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Experience A Taste of Malaysia at Makan Kitchen @ Doubletree By Hilton Kuala Lumpur

Photo By: Elin Chow

Anyone remember that I actually had a very unpleasant dining experience at the Makan Kitchen at Double Tree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur about two years ago? Well, I had recently dined at Makan Kitchen again because I was invited by Lycan, who is the new manager of restaurant to try out their new buffet menu. To be honest, I was a little reluctant to accept the invitation because I can imagine how awkward it would be. But eventually, I still decided to give the restaurant another chance because Lycan was really sincere and I am glad that I did!

Located on the 11th floor, Makan Kitchen is the signature kitchen of Double Tree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur. Diners can enjoy an authentic Malaysian dining experience served from three open concept kitchens, which showcase chefs at work.

I always love the layout of the restaurant. It is spacious and cozy, with great ambience and a very inviting interior. Tables were arranged neatly and well spaced out to ensure privacy and comfort

In the open kitchen, you will find the team of chefs are busily preparing and dishing out the orders. The live cooking actually makes the whole dining experience more interactive and lively. Most of the food that are served at the buffet were cooked or grilled to order to ensure quality and freshness. Unlike last time, the food was served hot and the quality has significantly improved.

Makan Kitchen is perfect for people who are craving for a range of Malaysian delicacies or would like experience the real taste of Malaysia. The restaurant will satisfy your craving for local dishes in the comfort and convenience of one restaurant.

The kitchens offer more than 80 dishes from six local cuisines; from the popular Malay, Chinese, Indian to Peranakan, Kristang and Iban delights. The revamped menu has also included more seafood to make its price more worthwhile, in hopes to attract more local diners. Afterall, how many local Malaysians would want to pay such a premium price just to eat Malaysian food.

The offering was pretty extensive and we were spoilt for choice! We have difficulty deciding what to eat, so we try to eat a little of everything.

Fruits Station
Near the entrance, you will find the Fruit Station that offers a variety of freshly cut fruits like watermelon, orange, honeydew, dragonfruit and green apples.

Drink Station

Next to the Fruits Station is the Drink Station offering your traditional Malaysian drink like Ter Tarik, Iced Milo, Rose Syrup and Longan water. Nothing really special.

Dessert Station
The Dessert Station offers both local and western desserts. I love their western style desserts, especially love the Durian cheese tart and Walnut cheese cake. They were so delicious!

If you are not a fan of Western desserts, the Dessert Station also offers a variety of Malay and Nyoya Kuehs. We did not try these, so I am not sure whether they taste good or not.

Cold Seafood Station

At the Cold Seafood Station, you will find piles of crustaceans atop mounds of crushed ice, which keeps them fresh and cold. The seafood selection was not huge, but I think they were enough to satisfy any seafood lover.

Sushi Bar

Sitting beside it is a mini Sushi bar offering slices of Sashimi. The selection is pretty limited, with only Salmon, Tuna and Tako to choose from. But the Sashimi were very fresh and taste awesome.

Hot Seafood Station

One of the new addition to the buffet was the Hot Seafood Station, which offers a few variety of seafood. Diners can pick their own seafood on ice and choose to have them either steamed or cooked in a porridge. We prefer to steam them because porridge will be too filling.

Some of the seafood offered are clams (Lala), prawns, yabbies and fish. But our favorite will be the freshly steamed Yabbies. They were so fresh and steaming brings out the delicate sweetness of the Yabbies.

Other than Yabbies, we also tried steamed Lala, prawns and sliced fish with garlic. They were very tasty as well.

Noodle / Grilled Oyster station
There is a Noodle station next to the Hot Seafood Station, but we did not order any noodles to try. Anyway, the highlight at this station was not the noodles, but the freshly grilled oysters topped with garlic.

The Grilled Oyster station was very popular as all the oysters are being snatched up fast once grilled. So you need to be quick if you wish to have a taste of it.

Satay Station
The Satay Station offers both chicken and beef satay, freshly grilled. Perfectly grilled, the satay were well-marinated and served with Makan Kitchen's home made peanut sauce, which was a perfect complement. The meat was also tender and juicy with right amount of fats.

Indian Kitchen

I actually expected the naan to be soft and fluffy. But disappointing, it was not. The naan was doughy and hard.

The Tandoori chicken was very disappointing as well because it was very dry. It was so difficult to eat.

The only dish we like from this kitchen was the fish head curry. This was certainly a dish you should not miss.

