Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Online Matchmaking & Dating Sites

Recently, social matchmaking and dating website has become more and more common and popular in many countries, including Singapore. Generally, most of the people associate social networking sites online with teenagers only, however, it is not surprising to discover that it is also quite popular among the well qualified professionals or people from much older age group.

I was one of them. 2 years ago, I met my husband on a social matchmaking website known as We started dating on our first meeting after chatting online for only a week. 2 years after, never have I thought that I am getting married to a guy whom I have met online.

I remembered I signed up as a member on the website due to curiosity and boredom. Frankly, I have never expected some guy will come across my profile and leave me a message. Surprisingly, I replied him. We chatted online almost every night for a week. After a week, I initiated a meetup.

Truthfully, I really could not remember why I have initiated a meetup with a complete stranger who I didn't know in real life at all. I feel worried, scared, nervous but excited at the same time. Through our conversations, he just gave me a very good impression. However, I thought he was my ideal boyfriend type.

Unexpectedly, I made another shocking decision of my life. I accepted to be his girlfriend when he asked me on our first meeting. I am his first too. I remember my first reply then was "do you like me?" He nodded in silence. I thought for a while and replied him, "ok, let's try and see how it works out".  Instantly, he started laughing. His smile are so wide and he couldn't seem to stop. I could his heart and his sincerity.

I am thankful that I actually signed out on the website in the first place. At first, I was really skeptical about social networking website as the virtual world is always known to be full of lies and deceit. Can I say I am lucky that I actually met someone honest and awesome? Yes, indeed I am very lucky.

So, why is online social matchmaking and dating platform getting popular and common in today society? There are many reasons that led people in finding their mate online.

1. Shy in Nature

Some people are just too shy to approach people of their opposite sex, thus minimizing their chances in finding their mate.

2. Small Social Circle

Most people usually only tend to mix around with their colleagues and long-time school friends during their free time. This is especially true when they started working and eventually became too busy to meet new people.

3. Low Self Confidence

Approaching new people takes courage. Some people lacks self confidence to approach new people, especially people of the opposite sex. This might due to some physical inferiority that the person has for him or herself.

Whatever the reason is, online matchmaking and dating sites might be a good alternative. However, please keep in mind that there are always hidden 'dangers' lurking around in the virtual world. There is no guide but it is for you to judge. Just keep in mind that you should not be expecting too much from the person you chat with online till you get to meetup. Even so, a meetup shouldn't guarantee you a romance. It takes 2 right persons to be together. For this, I think fate will play a very major part too.


  1. There are thousands of happy couples and relationships generated through such free online dating sites.Because these online dating sites help singles to find their partners who match with with, using background and profile preferences.

  2. Yes, indeed. However, I believe this is more common in the western societies as compared to Asian countries. Asians are usually more shy and traditional in culture. Although online dating sites have created many successful cases (I am one of them too), it is undeniable that there are still many hidden dangers in it. If everyone can be honest, then I believe everyone will start to see the online dating sites as one of their platform to meet their other half.

  3. I believe everyone will start to see the online dating sites as one of their platform to meet their other half.