Tuesday, October 18, 2016

[Ipoh, Malaysia 2015] Sunway Lost World Of Tambun

Photo By: Elin Chow
Address: No. 1, Persiaran Lagun Sunway 1, Sunway City Ipoh, 31150 Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia
Official Website: Lost World of Tambun

I have been procrastinating writing about this trip for a year already because I never enjoy writing about my experience at a theme park (I am never good at writing that). Then I figured out that I should stop procrastinating and start writing. Apparently, the longer I procrastinate, the harder it becomes to start.

The Lost World Of Tambun

Opened on November 2004, The Lost World Of Tambun is an integrated resort in Sunway City, Ipoh, Perak Malaysia. Surrounded by lush greenery and 280 millions years limestone hills, the Lost World Of Tambun offers an array of watery rides on offers and plenty of dry-land activities, consisting of a water park, an amusement park, a Tin Valley, a Tiger Valley, a Petting Zoo, several hot springs and a spa facility. 

For visitors who would like to extend their visit beyond a day trip, you can also spend a night at the Lost World Hotel, which is situated right at the foot of the limestone hill and within close walking distance to the Lost World of Tambun. 

The Lost World of Tambun offers up to 7 different exciting attractions - The Water Park, The Amusement Park, The Lost World Hot Springs & Spa, The Tiger Valley, The Lost World Petting Zoo, The Lost World Tin Valley and The Lost World Team Building Park, catering to all ages. 

Operating Hours

The Lost World Of Tambun is open from 11.00 am to 6.00 pm on Monday to Friday. Hours of operation is extended from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm on weekend, school and public holidays. 

Theme Park Operation Hours
Monday - Friday
11.00 am – 6.00 pm
Weekend, School & Public Holidays
10.00 am – 6.00 pm

Please note that the theme park will be closed on Tuesday, except on Malaysian school and public holidays.

Entrance Fees

Entrance ticket includes access to the Lost World Amusement Park, Water Park, Tiger Valley, Tin Valley, Hot Springs & Spa and Lupe's Adventure.

For latest price and promotion. please check out their online ticketing page.

The Water Park

Upon entering the park,  you will feel as though you are in some lost civilization hidden in the middle of a jungle, just like those you will see in the Indiana Jones movies. You will be greeted by the a huge water park area consisting a lazy river, a wave pool and beach, water slides and a kids' play zone with slides and pirate ship.

Do not forget your sunblock while having your fun and games. Also remember to bring along some spare clothes for a change after a whole day of fun at the water park.

Kids Explorabay
Specially designed for the kids, the Kids Explorabay offers a big and wet interactive play area featuring a large pirate ship with kid-sized slides, water cannons, water curtains and fountains and a giant tipping bucket which overturns when it is filled to the brim. Kids will certainly enjoy playing and splashing at the Kids Explorabay!

Sandy Bay
The Sandy Bay is filled with crystal white sands. Enjoy a cool drink on the soft white sands and soak up some sun. Visitors can even build sandcastles and engage in a game of volleyball with their family and friends.

Jungle Wave Pool
The Jungle Wave Pool is the biggest wave pool in Malaysia, with seven different wave patterns that can rise as high as three feet tall. At the Jungle Wave Pool, visitors can enjoy the ocean-like waves or sit on the shore and let the waves tickles your toes.

Tube Raiders
The Tube Raiders is the longest inflatable tube ride in Malaysia. There are a total of four different slides measuring between 113 m to 115 m long. Simply grab a tube and wind your way down from the top of the giant slides while screaming your lungs out before ending up in a smaller pool.

Cliff Racer
For those who like a little more thrill on an already exhilarating tube ride, you can try the Cliff Racer. Visitors will get to sail straight down from a dazzling heights at maximum speed through the jungle canopy. The tube will rock gently upon hitting the end of the slide and slides back with flowing water.

Adventure Pool
A water park would not be complete without a lazy pool. Measuring 600 metres long, the Adventure Pool is the longest man-made adventure river in Malaysia.

Rent a tube and drifts yourself away in a giant rubber tube along with the giant waves while enjoying the beautiful natural landscapes surrounding the attraction. The river passes though ruins with special effects like smoke, lights, sounds of monkeys, insects and elephants and water sprays with calm and shallow water. 

Hot Spring & Spa

The Lost World Of Tambun is the only theme park in Southeast Asia with natural hot springs coupled with an array of attractions and rides. 

Visitors to the  Lost World Of Tambun can immerse and relax themselves in the 100% natural mineral hot springs water with a rustic atmosphere. The concentrated minerals in the hot springs water are believed to have healing properties that will enhanced your overall health.

