skin. These three ingredients are often known to cause skin irritation even to people with normal skin.

How To Use

I use this once every night after cleansing, followed by a moisturizer. You can either pour an appropriate amount of the essence on your palms and onto a cotton pad and pat it gently on your face. For me, I prefer applying all my liquid type skincare product with a cotton pad because it helps to remove any excess oil and impurities from my skin during application. However, for people with normal, dry or sensitive skin, I recommend applying it with your hands because it will provide you with immediate hydration that you will need.

Since I started using this essence, I can easily skip my usual toner and serum now. The essence itself is enough to deeply hydrate and retain moisture in my skin. This is probably because my skin is on the oiler side and it does not get dry out easily. But I still prefer to layer it with a moisturizer just to lock in the moisture.

For people with dry skin, you might want to keep your toner, serum and moisturizer in your skincare routine to ensure that your skin well-moisturized. I actually recommend using this twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. The essence is extremely layerable and does not feel heavy on the skin.

Price is slightly on the expensive side, but still reasonable, considering the amount of product you will get. A little also goes a long way, so a bottle of it can lasts for months. You will only need 3 to 4 drops at a time for your face and neck area.

Tandlelove is currently selling this at SGD $35.90 only! (Sokoglam selling this at SGD $46). Limited stocks available! Shipping is currently FREE to both Singapore and Malaysia! Remember to use my promo code "ELIN20" to get 20% off your entire order (excluding sales items)! No minimum purchase required!

"Tandlelove is committed in bringing you the best quality cosmetic and skincare beauty products at an affordable and reasonable price. Every products sold on their website is handpicked and is 100% authentic. Free sample will be given out for every order and shipping is free within Singapore. Please read FAQ for more information. "

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Monday, December 31, 2018

End of 2018!

Photo By: Elin Chow

Last day of 2018. What can I say about this year? I guess it is pretty mundate since nothing much happens, which can be a good thing too.

I have not accomplished much this year. It is always hard for me to achieve the resolutions I set for the year. So I decided not to waste time on making resolutions this year and just let nature takes it course.

So, in 2018, my husband and I finally moved into our own little home. To be honest, it is a challenge for us to repay the housing loan every month, but I believe that everything will eventually become better as time goes. The most importantly thing is, we are really happy to finally have a place that we can call our own (well, the house still belongs to the bank, but it will become ours eventually).

We have not been able to travel much this year since we spent quite a huge part of our savings on house renovation. It was a great investment that I will not regret since it is really cozy and comfortable even though it left us so much poorer.

But I am glad that we still managed to travel to Phuket, Langkawi and Singapore this year. We enjoyed the trips very much because what matters the most to us is that we are together.

It was fun to be a 'tourist' back in my home country because this allows me to see Singapore from a different perspective. I really appreciate the cleanliness and safety of Singapore. It is fairly easy to travel around in Singapore due to the well-connected public transportation systems. Well, I did not only realize these today. I only start to appreciate more after living in Malaysia for so many years.

But I do not regret my decision. There are many challenges and uncertainty but my heart is so much happier now. I am happy and thankful for everything I have now even though I would not earn as much as in Singapore. Anyway, we enjoyed spending christmas in Singapore after so many years. The christmas decorations were so beautiful!

In 2018, I finally get to watch JJ Lin live concert in Kuala Lumpur. This was also the first concert I had ever watched in my life. Even though the ticket prices were crazy, but it was worth it afterall.

In 2018, I managed to meet some new people and made some new friends. But at same time, I am surprised to realize how fast people can change. It is sad but I guess this is just part of parcel of life. People change and without any reason, they just become strangers. But I am glad to meet and know friends who are worth cherishing.

In 2018, I also started to go to the gym on a regular basis, mainly because I wanted to lead a more healthy lifestyle. Constant exercise has improved my stamina as well as endurance.

I have a very memorable birthday celebration this year. This year, I received roses from my husband for first time after being together for 7 years. He also brought me to Thirty8, a fine dining restaurant to celebrate my birthday.

So, this is basically my highlights of 2018. Ended my 2018 with a steamboat session at home. I am grateful for every good things that happened this year. Thank you everyone who made me smile in 2018. I wish that 2019 will be a good year for you all too.

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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Show Your Love and Care with The Little Flower Hut

Photo By: Elin Chow
Official Website:

Flowers are perfect for any occasions. It is a great way to give a pop of colors to your home and make someone feel appreciated and truly special. I am happy to receive flowers in a glass vase from the Little Flower Hut the moment I arrived at my hotel in Singapore. This is one of their new product for 2019 and it is so beautiful. Totally brighten my day!

The Little Flower Hut is a Singapore online florist that provide same day flower, hamper and gift delivery service at no additional charge. Started in 2010, the company is one of the leading florist in Singapore, offering over 1000 flower arrangements and hamper selections to fit any budget and occasion. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, funerals, Mother's day, Valentine's day, housewarming or graduations, there is definitely something for that occasion.