There was another curry disk called the Palak Chicken. It was also one of the new additions to their buffet menu. But unfortunately, we did not get to try this because we were so full already.

Malay Kitchen

The Malay Kitchen dominates the main dining area. But unfortunately, there are not much selections to choose from. 

The main highlight in the Malay Kitchen was the roasted lamb. The meat was crisp on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. Definitely a must try!

Chinese Kitchen

The Chinese Kitchen is separated off from the main dining area and features its own seating area.

Here, you will find the usual Cantonese roasted meat dishes like roasted chicken, chicken Char Siu and roasted duck. We did not really like the chicken Char Siu because we prefer pork Char Siu to chicken Char Siu. The roasted chicken was also a little too dry and definitely not a delight to eat. But the roasted duck was surprisingly good.

Other than roasted meat, the Chinese Kitchen also offers several local home-cooked wok-fried dishes such as stir-fry black pepper lamb and noodles. But unfortunately, none of it really impressed us. I also remember that the Chinese Kitchen used to serve Dim Sum, but now they have replaced it with Yong Tau Fu.

Our favorite will be the Chilled Sweet Longan dessert. I had two bowls of it because it was so tasty!


I am glad that Makan Kitchen did not disappoint us this time. The quality of food and service have improved significantly and of course, with much better offering. Food were served fresh and hot and staffs were also very friendly and polite. They were prompt in clearing our empty plates and replenishing the food.

Price was mid range and well worth the money. I would recommend anyone who would like to experience a taste of Malaysia to try out their buffet dinner.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Marrying a Malaysian: Renewal of Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTSVP) Malaysia - New Updates! (As at August 2018)

Last month, I renewed my Singapore passport at the Singapore High Commision Kuala Lumpur as it was going to expire in January 2019. The reason I renewed it so soon was because I intended to apply for a 5 years Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTSVP) Malaysia once it expire in Sep 2018, and in order to do that, I would need to get a new passport.

I have been granted a 3 years LTSVP on my last renewal. Some of the requirements have changed over the past 3 years, but we actually find the process so much more faster and straightforward. As usual, I would like to document down all the processes just to share about my experience with people who might be in the same situation as me. Please note that the requirements may vary from case to case, and this is based on my experience as per my application in August 2018. I do hope that this  post will be helpful to any foreign spouses staying in Malaysia.

Renewal Process

Previously, you are only allowed to apply for a renewal 2 weeks before your LTSVP expiry date. The immigration will not allow a renewal if you visit too early. But since I have changed a new passport, I am required by law to transfer my LTSVP from my old passport to my new passport. So we decided to visit the immigration office 3 weeks before the expiry date to try our luck. But surprisingly, I am allowed to renew my LTSVP even though we were too early.

Also, unlike in the past, you can collect your passport and LTSVP on the same day no matter how many years you apply. Last time, same day collection is only available if you apply for a one year extension. Any longer than that, the processing time is 3 days. It is good that the processing time has become shorter now, but unfortunately, my application for a five (5) years extension was not successful. In the end, I was only granted a three (3) years LTSVP. To be honest, I feel really disappointed but somehow, it seems that the immigration does not give out 5 years LTSVP easily now.

I did my renewal at the Jalan Duta immigration office. To avoid the crowds, try to arrive as early as possible and head straight to the "Pass and Permit Division," located on the second floor. It will be good if you can get the following documents ready before you make the visit.

1. Form IMM 55 and IMM 38

I am not required to fill up form IMM 55 previously. But this time, the officer asked me to fill in and submit IMM 55 as well. Please note that these forms cannot be downloaded online. You can get these form from the immigration officer at the information counter at the "Pass and Permit Division".

2. Surat Akuan Form

Other than form IMM 55 and IMM 38, you will get the Surat Akuan Form from the officer as well. After filling up the form, you will need to visit the Commission of Oaths office located at the ground floor to do some stamping. This will cost you RM 4 or RM 15 if you need them to help you fill up the forms.

3. Original and copy of  Mykad of Malaysian Spouse (Front and Back)

4. Original and copy of passport of Foreign Spouse

I just renewed my passport recently, so I submitted copies of both my old and new passports.

5. 1 passport photo of Malaysian Spouse

6. 1 passport photo of foreign Spouse

7. Original and copy of birth certificates if you have children

The documents required are almost the same as the last renewal. However, this time, I am not required to submit copies of all my previous LTSVP. But I believe it is safer to bring them along just in case the immigration changes their requirements again.

