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[Review] Febri's Bali Tour

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I could never have expected that I am sitting in front of my computer now, busily writing this review for Febris Bali Tour. This is a tour agency I recently engaged for my trip to Bali during this September. Well, I did receive a reasonable amount of discount from Febri for a 6 days 5 nights full ground tour package. However, please let me ensure you that it is not obligatory for me to write a blog post specially for them. The only reason that I have decided to put up an advertisement for Febris Bali Tour is solely due to the good services and fantastic experiences I have received throughout the 6 days I have spent with them. Everything I have wrote here are entirely based on my true personal opinions and experiences with the agency.

My husband and I have always wanted to visit Bali someday and we decided that 5th September will be a good date for us to travel as we could celebrate our first wedding anniversary and my birthday together.

A Private Tour or to Travel Free-and-Easy?

So, I started to search online for a tour package online after I book our air tickets to Bali. You may ask why we decided to visit Bali on a tour rather than going free-and-easy? Since this is the first time we were visiting Bali, we would want to see, learn and experience most of the island. We believe that joining a local tour will definitely allow us to explore Bali even more. In addition, being our first visit to this foreign land, we did not really know how to plan or what really to expect from our trip. So, if we have chose to travel free-and-easy, how can we ensure that our travel experience could be maximized? Will it be more cost-saving? To be frank, we did not want to worry so much. All we wanted was a hassle-free trip which we could enjoy to our hearts content.

Why Febris Bali Tour

After browsing through several of Bali tour packages, we decided to book a 6D5N full ground tour package with Febri based on the tons of good reviews we have read on TripAdvisor. Indeed, Febris Bali Tour did not disappoint us at all. In fact, everything just went beyond our expectations! We felt so reluctant to leave Bali after spending 6 days with Febris Bali Tour. The experiences were way more than just being awesome.

So, let me summarize in details what made us felt so pleased and satisfied with the services provided by Febris Bali Tour.

1. Prompt in replying email

Having decided to engage the services provided by Febri, I proceeded to email him to book down the dates and negotiate the price for our tour. Apart from asking for a discount, I have actually requested some changes to be made to the original itinerary and accommodation provided by Febri. However, to my surprise, I have received a reply from Febri within 2 hours from the time I have sent him my first email. He has came back to me with an amended itinerary that was specially customized and catered to my requests at a discounted price.

Our subsequent emails contact went on smoothly as well as Febri is always very prompt in replying all my emails to him. He is also very patient in answering all of my inquires and tries his very best to accommodate to our requests.

2. Very professional tour guide and driver

Upon arrival in Bali, my husband and I were very pleased to find Febri was already at the airport waiting for us. From our conversation, we got to know that he has been at the airport waiting since an hour earlier from our arrival time just to make sure that he will not be late to pick us up. While on our way to our hotel, Febri engaged in small talks with us and from the way he speaks, we found him to be a rather humorous, hardworking and trustworthy guy.

2.1 Tour guide and driver provided

As for our tour, we were really pleased with the tour guide and driver who Febri has specially arranged to take us around Bali. We spent our next 4 days exploring the beautiful island with Adi (tour guide) and Eka (driver). I believe having a tour guide and driver at the same time is what makes Febri's Bali Tour services different from many others. Most of the other tour packages I have searched up for would probably only have a driver to drive you around the island, who I believe would be too busy and drained out to engage in longer conversations with you. Having both a tour guide and a driver will be an entirely different case where one of them can concentrate on driving and the other will just talk till we reached our destinations.

2.2 Very knowledgeable tour guide

Adi is a very attentive and knowledgeable tour guide. For every new destinations we have arrived, he will patiently explain and introduce the history of the places to us. From the way Adi speaks, we could tell that he is a guy who love his island, religion and culture very much. Thus, it is not a surprise that he knows every aspect of Bali very well. He was very willing and patient to educate his foreign visitors about his island to the maximum details. We have learnt so much about the history, religion and cultures of Bali from Adi. Thanks to him, we were able to see and experience both the worst and best side of the island.