The Little Flower Hut is open 24/7 to serve all your gifting needs. Surprise your loved one with roses and flowers on Valentine's day, anniversaries or Mother's day. Provide love and support to a family member or friend grieving the loss of a loved one with funeral flowers. Celebrate a baby's birth with a gorgeous baby hamper. Regardless of the distance and destination, the company is always available to send your love and care for you.

All flowers from the Little Flower Hut are sourced from reputable farms worldwide and only the best and freshest ones are delivered to the recipients. Some flowers like gerberas, hydrangeas, roses lilies, orchids and tulips are flown in daily to ensure its freshness and are hand-arranged with care.

However, if your recipient is not a fan of flowers, or you are looking for a gift that will last more than a few days, the Little Flower Hut also offers a decent selection of gifts baskets, hampers and balloons suited for different occasions.

If you are looking for something customized, the Little Flower Hut will also be happy to accommodate any types of need and budget. You can drop them an email or give them a call at +65 6503 9720.

Sending flowers does not have to break the bank, Well, at least when you send it with The Little Flower Hut. The company offers a few selections for people with a limited budget. Please check out their weekly picks for below SGD $50 nett.

There are various delivery options such as same day delivery, express delivery, on-the-dot delivery, before 10 am and after 10 pm for you to choose from. The standard one is same day delivery, which is only available if you order before 4 pm. You can pick a most convenient time slot to have the flowers or gifts delivered to your loved one. The only downside is you are not able to choose a specific timing for delivery.

For last minute order, the Little Flower Hut also offers express delivery at an extra charge and delivery will be made within 3 hours upon confirmation, from 9 am to 4 pm. However, please note that this option is subjected to availability and the company has the right to turn down the request if they do not have enough manpower.

I am glad to say that I have a really good experience with the Little Flower Hut. The flowers are delivered at the indicated time and date to the hotel I am staying at. Customer service is great and the flowers are fresh and lovely.

Other than that, the Little Flower Hut also offers the most easy and convenient way to send flowers and gifts to someone that you care. Simply order via online, sms, email or call them and they will do the rest for you.

Show someone your love and care with one of their flowers or gift baskets to make them feel truly special today!

No monetary compensation was received for this review and all opinions expressed were my own. Thank you Little Flower Hut for the lovely flowers. 

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Monday, December 17, 2018

[Review] Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum

Photo By: Elin Chow

Awarded globally as the best moist serum for 19 times, the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum is undoubtedly one of best selling product of Innisfree. I have been using this serum for quite some time and really love it. It is currently my favorite serum and I use it every night before bed. 

The Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum is a moisturizing and nourishing serum formulated with organic green tea and green tea seed from Jeju island. It contains fresh green tea that is rich in amino acids and minerals that deeply hydrates your skin. The green tea seed oil, on the other hand, creates a strong moisture barrier to prevent moisture loss. 

The serum comes in a translucent green pump bottle containing 80 ml of the product. Just like most of Innisfree products, the bottle is made of recyclable material and you can bring the empty bottle back to any any of their store to have it recycled. 

The packaging is rather compact and durable, which is great for travelling. Even better, it comes with a clip that prevent spills and leaks during traveling.

I really love the consistency of the serum. It is very light and watery, which allows it to spread and absorbed by the skin easily. My skin does not feel sticky or oily after application. But most importantly, it does not break me out. 

The smell is amazing. It has a faint sweet green tea smell of fresh green tea - very refreshing and not too overwhelming. Some people might not like the smell but it does not bother me that much.

A pump is enough keep my face and neck area pretty much moisturized. My skin feels incredibly soft and supple after application. Due to its light consistency, it can be used before or after a toner. You can use it right in the morning after washing before you leave for your work or when you go to bed at night. I normally use it after my toner at night after washing, followed by a moisturizer.

Recently, Innisfree has upgraded their formula in 2018 which they claimed to be 3.5 times more hydrating than the older version. I have finished two bottles of the older version one and am now into my third with their 2018 new formula.

The new formula has a slightly different packaging. It comes in a darker green bottle with a black colored pump instead of brown. Other than packaging, the new formula is definitely much more hydrating and keeps my skin moisturized for longer. But on the other hand, it tends to make my face more oily than before. Luckily, it does not break me out. 

The good thing is it keeps my skin moisturized all day long. My skin did not feel dry after sitting under the office aircon for an entire day. This serum is actually suitable for all skin types because it is gentle. 

The price? Innisfree is currently it at RM 103.50. It is slightly expensive, but you can actually buy it at a cheaper price online. Please check out my Carousell store if you are interested to buy.