Renewal of Work Endorsement

Just like last time, I renewed my work endorsement as well. The work endorsement will expire along with your LTSVP, so make sure you renew it if you wish to continue working. You can renew your work endorsement together with your LTSVP on the same day.

1. Stamped employment contract (RM 10)

Please get your company to amend the date of your original employment contract to current date and send it for stamping.

2. Office photos (exterior and interior)

The immigration asked for my office photos this time, which is something new. Luckily, I have them prepared before we visited. If not, I will have to make another trip to the immigration office just to get the work endorsement done again. Basically, I just took photos of the exterior of my office building and also, the interior of my office and have them printed out in colors. The immigration accepted whatever I gave and processed my work endorsement without any problems.

I did submitted company form 9, 24 and 49 as well, but was told that these were not required because I am still working for the same company. But I recommend bringing them along just in case the immigration officer ask for them.


I am asked to wait for my number to be called again after submitting all the documents. Be prepared to wait for at least an hour before you will be called to make payment at the cashier. I am not sure whether debit or credit cards are accepted, so it is best that you bring enough cash with you. After payment is made, you will be asked to wait for your number to call again to collect your passport.

Again, it was another long wait. I probably waited for 30 minutes before I was called to collect my passport. But unfortunately, my application for extension of the work endorsement has been overlooked. So that means I will need to wait again, but this time, it was much more longer than before. I waited for almost an hour before I was called again.

Upon collecting my passport, we went to inquire about my eligibility to apply for Permanent Residency (PR) in Malaysia. I was told that I will be eligible to apply and was given the forms and checklist for my application. Hopefully, everything will be smooth and hassle free too. I shall update the process here again once I have submitted the application for PR in Malaysia.

For foreign spouse who plans to marry and reside in Malaysia on a long term basis, you may wish to learn more about the following topics too. If you are interested to know how to:

1. Register your marriage in MalaysiaMarrying A Malaysia Part 1

2. Apply for a Long Term Social Visit Pass (Spouse pass) with a work endorsement: Marrying A Malaysian Part 2: Obtaining A Long Term Social Visit Pass (Spouse Pass)

3. Renew Long Term Social Visit Pass (Spouse Pass) Malaysia: Marrying A Malaysian Part 3: How To Extend Long Term Social Visit Pass (Spouse Pass) Malaysia

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Friday, August 24, 2018

Renewing Singapore Passport at Singapore High Commission Kuala Lumpur

I recently renewed my Singapore passport at Singapore High Commission Kuala Lumpur and I figured it out it might be good to share my experience since I could not find much information about renewing my Singapore Passport in Malaysia online.

Application Process

Passport renewal and application is done at the Singapore High Commission in Kuala Lumpur. You will need the following documents to complete your passport application. Please have them ready before you submit your application at the High Commission. You will need to bring along:

- Singapore identity card

- Current Singapore passport

- Completed Singapore passport application form which you can download online. If you do not have access to a computer, the application form is also available at the High Commission.

- A passport sized, digital, colored photo taken with last 3 months. Your photograph must meet ICA's requirement. Failure to meet these requirement can delay or cause your application to be rejected. For Please see Photo Requirement for information on photo requirement.

To be honest, I was worried that my photo will be rejected because the ICA is always known to be very particular about the photo requirement. I have no idea where is the best place to have to my passport photo taken in Kuala Lumpur and there are no shop in the High Commission where you can take your photo. In the end, I had my passport photo taken at a shop near the High Commission, and luckily, it was accepted by the ICA.

Once I have all the documents ready, I proceeded to the consular section of the Singapore High Commission Kuala Lumpur. Please note that the consular section is only open from 8.30 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 5 pm from Monday to Friday. You will not be allowed to enter the High Commission if you arrived at any other time.

Bags will be security check by the security guard before you are allowed to enter. Once inside, you are required to show your identification card or passport for registration before you will be asked to put all your personal belongings into an assigned locker. You are only allow to bring the necessary documents that are required for the passport application into the consular section. The things that you should bring along with you will be the completed application form, current passport, Singapore identification card and cash.

From what I experienced, the security is pretty strict but don't worry, the security guards are quite friendly. After you passed the security gate, proceed to the consular office and get a queue number from the counter. The office is empty most of the time, so you do not really have to wait long for your turn.

Proceed to the counter and submit all the required documents to the office. Once the officer has confirmed everything is ok, you will be asked to pay the processing fee. The fee for a new passport is RM 242 (subjected to changes without notice). Please note that only cash is accepted, so make sure you bring enough cash with you.