The Lost World Of Tambun offers an array of natural healing pools including Foot Spa, Top of the World Pool, The Geyser, Crystal Pool, Saphira's Lair and Steam Cave. 

Foot Spa
There is a circular Foot Spa with its floor fitted with reflexology pebbles. 

Soothe your sore and tiring feets as you walk on the pebbles while enjoying the hot spring waters.

Walking on the pebbles is believed to cleanse your body of toxins and impurities, and simulates the production of Endorphins, which helps to improve the body immune systems.

Crystal Spa           

Crystal Spa is a spa facility offering a huge array of spa and facial treatments to rejuvenate, relax and de-stress you.

After a long and tiring day at the Lost World Of Tambun, visitors can enjoy a full body massage therapy in the privacy and comfort of their own massage hut. However, please note that Crystal Spa is not included in the entrance ticket and is to be paid separately. 

Saphira's Lair

The Saphira's Lair is specially designed for children, but adults will love it too. Since the hot springs are part of the theme park, you will expect crowds of all ages, from adults to young children. Not too bad, but certainly not a tranquil and relaxing experience.

Lost World Petting Zoo

The Petting Zoo is home to 4,000 animals from 55 species, consisting of a Rabbit Wonderland, Ruby& Friends, Bird Paradise, Serpentarium, Tortoise Kingdom, Porcupine Trail and Rain Forest Trail.

At the Petting Zoo, kids will have the opportunity to come face-to-face with miniature horses, rabbits, raccoons, snakes, birds, porcupines and many other adorable animals. It will be a fun and immersive educational experience for the whole family.

Miniature Horses

There are several Miniature horses available for riding and petting. 

Visitors can watch and observe these adorable creature closely for free.

The Petting Zoo is created within the natural jungle, against the backdrop of limestone hills. It offers the unique opportunity for both adults and children to interact and appreciate animals from a closer perspective.

Ruby & Friends

Ruby, the raccoon is the star of the Petting Zoo. These nocturnal animal is very gentle and incredibly adorable - definitely my favorite! I am sure both adults and kids will love them too!

There was a raccoon feeding session at 12 noon everyday. If you are lucky, you might have the chance to feed a raccoon too!

Rabbit Wonderland

Surrounded by a man-made river, the Rabbit Wonderland is truly a wonderland for kids.

At Rabbit Wonderland, kids will have an enjoyable time petting and playing with all kinds of rabbits.

Children can also go fishing at the river where they can catch some Long keng fish and other small fishes.


Be prepared to be completely surrounded by cold-blooded reptiles as you walked through a transparent tunnel. You will be greeted by reticulated pythons, the yellow anaconda, the King Cobra and many more.

Frankly speaking, it was scary to walk through the transparent tunnel with snakes slithering on the ground or coiled up in the corner. Even worst, there was a huge serpent resting just right above our heads, and we were really worried that the glass might break from its enormous weight.

At Serpentarium, I have an opportunity to touch and feel a snake for the first time in my life too. If you have never touched a snake before, you might think that they will feel slimy. But in actual fact, the skin of the snake is dry and surprisingly cold and smooth to the touch. It was an amazing experience!

Bird Paradise

Surrounded by limestone hills and lush green forest, the glass enclosed aviary is home to 500 friendly colorful birds from 18 different species.

From the moment you walked in, you are in another world, with flocks of birds landing on and flying everywhere around you.

The Bird Paradise offers you the opportunity to observe, interact and photograph the friendly free flying birds at a close distance.

It was wonderful to be surrounded by beautiful and colorful birds. They do not bite, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about. But I would suggest that you stay away from the peacocks because I feel that they can be aggressive at times.

Malayan/ Asian Tapir


Hairless Rat

Passing through the Petting Zoo, we crossed a wooden bridge that leads to the Rainforest Trail. 

Water Monitor Lizard

Looking down from the bridge, we saw a giant Water Monitor Lizard swimming around in the pond. The bridge can be quite slippery when it is wet. Be careful not to slip and fall!

Rainforest Trail

Visitors will have the opportunity to watch the wild animals in their natural habitats at the Rain Forest Trail. 


If you are lucky, you will get the opportunity to feed the deers too!


At the Rainforest Trail, visitors will learn to appreciate Mother Nature, surrounded by jungle and sound of wildlife. The trail continues to a wooden bridge, leading us further into the jungle.

Down the bridge, there was Caiman waiting for be fed. 

Lost World Tin Valley

At Tin Valley, visitors get to learn more about the history of tin mining, which is known to be one of the oldest industries in Malaysia. There are educational boards explaining how tin is mined, from its first form to tin that can be sold.