Just like Febri, Adi is also a very humorous and trustworthy guy. He took very good care of us while we were in Bali, making sure that everything feel well and comfortable for us. Constantly, he will try his best to engage in small talks with us while travelling from point to point as to prevent us from getting too bored from the long car rides. Even when we knew that he was tired, he still tries his best to do his job well.

English, despite not being spoken as his first language, Adi actually communicate in the language rather well too. He has no problem communicating in English and is able to understand every of our conversations.

2.3 Very careful and skilled driver

On the other hand, Eka is a very careful, steady and skilled driver. He knows the roads very well and always have us delivered to our destinations safely in a very short time. It does not matter whether we were going climbing uphills or driving around the mountainous roads, Eka has no problem staying focused in his job. In fact, he drove really fast most of the time and often, we find ourselves reaching our destinations much more earlier than expected time. Even so, we have absolutely nothing much to worry about as he is such a skilled driver who we feel that we could trust our life to.

2.4 VIP treatment and services

We managed to cover every destination listed on our itinerary with ample of time given to us to explore each of the places thoroughly. Throughout our entire tour, we were really pleased to have Adi accompanying us to most of the places. On top of that, we were very happy that he was pretty enthusiastic in helping us to take photos from different angles in various poses. In fact, I think he seems to be more excited when it comes to photo taking than us. Perhaps we could consider ourselves to be quite lucky to meet a tour guide like Adi. Thanks to him, we are able to leave Bali with plenty of beautiful memories.

Apart from that, Adi and Eka were always punctual to fetch us from our hotel. They even get down the car quick enough to open the doors for us whenever we got on and off the vehicle. To be frank, we were really surprised by the high level of professionalism displayed by them. We have never expected to receive such VIP treatment and services for the price we have paid. Undoubtedly, such a small gesture like this has really helped to enhance our travelling experiences very much.

3. Affordable price

The price charged by Febri is actually very reasonable and affordable for the kind of tour services you will receive. If you were to compare the tour packages provided by Febris Bali Tour to many other travel agencies, you will realize that the former would be more worthy of the price you have paid.

4. Clean and well maintained car

The cars provided by Febri to drive us around the island are all very clean, spacious and well maintained. Throughout our tour, we have never felt any discomfort arising from our long car ride. I believe having a comfortable car really plays an important part in creating an enjoyable and memorable travelling experience for you.

5. Decent restaurants and food

As for the food, Febri has chosen some really nice restaurants for us to dine in. We have never expected that Febri would arrange us to dine in restaurants that does not only have very nice ambiance and view, but also delicious tasting food.

Final Thoughts

Overall, my husband and I really have a great and memorable time in Bali. Thanks to Febris Bali Tour, our visit to the island does not feel wasted at all. We managed to see and appreciate the beauty of Bali and learnt the history and cultures of the island by our hearts. I believe we would never be able to experience the same awesomeness which we are feeling now if we were to travel free-and-easy.

In fact, I must mention that we were so impressed by Febri's fantastic arrangements till we seriously feel that this is by far the best holiday experience we ever had. A well worth price tag for an unforgettable trip of a lifetime. So, just in case anyone of you is interested in visiting Bali, why not consider Febris Bali Tour. Definitely, this will be one of the best way to see most of the beautiful island.

If you are looking for a hassle-free travel where you will be able to experience and see both the good and bad side of Bali, I will strongly recommend Febris Bali Tour to you. We have never regretted and I believe you would not go home feeling disappointed too.

If you are interested to know more about our trip, you may want to check out our 6D5N Trip Itinerary + Overview for the list of attractions that we had visited during our 6 days in Bali. Be sure to follow me on Facebook or Twitter  for the latest updates on my 6 days adventures in Bali! You might also want to check My Wanderlust page for some of my other travel adventures.

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