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Singapore Flyer + City Tour [Part 1]

Photo By: Elin Chow
Official Website: Singapore Flyer

26th Oct 2012, that was a day where my husband and I decided to become tourists in Singapore for a day. "What!" You may be wondering what I was talking about. What did I mean that I was a tourist in my homeland, a place where I have been living in since the day I was born? This may sound funny, but not surprising.

We have been planning for a trip to the Singapore Flyer for a long time but could not really find the right time to. What I mean the 'right' time? I refer to my mood, extent of enthusiasm and 'opportunity'. Although we always have the intention to visit Singapore Flyer, it was never on our top priority list and visiting would probably mean that we were feeling bored for that week.

So, we decided that was the right time. I proceeded to check the operating hours and pricing details on the Singapore Flyer official website.

Operating Hours
Daily flight: 8.30am - 10.30pm
The first flight is at 8.30am and the last is at 10.15pm

Ticket details
The ticket prices for one rotation are as below:

Types of Ticket
Adult (13 Years or Older)
Child (3-12 Years Old)
Senior (60 Years or Older)

There are three types of ticket available for the public. Please note that children below 3 are allowed to ride for free.

For us, we have chosen to book the Singapore Flyer City Passes instead as it is more price worthy. There are basically 3 options for us for us to choose from - Pass A or B, both priced at SGD 49.90 per pax or the Premium City Passes priced at SGD 79.90 per pax.

After discussion, we decided to go with Singapore Flyer City Pass B. Pass B's package includes 1 flight rotation on Singapore Flyer, a Singapore River Cruise ride and a tour around the heart of Singapore on a Funvee Open top bus (Hopper bus).

Why we booked the tickets online instead of buying them at the counter? It's because long queues. But the thing is you will not be able to change the date after you have booked the tickets even when the weather is horrible. I have to say that we were quite unlucky as the sky was really gloomy on that day.

Singapore Flyer

Standing at a height of 156 metres (541 ft), the Singapore Flyer is currently the tallest operational Ferris wheel in the world. The construction of Singapore Flyer took about 2 and a half year to complete and was officially opened in 11th February 2008. Comprising of 28 air-conditioned capsules, the Singapore Flyer is able to accomodate up to 784 passengers in total.

The skyline of Singapore is not something new to me. Even so, its beauty has never fails to attract me. Located at Marine Promenade, right beside Marine Bay street circuit, a ride on the Singapore Flyer will offer its passengers the great scenic views of the various landmarks of Singapore.

Let's look at the photos I have captured. So here we go!

Apparently, the weather turns from gloomy to a sunny day by the time we boarded the Singapore flyer. Because of that, I am able to capture such beautiful and vibrant photos.

At the highest point of its rotation, the Singapore flyer will temporary stop for 10-15 minutes. This is the time when you will get to enjoy a fuller and nicer view of the various main business districts areas in Singapore.

These are views which will never look the same at ground level. Every of it is breathtaking and something new.

As the Singpore Flyer slowly rotates downwards to mark the end of our ride, this was the only moment where I finally spotted the Singapore GP street circuit.

With these, we ended our long-awaited Singapore Flyer tour. Oh, we bought a souvenir photo from Singapore Flyer for SGD 15 each. Always expensive but I think it always provide a good memory for us. But why do we look so sad and pale? Both of us really changed a lot during the past 2 years.

No doubt, Singapore Flyer is one of the main attraction for tourists to visit. But I will say not a must. Although I was amazed by the beautiful scenic view at the start, I immediately just got a bit bored after 15 minutes. There are moments where I just hope that the ride will just end soon. If you are visiting Singapore for just a short few days, I suggested you would probably want to look at Singapore from afar and give the ride a miss.

With these, I shall end my trip to Singapore Flyer here. Don't forget to read the Part 2  of my tour which will cover the rest of the city land and sea tour. 

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