Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Trip To Cameron Highlands 2014: Mountain Strawberry Farm

Photo By: Elin Chow

Leaving the Boh Tea Plantations in Cameron Highlands, we got back into our car, planning to head back to the town of Brinchang, Halfway through the journey back, we accidentally took the wrong turn and found ourselves going further uphill, leading all the way to Gunung Brinchang. However, we did not get to visit Gunung Brinchang, which is known to be the second highest mountain in Cameron Highlands. We wanted to, but our car engine was simply not powerful enough to carry the 5 of us all the way up the hill. The only way to reach the top is to walk our way up. It was a pity that we did not have time for that. Instead, we decided to drop by the Mountain Strawberry Farm located along the road to Gunung Brinchang.

Mountain Strawberry Farm

As you drove along the narrow and winding road, you should be able to spot a large sign board that says 'Mountain Strawberry Farm'. The Strawberry farm is just situated at the bottom of a steep slope, hidden among the cool hilly mountains.

We decided to park our car at the top of the slope and walked our way down to the farm. It took us probably less than 10 minutes to reach our destination by foot. Being located higher up on a hill, far off the main town, the Mountain Strawberry Farm is actually much less crowded and more tranquil than most of the farms you will find in Cameron Highlands. In fact, we were the only group of visitors at the farm during the time when we arrived. This was not a really bad thing since it gave us quite a lot of freedom to roam and explore the entire farm without any disturbance. 

However, we did not get to pick our own strawberries as we found the price to be a little bit too expensive. If I did not remember wrongly, the plucked strawberries cost RM 40 per kg. Furthermore, most of the strawberries that are planted in this farm were quite small and does not look deliciously appealing to us. 

Apart from strawberries, visitors are also allowed to snip their own organic vegetables such as tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and Chinese cabbage directly from the farm too. I could not believe we have missed their vegetables farm out and only to have learn about it after we came home from the Cameron Highlands!

The farm has a few bonsai for sale as well. Unsurprisingly, you could also find a variety of cactus being sold here just like any farms in Cameron Highlands.

However, the most attractive and fun part about visiting the Mountain Strawberry Farm would be the extremely warm and friendly Bangladeshi staff who was always very keen in helping us to snap tons of 'creative' photos with giant strawberries! It was a pity that the camera of my phone was not really working well at that time. So, the quality of the photos came out to quite bad. 

Look! It's a GIANT strawberry!

Hmm...I wonder how it will taste like? Wait...let me try it...

At the end of the photo taking session, we actually gave the Bangladeshi staff a RM 10 tip for capturing these interesting and funny photos for the 5 of us. Although tipping is not a mandatory, we did not mind paying him since we managed to have lots of fun too. Besides, he was very happy to help us re-take any photos which we were not satisfied with and offered to take more for us if we would like to. I believe the Mountain Strawberry Farm is few of the many farms where you could enjoy such service in the Cameron Highlands. So, forget about the bumpy drive and be sure to visit this farm if you prefer a less crowded place with cool and refreshing air.

With that, we got back into our car once again and headed off to visit the last attraction of our trip. So stay tuned...

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