Dulang Tea House

A cafe set right in front of rock formations and is partially in cave, surrounded by a man-made river.  Dulang Tea House serve some of the local favorites that the tin workers in the olden days enjoy.

Opens for tea, visitors can easily find locally roasted coffee, toasted bread, half boiled eggs and some other traditional treats at the cafe. Its quiet and relaxing atmosphere also makes it a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee during tea time.

Needle of Tambun

The 8 meters tall Needle of Tambun (also known as Pencil Hill) is an interesting feature of the park. Rising vertically from the ground at the Tin Valley, the Needle of Tambun is an unique pinnacle that was miraculously preserved while the surrounding limestones dissolved thousands of years ago.

Tin Bearers
Visitors would be excited to see several life-sized stone elephant statues at the Tin Valley. During the good olden days, elephants were the only mode of  transporting the heavy tin ores from the mines to the deports.

Visitors can climb onto the back of the elephant and enjoy a bird eye view of the valley. This would offer an excellent photo opportunity.

Dulang Washing

At the Tin Valley, visitors will also have the opportunity to try their hands at 'Dulang Washing' (Tin Ore Panning), a process to extract tin from earth and sand.

Dulang is a big, smooth surfaced wooden dish that is used to scoop up earth, which is mixed with water. Carefully swirling the dulang, the sand will be swept away and heavy tin ores are what it remains in the dulang.

Dulang washing is a very tiring and tedious job. It takes much washing to obtain a handful of tin-ore. If you are lucky, your hard work might be rewarded if you happen to obtain tin ore from the panning session. 

Lost World Adventure Park

The Lost World Adventure Park offers several team building activities - just the perfect place for any company to get the best out of their people.

At the Adventure Park, visitors will learn to work together as a team and even to lead. For those who are interested, please note that all the activities offered at the Adventure Park is not included in the entrance ticket.

Zorb Ball

Roll around the Lost World Of Tambun in a giant hamster ball. But be prepared to turn your stomach inside-out!

Zip Line

Enjoy the thrill of flying through the sky, across the lake over a 120 metres long cable. 

Paddle Boat Ride at Swan Lake

Rent an insanely popular swan-shaped pedal boat at the Swan Lake and lazily paddle your way around in a natural and safe environment. Obviously, the Swan Lake is named after the swan-shaped pedal boats and the scenery is incredibly beautiful and serene.

The boat can accommodate a maximum of two persons and it is a great way to spend an hour in the park. It is a great form of exercise too as you have to peddle the swan boat in order to move around the lake.

Tiger Valley

Located next to the Swan lake is the Tiger valley where Siberian tigers roam freely in a natural enclosure. The tigers are feed publicly twice a day, thus visitors will have the chance to witness the agility, strength and power of these big cats.

Adventure Express

Hop on the Adventure Express and let the ancient automotive take you on a relaxing tour around the Lost World.

The Adventure Express is definitely a great way to take a quick tour and see all the attractions in the Lost World Of Tambun.

We ended our day with carnival rides and games at the Amusement Park. Set against the backdrop of limestone hills, the Amusement Park offers a few traditional and fun rides cater to younger children.

Dragon Flyer

For those who wants a little excitement, take a spin and soar through the air with the Dragon Flyer. 

Storm Rider

Go aboard a giant swinging pirate ship and experience what it is like on stormy seas, hence the name "Storm Rider". The pirate ship swing 180 degree, back and forth,  promising excitement for young visitors.

Giddy Galleon

Climb aboard an ornate carousel horse and spin around, up and down to joyous music. Round and round and round it goes - a perfect family ride.

Haunted Chambers

The Haunted Chambers will send shivers down your spine with corpses, misty skull bones and sudden scare actors dressed in plain white costumes. Be prepared to scream your lungs out at the Haunted Chambers!

Lupe's Adventure

Located next to the Haunted Chamber is the Lupe's Adventure, the first-ever roller coaster in Perak, Malaysia.

This exciting ride will take its passenger through some fun turns and mini dives - perfect for parents and kids to ride together.

Ipoh Street

The Ipoh Street is modeled after a typical street in Ipoh town, offering a variety of popular street foods and snacks.

This is where both adults and children can get their stomach filled after a long day of fun.

With a wide array of water rides, kid-centric attractions, thrills rides and animal exhibits, the Lost World of Tambun is just the perfect getaway for family and friends. If you are planning on making this holidays or weekend a fun and adventurous one, make a trip to the Lost World Of Tambun now!

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