I was told that the processing time for a new passport is about 3 to 4 weeks, which is quite long, but you cannot request them to expedite the process. So make sure you plan your time and renew your passport early before it expire to avoid any travel disruption.

Collection of Passport

You will receive a call once your passport is ready for collection, or when your application is rejected. I received a call from an officer from the High Commission after 3 weeks, informing me that my passport is ready. That was faster than I have actually expected! I am really glad that everything was smooth and hassle-free. Collecting my passport from the High Commission is fast too. You will need to bring along your old passport during collection as well.

One down, and one more to go. The next thing I have to worry about after my passport renewal will be the renewal of my long term social visit pass in Malaysia. Hopefully everything will be smooth and hassle free, so wish me luck!

Singapore High Commission Kuala Lumpur
High Commission of the Republic of Singapore
209 Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: + 603 2164 1013 (Consular Section)

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Sunday, August 5, 2018

[Phuket, Thailand 2018] 4 Days 3 Nights in Phuket

Photo By: Elin Chow

My husband and I visited Phuket last month again. It was quite an impromptu trip because we did not intend to travel this year. We booked our flight and accommodation only a month before our trip. But luckily, flight and accommodation prices were not too high because it was not a peak travelling season.

The first thing we do when we arrived at Phuket Airport was to get a local SIM card with data. There are three major cell network in Thailand - True Move H, Dtac and AIS. Buy a SIM card in Phuket is simple. Al three cell phone companies have booths located beside each other in the arrival hall, offering tourist-focused package aimed at short term visitors.

We decided to get our SIM card from True Move H as they were having a 3 or 4 days promotion for only 150 Baht. The package includes unlimited 4G internet (capped at 1GB) and 50 Baht call and text credit, which we feel was a pretty good deal.

Ayala Kamala Resort & Spa
Official Website: Ayara Kamala Resort & Spa

For our 4 days 3 nights trip to Phuket, we decided to splurge on a nice hotel room again since we will be spending most of our time in our room. We were visiting Phuket without a plan as the main objective of the trip was to get away from the busy city life and relax.

For our trip to the island last year, we stayed at Cape Sienna Hotel & Villas, a 5-star hotel located at the beginning of Millionaire Mile, along Kamala Bay. I must say that we had a truly enjoyable stay at Cape Sienna, and would gladly love to stay at this hotel again. We love the peace and tranquility that Kamala offers because it is so much less crowded and touristy than Patong.

But as much as we love Cape Sienna, we decided to stay in a different hotel in Kamala this time for a different experience. After reading of reviews online, we finally booked a 4 days 3 nights honeymoon package in a Deluxe Ocean View room with Ayara Kamala Resort & Spa.

Ayara was having great promotion on all their rooms during our stay period, so we feel it was a good chance for us to try this resort out.

Our room package includes a private round trip transfer from the airport to resort to airport. We have already made arrangement for an airport pickup with the resort prior our trip. Upon arrival, we greeted by a driver from Ayara who drove us to the resort.

Check in was fast and efficient and we have our deluxe sea view room upgraded to the Grand Thai Ocean View & Spa Bath Room as included in our room package. We were transported to our room by a buggy car. It was a quite bumpy and uncomfortable ride due to the uneven and steep granite stone road.

We were awed by the size of of the room. The Grand Thai Ocean View & Spa Bath Room is delightfully spacious, featuring separate sleeping and living area, a generously sized bathroom that is almost the same size as the bedroom and a small balcony that overlooks the sea. The sea view was actually not very impressive because it was partially blocked by trees. To be honest, I prefer Cape Sienna to Ayara because of its better location, service and view that it offers.

Kamala Beach

Ayara is in a very inconvenient location, so we have to rely very much on the resort's free shuttle to get to the beach. Kamala beach is located about 15 minutes drive away from the resort.

Kamala beach is a quiet town with the streets lined with restaurants and shops selling everything from beachwear, sunglasses and typical tourist accessories. The atmosphere is pretty laid-back and not overrun with tourists and motor vehicles. Unlike Patong, there are not much partying, drinking or dancing. Of course, there are still quite a few bars in Kamala where you can enjoy a drink or two, but without the chaotic vibe.

Kamala beach itself is quite enclosed and is surrounded by a beautiful fishing village and forested hills in the backdrop. Measuring about 2 m long, the lovely beach boast golden soft sand and clear blue water, making it one of the most beautiful places in Phuket.

