Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Art of Japanese Green Tea - Sencha

Sencha (煎茶), a Japanese green tea made from dried tea leaves. Originated from Kyoto, Japan, it is said to be the most popular tea in Japan. So... What makes Sencha become one of the most loved tea in not only Japan, but in other parts of the world too?

Benefits of Sencha

1. Aids in oral health

There are a large amount of Fluoride in Sencha which helps to strengthen tooth enamel, thus reducing cavities. It also helps to reduce plaque buildup and bateria inflections which often result in bad breath most of the time.

2. Increase immunity

Sencha has a high level of antioxidants properties, which is known to be even more powerful than Vitamins C & E. It helps to fix damages caused by free radicals, thus increasing our immunity to illnesses and diseases

3. Lower high blood pressure & cholesterol

Researches have shown that the consumption of Sencha will helps to regulate blood sugar levels. thus lowering the chance of  heart diseases & strokes from occurring. It is said to have some effects in treating cancers & acne too.

4. Weight loss & beauty

The large amount of antioxidant properties in Sencha helps in reducing wrinkles and hydrates our skin, thus retaining a youthful looking skin. It also aids in repairing inflamed & damaged skin, treating acne and unwanted scars.

Sencha is also known to be included as part of the diet in many weight loss and slimming programmes available in the market as it helps to increase metabolism in our body and allows fats to be burn more effectively.

5. Mild simulant

Sencha can be a  replacement of coffee due to the high level of caffeine in it. It helps people to focus and relax during work and study efficiently.

However, despite its many benefits, one should always remember to consume anything in moderation. This is not an exception for Sencha too. Due to it moderately high caffeine level, some people might experience some side effects like nausea, anxiety, hypertension or insomnia when consumed in large quantities. Caffeine is also known to be bad for pregnant women too as it might result in miscarriages and birth defects.

I am a lover of Sencha too and I almost drink a cup of this every single day. It has become part of my daily diet. However, the bad part is it can be quite an expensive drink.

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