Thursday, October 3, 2013

[Review] The Face Shop Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask

Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask by The Face Shop, this is actually the first product which makes me love and hate at the same time.

What The Faceshop Says

Raspberry roots from Himalayas are rich in anti-oxidant that helps in skin lifting, pores tightening and intense hydration for the skin.

This sleeping mask is claimed to be one of the best selling product from The Face Shop. However, I found this product to be a bit over-rated instead. Out of curiosity, I have bought this sleeping mask about a year ago after the sales assistant strongly recommended this to me.

Most of the online reviews from other users have claimed that this product has worked a miracle on their skin and did what it has promised to deliver. However for me, I did not feel much of a difference after application of the mask.

Skin Lifting & Pore Tightening?

No, I don't think it has helped me to achieve tighter skin or smaller pores.  It is true that my face do feel some tightness after washing the mask away with clean water. But it does not help much in improving my skin condition.


Yes, the sleeping mask helps in hydrating to a certain extent. But it is not very intense. Personally, I thought any moisturizers could have done a better job.

Skin Redness & Itchiness 

I do not have sensitive skin and have never experienced any itchiness on my skin after the application of any creams, moisturizers or lotions. Yet, this sleeping mask have caused some redness and slight itchiness on my face after use. I could not leave the mask overnight on my face without washing before I go to sleep as it have caused me breakouts on the following morning.

Texture & Smell

The sleeping mask itself is a translucent pink gel. Although it feels light on my face, the sleeping mask still feels a bit oily on my combination skin. As for the smell, I have to say I totally love the fruity smell! It makes me feels fresh and happy. And also, I love the lovely packaging as well. The fact that it is packaged in a bottle with a pump makes it more hygienic too.


Price wise... I can't really remember how much I have spent on this product. But products from The Face Shop are always not on the cheaper end. It's probably around SGD 20++ if you got this from their retail stores.

I dare not say this is a very bad product, rather I would say that it may not be suitable for my skin. The only thing I like about this sleeping mask is my face feels softer and smoother after application. Will it repurchase this again? Probably not, since I never even get to finish the first bottle which I have purchased.

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