Lining along the footpath of the beach, you will find a number of cheap guesthouses and mid-range resorts that will suit all budgets. But recently, several upscale hotels have been developed to take advantage of the increased tourist traffic. I believe Kamala will not remain quiet and peaceful for long.

Compared to other beaches in Phuket, there are not much water activities here and there are no public toilet on the beach, which can be a little inconvenient if you are not staying at one of the beachfront hotels. But it is certainly not a bad thing too. This means that you will get the crowds and noise that you would at Patong beach.

The sea water is very calm and gentle at Kamala beach, making it perfect for swimming all year round. But snorkeling spots are pretty limited. All along the beach, you will also find plentiful of beach chairs and sun loungers and umbrella available for rent. But if you do not wish to spend a single penny, you can simply find a peaceful spot and lay your towel down on the sand and sunbathe.

Kamala beach is more suitable for people seeking for a relaxed holiday under the sun. It is a great place to unwind without the noise and over development. Swimming, sunbathing and reading are probably the more popular activities here. If you are feeling tired, there are also massage station set up under the palm trees right on the sand offering on the spot massage at an affordable price.

Finding an empty spot on the beach to sit was not difficult since the beach was usually not crowded with people. We spent the rest of the evening sitting on the sand waiting for the sun to set.

Sun set is the gorgeous time of the day. All around us was silent except for the sound of the waves hitting on the shore continuously one after another. As the sun gradually descends into the ocean, the sky burst into hues of orange. It was so beautiful.

D-Sky Bar & Restaurant 
Facebook: D-Sky Bar & Restaurant

There are enough restaurants and bars in Kamala for choice, but definitely not enough to overwhelm if you compared to surrounding towns. Most of the restaurant in Kamala start to get busy after sunset and close fairly early since the towns does not get as many tourists as Patong.

After sun set, we decided to have our dinner at D-Sky Bar & Restaurant because it seemed like a good place to eat.

D-Sky has a large food menu and offers quite a variety of food choices as well as alcohol.  . The restaurant serves breakfast. lunch and dinner with both Thai and Western food options available.

Stir-Fry Beef
Thai Steamed Squid
Seafood Glass Noodles Soup
The taste of food was average but prices were fairly reasonable. The ambience was also lovely and service was great. It is a great place to meet, chat and dine together and have a drink together.

After dinner, we headed over to the nearest 7 eleven to get some snacks and drink before we boarded the shuttle bus back to the resort. Back in our room, I took a deep soak in the jacuzzi tub and feel refreshed. The rest of the night chilling in our bed before we turn in for the night.

Siladon Spa

A spa visit is a must when you visit Phuket. For us, Siladon Spa is always our choice because of they always have this"buy 1 get 1 free" promotion on all spa package, which is a great deal. Furthermore, we always have a great experience here. The therapists were very skilled and always made us feel so comfortable during the treatment.

I usually book their 4 hours spa package but I only booked a 2 hours Siladon Refresh Couple spa package this time because my husband feels that 4 hours is a bit too long. The Siladon Refresh package costs 4,200 Baht for 2 persons, which includes body scrub and aroma oil massage. The promotion is valid for direct booking only. Anyone who are interested can book your desired spa package either via its website or email.

The other thing I really like about Siladon Spa is that they provide complimentary one-way pick up from any hotel to the spa for all guests who have booked any spa treatment from them because transportation is very expensive in Phuket. The complimentary one-way pick up enable us to save some money on transportation cost.

Siladon Spa is nestled high up in the hills of Patong bay. It takes about 30 minutes drive to get from Kamala to Patong. The driver pickup arranged by Siladon Spa is always very punctual and friendly.

We were greeted warmly with smiles upon arrival, and asked to take a seat at the reception to confirm our booking and choose from the aroma oil that we prefer. Once everything is confirmed, complimentary tea and wet towels were served while the therapists prepare the room for our treatment.

Once we finished our tea, the therapists ushered us into one of the treatment room where we were asked to change into the disposable underwear and bathrobes provided. The treatment starts with a warm foot scrub, followed by a full body scrub. Then we asked to take a shower and change into a new set underwear before continuing with the massage.

Mango rice and tea were served right after our treatment. This is seriously the most delicious mango sticky rice we have ever eaten. We love it so much!

If you want, they can also help you to arrange a return journey, or to anywhere else for an additional fee. So we requested the reception lady to help us arrange a taxi to Banzaan Fresh Market. The driver was already waiting for us when we finished our treatment. It costs 250 Baht to get to Banzaan Fresh Market. Quite expensive for a 15 minutes journey.