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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Contango @ Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Photo By: Elin Chow
Official Website: Majestic Hotel 

The minute we walked into the lobby, we were impressed. It is immensely grand and majestic, with stunning crystal chandelier, black striped marble flooring and an enormous flower arrangement as the centerpiece. On one side of the lobby, you will find Contango, a luxuriously designed contemporary restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Contango is probably one of the most popular and renowned hotel buffet in Kuala Lumpur, boasting a diverse range of international cuisines, ranging from Western, Indian, Chinese,Thai, Malay to Japanese, as well as a 2,000 capacity wine cellar.

The price for the weekday buffet dinner is RM 115 nett per person, which is pretty affordable. You will get to enjoy a free flow of wine and beer at an additional RM 70. But parking was a little expensive. It was a flat rate of RM 15 per entry and you will need to get the parking token from the reception before you leave.

The restaurant is spacious,with an ability to accommodate up to 250 diners. Tables were big and well spaced out to ensure a good level of privacy. The ambience was also very comfortable and relaxed, which makes it great for friends and family to gather.

Featuring open concept kitchens and live cooking stations, diners will get the opportunity to watch chefs at work. Most of the food that are served at the buffet were cooked to order to ensure their quality and freshness.

Dessert Station

The eye-catching Dessert Station is located right at the entrance of Contango - probably to lure visitors to the buffet. The Dessert Station is loaded with an impressive selection of sweet treats, from cakes, macarons, crumbles, tarts, eclairs to puddings that are sure to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth.

All the desserts are kept chilled inside a chiller instead being displayed out in the open to ensure taste, texture and appearance are maintained. But there is nothing in particular that stand out. Other than cakes and pastries, the Dessert Station also offers free flow of made-in-house ice creams.There are 12 unique flavors to choose from and I have difficulty deciding which one to eat. I tried both the Yam and Vanilla flavours. They were delicious and not too sweet.

Fruits & Juice Station

The Fruits Station offers limited selection of fruits like watermelon, honeydew and pineapple, as well as a variety of fresh juices.

Fresh coffee and tea are also available -  Cappuccino, Latte or Mocha. Simply place your order and the barista will make it for you. Just in case the barista is not around, you can also make it yourself with the coffee maker machine.

Italian Station

The Italian Station features a Pizza Oven and Churrasco Grill. Pizza were served fresh out of the oven. It was crisp, delicious and well-done. You can even customize your own pizza based on your liking and the chef will baked it right for you.

The Churrasco grilled beef , on the other hand, was disappointing. The meat was hard and dry, which was definitely not a delight to eat.

Salad Station

The Salad Station features a variety of cold cuts and cheese, as well as fresh veggies. You can make your own salad at this station based on what you like.

Bread Station

The Bread Station offers a few different kinds of bread for bread lovers.

Japanese station
Among all, the Japanese station excites me the most, featuring an array of  fresh sashimi, sushi, shioyaki, soba, tempura, soup and an assortment of side dishes.

The raw fish offering included Salmon, Tuna, Tako and Butterfish, all served on ice. The sashimi are very fresh and almost melt in your mouth.

Other than Sashimi, the Japanese Station also offers a decent selection of fresh Nigiri and Makimono. Sushi size was perfect and the rice was also well-seasoned. The sushi were very popular as they get snatched up fast but they are always replenished quickly.

The Japanese Station also serves two kinds of tempura, but I find the quality a bit lacking. It was a little too heavy and soggy.

Among all, I love the Salmon and Saba Shioyaki the most. In fact, it was my favorite dish from the Japanese section. It is a very simple yet delicious dish where fish is cooked on a grill with salt only. Perfectly grilled, the fish is crispy on the outside and packed with flavor inside.

Pasta station

The Pasta Station allows diners to personalise pasta by choosing their own pasta style and sauce. Options available are Aglio Olio, Carbonara, Tomato Sauce and Bolognese. You will have pick up the type of pasta and sauce you want and the chef will cook it for you within minutes. I have only tried their Spaghetti Carbonara because I wanted to save my tummy space for other dishes. It was was really delicious. I really love the sauce because it was simply thick and creamy.

Seafood Station

The Seafood Station, on the other hand, is really disappointing. There is a very limited selection of seafood with only Bamboo Clams and Mussels on offer.. My husband was really disappointed because there was no oysters or prawns, at least on the day we visited. I believe this is the only 5-star hotel buffet that does not offer oysters in their menu.

The Bamboo Clams were not a delight to eat. They were not thoroughly cleaned and there were a lot of sand. Very disappointed!

Indian Station

The Indian Station offers an array of curries and a few classic Indian dishes. I tried their roti canai, which was really good. Freshly made, it was soft, fluffy and non-greasy. The curry chicken was tasty as well.

Overall, the food were well-prepared and well presented. The selection was pretty extensive and the chefs were prompt in replenishing the food. But somehow, we feel that the service needs improvement. Even though the servers were prompt in clearing the empty plates and refilling our empty glasses with water, they lack friendliness and enthusiasm.

Other than that, we enjoyed dining at Contango. Each dish is freshly prepared and cooked with the freshest ingredients. We left the restaurant well-fed and satisfied.

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