Monday, August 5, 2013

[Review] Skinlite Nourishing Red Ginseng Mask

I love sheet masks! I never used to love them as much before when I was in my teenager days. For some reason, I find them rather "oily'' for my combination skin which is very prone to breakouts at that time. However, as I reached my early 20s now, my skin condition gradually improves as my hormones began to stabilize. My skin no longer feels as much oily as the past days. On the other hand, it has gotten drier around my cheeks areas where I often find my skin flaking off.

Women in today society are really blessed with choices. There are so many different brands and types of sheets facial masks in the market currently. Choosing one from the store can sometimes becomes a frustrating chore. However, I always think the most important point is to find one that suits your skin the most.

Now, why do I say this? I used to think that facial masks are all similar only to realize how wrong I really am.

For me, Skinlite Nourishing Red Ginseng Mask is one of my favorite mask of all time.

What Skinlite Says:

- Formulated with Red Ginseng Extract, Collagen and Vitamin E.
- It is made from Oriental Red Ginseng, burst with energy vitamin
- Helps to vitalize and nourish your tired skin.
- Natural pulp sheet helps to prevents skin trouble and provides close adhesion to the face.

What I Like About This Product

So why is this a must have mask for me? The following below are the reasons:

1. Hydration

It makes my skin feel hydrated and glow healthier. Although some people has commented that the essence might be a bit insufficient, it still works awesome for me. I prefer a facial mask where I have all the essence being absorb into my skin than having them dripping non-stop down my face.

2. 100% pulp

This would mean that this mask would provide close adhesion and fits prefectly well on my face. I really hate mask that are 'loose' and does not stick fit and tight to my face.

3. Solve my minor skin trouble

Whenever I have minor skin trouble such as redness or break-outs, I will seek help from this mask. I really feel that it helps to regenerate my skin and speed out the recovery processes. Not only that, it also helps to reduce dullness and redness on my skin caused by stress and tiredness.  However, if you have very serious skin problems, that would be a different story.

4. Smell like Ginseng

I must be talking nonsense. Of course it smells like Ginseng. If you are a Ginseng lover, you will love it. On the other hand, if you are someone who just hates the smell of traditional medicine, this mask might be a little turn off for you.

By the way, Skinlite has a range of facial masks. This is the one I love the most. If anyone is interested, you can get the masks from Sasa Stores. The mask usually retails at SGD 1.90 each. However, Sasa stores often have a buy 2 @ SGD 1.90 promotion for the skinlite masks. It will be a good opportunity to grab some of them at that time.

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