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Trip To Ipoh, Malaysia: Ritz Garden Hotel

Photo By: Elin Chow
Official Website: Ritz Garden Hotel
Address: No. 86 & 88, Jalan Yang Kalsom, 30250 Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan

I went on a company trip to The Lost World of Tambun in Ipoh with my colleagues last week. For our trip to Ipoh this time, we decided to stay for a night at Ritz Garden Hotel after one of our colleague offered to book an apartment unit for us.

Ritz Garden Hotel, Ipoh Malaysia

Ritz Garden is a 3-star hotel offering rooms, suites and apartments in a variety of sizes to suit different accommodation requirements and budgets. Conveniently located in the heart of Ipoh city, the hotel is just a 10-minutes drive from most of Ipoh's famous eateries like Lou Wong Bean Sprout Chicken 老王芽菜鸡 and Funny Mountain Soya Bean 奇峰豆腐花.

Room Rates

Ritz Garden Hotel offers guests a choice of accommodation at affordable great rates. Guests are free to choose between a range of standard hotel rooms, suites or apartments. The types and rates of accommodation offered by Ritz Garden is as per below:

Types of Room / Apartment
Deluxe Room
RM 145 Nett
Super Deluxe Room
RM 168 Nett
Family Deluxe Room
RM 200 Nett
Premier Room
RM 240 Nett
Family Premier Room
(3 Persons)
RM 270 Nett
Family Premier Room
(4 Persons)
RM 300 Nett
Executive Suite
RM 260 Nett
Family Suite
RM 402 Nett
Garden Suite
RM 460 Nett
Ritz Suite
RM 1,500 Nett
2-Rooms Apartment
RM 320 Nett
3-Rooms Apartment
RM 450 Nett
4-Rooms Apartment
RM 560 Nett
5-Rooms Apartment
RM 630 Nett
The rates stated above are inclusive of breakfast. Since there were 9 of us, we got ourselves a 5-rooms apartment for about RM 500 a night (corporate rate), which worked out RM 55 per person. It was definitely a good value of money. So, if you are intending to visit Ipoh with extended family or a large group of friends, I believe Ritz Garden Hotel will be a great accommodation choice for you.

Excitedly, we entered the apartment and were pleased to be greeted by a clean and spacious room. It was well-lit by yellowish standing lamps, which seems to give the entire room a very warm and relaxing feel. Within minutes of entering the apartment, I have fell so deeply in love with it. The entire room was so elegantly decorated and it felt just like home as soon as we stepped in.

Our apartment comes with a living room with a small dining area and kitchenette. It has a very nice high ceiling, giving the entire place a very spacious look.

The living room is very spacious, equipped with a 4-seater sofa set, a wooden coffee table and a flat screen TV. This was just the perfect place for family and friends to gather and enjoy some quality time together.

Everything was great in the apartment except WiFi, which unfortunately, was not working at all. So, what is the point of having ''free WiFI'' when you cannot even connect to the internet?

Furthermore, it was disappointing that Ritz Garden only provides 4 bottles of mineral water for each unit when it could accommodate up to 10 people. That was so stingy of them!

The apartment also comes with a spacious dining area for you to sit around and relax with a cup of tea.

This was where we spent our the rest of our night playing drinking games and getting ourselves drunk. Shhh~~~

Beside the dining area, you will find a small kitchenette, equipped with basic appliances such as microwave oven, fridge, induction cooker and electric kettle for cooking light meals. Heavy cooking is however, not encouraged since there was no stove provided in the apartment. I believe this is always the best way to keep the entire place free of oil and grease.

Since induction cooker is provided, a simple steamboat session is still possible. Just remember to bring along some basic dining utensils from your home

The apartment has five bedrooms, one en-suite bathroom and one shared bathroom.

Each of the room is equipped with either king-sized bed or twin beds, individual controlled air-conditioner, flat-screen TV, a dressing table and a washing basin with mirror.

The bedrooms were clean and the beds were super comfortable to sleep in. All of us enjoyed a really great night sleep that night.

Even though the wash basins are ugly, they are actually not a bad idea since they really helps to speed thing up in the morning. Especially when you only have 2 bathrooms in a 5-bedrooms apartment with 9 people living in it. 

It was great to have a flat-screen TV installed in every room, so that we do not need to fight over the remote control.

The bathroom was well-equipped, spacious and clean with a small shower cubicle. There was no bathtub, but we were fine without it. However, the toilet flush was not working in the en-suite bathroom and we could not flush properly after use.

Basic necessities such soap, shampoo, disposable toothbrush, cotton butt, comb and shower caps are provided. 

Hand and bath towels and hairdryer are also provided in both of the bathrooms.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we had wonderful time staying at Ritz Garden Hotel. I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone who is looking for a clean and spacious place in Ipoh city that can accommodate as much as 10 people. This is just the ideal place for large group of family or friends travelling together.

Price wise, it was still very affordable, especially when you are sharing an apartment with a large group of family and friends. Everything in the apartment was clean, well-maintained and nicely furnished. The only downside was the non-working WiFi and faulty toilet flush. Hopefully, the problems have been fixed by now.

Apart from that, guests can also enjoy many other amenities, including swimming pool, gym, steam and sauna, library, snooker and cinema. However, due to limited time, we did not get to use any of the hotel facilities at all.

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