Sunday, December 21, 2014

My Photo Story #4: A Simple Date

It has been really a while since I last put on makeup and spent some quality time with my husband. I could not remember when was the last time we went for a shopping, movie and dinner date all in one day. We used to do that every week when we were still dating. But sadly, not anymore after we got married. My husband was always not very keen about the idea of going on a date during the weekend. In fact, spending his entire weekend at home with his family is all he wanted to do.

So, I was really surprised that he actually initated a date this time. I could not describe how happy and excited I was when he actually asked if I would like to go to the mall for some shopping and a movie that saturday.

However, we had a fight on that saturday morning. Of course, I cried. Although everything went back to normal after that, we arrived at the mall rather late, thus not having enough time to do much shopping. Even so, we did managed to spend some quality time together and just enjoying each other other's company.

That saturday reminds me of our dating days. So, to keep the passion alive in a marriage, it is crucial that we will never stop dating each other. A simple date will keep the spark alive in a relationship.

Anyway, this week photo will be a selfie to record my happiest moment of the week. Go on a date with your spouse if you have not too. It is always frustrating that marriage always lead us to take things for granted. We often lost the passion and excitement we used to have for each other and I believe going on a regular date would help to bring the spark back.

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