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[Review] Cure Natural Aqua Gel

Photo By: Elin Chow

 The Japan No. 1 exfoliator
A bottle sold every 12 seconds in Japan!

This is basically what Toyo Life Japan has claimed.  Let's see what this product has to give to be able to create such a huge rave in one of the most competitive market in the world.

What Cure Says

Made up of 91% activated hydrogen water
No fragrance,  colorings and preservatives used
Gently remove layers of dry, dead or rough skin to obtain clear, firm and ideal skin
Suitable for all skin types

Before I begin, let me briefly explain why it is important for every of us to exfoliate our skin on a regular basis.

The Importance Of Exfoliation

The main purpose of exfoliation is to remove the dead skin layers that has built up on my skin every single day. These dead skin layers are often known to have caused pimples, dark spots and other skin problems to most of us. By removing the dead skin layers, it helps to speed up our skin renewal process and thus, absorbing all our expensive skin care products better.

What do I like About This Product

1. Removes dead skin efficiently

Cure Natural Aqua Gel is my saviour! It really helps to remove the flaking dead skin that are sticking out of my skin surface, thus helping my face to absorb my serums and moisturizer better. My face always feels smooth and soft after use. It also gives me a very clean feeling. I believe it's because my skin could "breath' better now after having all the dead skin piling on top removed.

2. Packaging

Packaging wise, I think it's really good too. The product itself comes in a transparent bottle tube pump with a clip lock. I would say this is very hygienic and user friendly. The clip lock prevents wastage from spills and leaks, making it great for travelling. But most importantly of all, the product lasts me for about a year before I have to repurchase it again. But it differs for different users as it depends how often they use the product. 

What I don't like about the product

Cure Natural Aqua Gel is actually quite expensive as compared to other exfoliation gel available in the market. I remember I have gotten my first bottle at around SGD 50 at the Watsons store. However, I think the price has increased recently again. If I am not wrong, the product is currently retailing at SGD 60 now.

For such a popular product, it is quite sad that it is not very accessible to everyone. I believe this could not be found in many of the big stores in many other countries. In fact, I have difficulty finding this in Malaysia too. It can be a high turn off if people have to purchase this online every now and then. I think it's really time for Toyo Life to expand their distribution channels.

How To Use This Product

I use this during my showers, around once a week. Before you apply this gel on your face, please ensure that your skin is completely dry. I do not use this on any other parts of my body because I think it is a very big waste. 1-2 pumps of the product shpuld be enough to cover your whole face. Gently massage the gel onto your face, especially areas that are dry and rough.

As you massage, you would have noticed that some little white balls started to form and came off from your skin. According to Cure, these little white balls are actually dead skin that are just removed from your face. Once you are done, rinise the gel off with clean water.

However, I would recommend using a gentle facial scrub after having the gel washed off to remove any remaining dead skin that might be sticking on your face. When you are done with this step, then proceed to cleanse your face with your usual facial cleanser. For me, I would normally use my EverSoft Ginkgo with Grapefruit Facial Cleanser.

Before I wrote this review, I have read many other reviews online too. There are some points I would like to clarify. People has complained that:

1. It does not remove black/white heads!

Cure Natural Aqua Gel has never claimed that it will help in removing black/white heads. Many people often associate facial scrubs with exfoliator gel. However, they are somewhat different in nature. Even facial scrubs does not remove black/white heads as it has always claimed. The main function of Cure is to remove dry and dead skin ONLY. 

2. Smell awful, like alcohol!

Well, this is very subjective, which I could not comment on much. But this is not a very big issue for me because I never really notice about the smell every time I use it. 

3. It's like water, keep sliding off my face

It is a water based gel made up of 91% water. The most important thing is to keep your face dry. If you live in a very cold country, you have to keep it in room temperature before using it. 

Every products work differently for everyone. Even if it has claimed to be suitable for all skin types, it might not work for certain people too. Each of us is born differently. The best thing is to get samples to try it out first before purchasing, especially for people with sensitive and dry skin.

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