Banzaan Fresh Market

Banzaan Fresh Market is situated in the heart of Patong, just opposite the road from Bangla Boxing Stadium and Jungceylon shopping mall. It is a must visit place for us every time we visit Phuket, even though it is a big tourist trap. We came here for a good seafood lunch because it is the nearest place from Kamala where we enjoy fresh and live seafood in Phuket.

We randomly approached a stall and took our pick. It was hard to choose what to eat because there are just too many choices. In the end, we were offered 2,500 Baht for 4 large sized mantis prawns, 6 scallops and a few tiger prawns. Wow! That  was ridiculously overpriced! "1,300 Baht", we offered. The vendor did not say anything but went on to add in some clams (Lala) and asked for 1,500 Baht.  We agreed  because we feel the price was fairly reasonable even though it was still a little overpriced. 

We took the escalator up to the second floor where you will find rows of rows of stalls offering cooking services. "Hello, Miss. We cook seafood," all the vendors started to call us out the moment we walked in with a large bag of raw seafood.

So we randomly walked to one of the stalls and passed the vendor the bag of seafood. The vendor quoted us 750 Baht to cook our seafood. That was too expensive! We did not try to haggle the price last time because we did not know that the price was negotiable. "550 Baht", we offered and surprisingly, the vendor accepted our offer. 

Tiger Prawns

Mantis Prawns



In total, we spent 2,050 Baht for this meal. The seafood were very fresh and well-cooked. I really
love how the Thai prepare and cook the food. In fact, I noticed that every stall cook the seafood in the same way, so the biggest difference may be the price only.

After a satisfying lunch, we decided to head back to Kamala Beach since it was still quite early. So we walked to Jungceylon mall to look for a taxi. We were quoted 500 Baht to get from Jungceylon mall to Kamala beach. It was ridiculously expensive but we were told that all taxi rides to Kamala are fixed at 500 Baht. So there are basically no room for negotiation.

We already knew that from our trip to the island last year that taxis in Phuket are notorious for ripping people off. It is either that you accept it or leave it. We have no choice but to accept the inflated price.

It was around 5.30 pm when we arrived at Kamala Beach. The beach was not crowded and it was easy for us to find an empty spot to sit and wait for the sun to set.

After sunset, we headed over to the 7-eleven and bought some instant noodles and snacks for dinner before boarding the free shuttle bus back to the resort. Yes, we had instant noodles for dinner that night because we were still feeling full after a heavy lunch.

Our Last Day

We did not have any plan for this particular day. Or we just did not want to do anything. So we decided to go for the complimentary 90 minutes massage as included in our room package. We have a massage appointment with Ratana Spa at 12 pm. Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted by the staffs with tea served immediately after.

We spent the rest of the afternoon lazing around in our room after the massage. It was a hot and humid day and we ended up falling asleep in our cozy bed.

We woke up well-rested and decided to enjoy our complimentary afternoon tea (included in room's package) at The Cradle Restaurant. After finishing the afternoon tea, we walked to the lobby and waited for the shuttle bus to Kamala beach just to catch the sunset and have dinner. The beach was as peaceful as usual and not crowded.

Dinner at Salt & Pepper Steakhouse

We walked around and eventually decided to have western food for dinner. While strolling along the beach, we came upon a steakhouse called "Salt & Pepper" and decided to try it out.

Salt & Pepper Steakhouse is a beach front restaurant that serves a variety of food, from international and swedish specialities, pizza to local Thai dishes and Australian steaks. Other than that, they offers starters, desserts and cocktails as well.

The restaurant was empty when we arrived, so we get to choose wherever we would like to sit. Atmosphere was really good but there were a lot of mosquitos. It was not the restaurant's fault, so do remember to apply lots of insect repellent.

Both of us ordered steaks. Prices were reasonable, though not cheap, and food was excellent. The steaks were nicely cooked but service was pretty slow. We have to call out to the waiters for a few times to ask for the bill before they finally brought it to us, which caused us to miss the free shuttle back to the resort. I believe that we waited 20 minutes just for the bill and another 10 minutes for the change. We were frustrated because we have to spend 250 Baht on a Tuk Tuk ride to get back to the resort.

Our last night in Phuket was spent in our room drinking cheap alcohol and eating snacks. We finally get to try the Spy winer cooler that we bought on our last night. It was pretty good, and cheap too.

This was how we ended our 4 days 3 nights trip to Phuket. Overall, it was quite a relaxing but boring trip. I might not visit Phuket so soon again.

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