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Salt Water as Facial Wash

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I used to have very oily skin during my puberty days, which has caused my skin to be prone to acne and blackheads. I have large pores that seems to be clogged up with excess sebum all the time. I have tried all kinds of products available in the market, but sadly, none of them could really solve my problems until my mum suggested me to try washing my face every night using sea salt water.

The idea of washing my face with salt water was weird. I was worried that trying it would only worsen my condition. Nevertheless, I still summoned the courage to try and mirculously, it has not only help to clear the excess oil on my face, but also get rid of acne and blackheads! I am glad that I actually took a try.

Why Sea Salt?

1. Purifying properties

Sea salt is known for its purifying properties, which will provide a great detox treatment for the skin. This helps to reduce the size of our pores and remove blackheads.

2. Natural antiseptic properties

 Salt has natural antiseptic properties that helps to promote faster healing. This means that people with acne problems, cuts or other blemishes to heal in a shorter time.

3. Kills bateria

I believe many of us are already aware of this. For instance, I believe everyone of you would have experience sore throat/ulcers in your life. Usually, the doctor will always recommend that you gargle down some salt water frequently as to kill the bateria that has caused the inflammation.

However, salt is also known to be quite drying, especially for people who have sensitive or dry skin. In this case, I would think that salt water might be too harsh to be used on the skin as it might have cause more irritation and worsen the condition. But it varies for different people too.

How Do I Use Sea Salt?

The method is not difficult. Simply add some sea salt into lukewater water and wash your face with it when the salt has dissolved. I would start with adding the salt in hot water first to get them dissolved before adding in some cold water. After washing, simply rinse your face clean with cold clean water. You could apply your acne creams or daily mosturizers afterwards.

*Note: I do not use this everyday. I stopped when I feel some irritation or drying and started again after letting my skin rest for a few days.

But whatever it is, I do not believe that there is one single thing in this world that will solve all the problems. Prevention is better than anything. That is why I always believe that good and healthy skin starts with good daily habits.

1. Healthy diet

This means lesser fried and junk food and more fresh fruits and veggies in your everyday diet.

2. Water

It is important to have sufficient water everyday. So drink lots of water!

3. Personal hygiene

Have a good personal hygiene such as washing your face and taking a shower everyday. Of course, it is bad if your over- washed your face too as it will often dry out your skin instead.

4. Sufficient sleep

Sleep is important. That is why girls always call it our ""beauty sleep". Having enough sleep everyday helps our skin to regenerate itself, thus promoting radiant and healthier skin.

5. Stress management

Most of the time, stress is the main cause of breakouts. Therefore, learning to manage stress is important. Try doing things that makes you relax after work or study everyday.

After using salt water as face wash for a year, I stopped the routine, My acne has healed. I have combination skin now instead of super oily skin. Though my blackheads problem is not completely cured, my skin has already improved a lot. I have achieved almost perfect skin! I am happy to say I have found my confidence back.

Benefits of sea bathing

Just in case that I have wriiten above are not sufficient to convince you, I suggest you could probably try taking some time off and go for a swim at the beach regularly. You may be able to discover that the seawater will be able to help you solve some of your skin problems such as severe acne, eczema or irritations.

Researches has shown that seawater acts as a natural cleanser for our skin. The salt and potassium chloride found naturally in the seawater helps to wash away irritants that cause allergies to our skin and speed up the healing process on the wounds. Due to its antisepetic nature, seawater is said to be effective in reducing skin inflammation. In additon, seawater is also known for its detoxifying ability which helps to regenerate the growth of new skin cells.

However, please remember to apply sunblocks before you go to the beach. Sunburns are definitely bad for your skin. Avoid staying to long under the sun too as your skin will be damaged by the harmful UV rays.

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