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Singapore Flyer + City Tour [Part 1]

Photo By: Elin Chow
Official Website: Singapore Flyer

26th Oct 2012, that was a day where my husband and I decided to become tourists in Singapore for a day. "What!" You may be wondering what I was talking about. What did I mean that I was a tourist in my homeland, a place where I have been living in since the day I was born? This may sound funny, but not surprising.

We have been planning for a trip to the Singapore Flyer for a long time but could not really find the right time to. What I mean the 'right' time? I refer to my mood, extent of enthusiasm and 'opportunity'. Although we always have the intention to visit Singapore Flyer, it was never on our top priority list and visiting would probably mean that we were feeling bored for that week.

So, we decided that was the right time. I proceeded to check the operating hours and pricing details on the Singapore Flyer official website.

Operating Hours
Daily flight: 8.30am - 10.30pm
The first flight is at 8.30am and the last is at 10.15pm

Ticket details
The ticket prices for one rotation are as below:

Types of Ticket
Adult (13 Years or Older)
Child (3-12 Years Old)
Senior (60 Years or Older)

There are three types of ticket available for the public. Please note that children below 3 are allowed to ride for free.

For us, we have chosen to book the Singapore Flyer City Passes instead as it is more price worthy. There are basically 3 options for us for us to choose from - Pass A or B, both priced at SGD 49.90 per pax or the Premium City Passes priced at SGD 79.90 per pax.

After discussion, we decided to go with Singapore Flyer City Pass B. Pass B's package includes 1 flight rotation on Singapore Flyer, a Singapore River Cruise ride and a tour around the heart of Singapore on a Funvee Open top bus (Hopper bus).

Why we booked the tickets online instead of buying them at the counter? It's because long queues. But the thing is you will not be able to change the date after you have booked the tickets even when the weather is horrible. I have to say that we were quite unlucky as the sky was really gloomy on that day.

Singapore Flyer

Standing at a height of 156 metres (541 ft), the Singapore Flyer is currently the tallest operational Ferris wheel in the world. The construction of Singapore Flyer took about 2 and a half year to complete and was officially opened in 11th February 2008. Comprising of 28 air-conditioned capsules, the Singapore Flyer is able to accomodate up to 784 passengers in total.

The skyline of Singapore is not something new to me. Even so, its beauty has never fails to attract me. Located at Marine Promenade, right beside Marine Bay street circuit, a ride on the Singapore Flyer will offer its passengers the great scenic views of the various landmarks of Singapore.

Let's look at the photos I have captured. So here we go!

Apparently, the weather turns from gloomy to a sunny day by the time we boarded the Singapore flyer. Because of that, I am able to capture such beautiful and vibrant photos.

At the highest point of its rotation, the Singapore flyer will temporary stop for 10-15 minutes. This is the time when you will get to enjoy a fuller and nicer view of the various main business districts areas in Singapore.

These are views which will never look the same at ground level. Every of it is breathtaking and something new.

As the Singpore Flyer slowly rotates downwards to mark the end of our ride, this was the only moment where I finally spotted the Singapore GP street circuit.

With these, we ended our long-awaited Singapore Flyer tour. Oh, we bought a souvenir photo from Singapore Flyer for SGD 15 each. Always expensive but I think it always provide a good memory for us. But why do we look so sad and pale? Both of us really changed a lot during the past 2 years.

No doubt, Singapore Flyer is one of the main attraction for tourists to visit. But I will say not a must. Although I was amazed by the beautiful scenic view at the start, I immediately just got a bit bored after 15 minutes. There are moments where I just hope that the ride will just end soon. If you are visiting Singapore for just a short few days, I suggested you would probably want to look at Singapore from afar and give the ride a miss.

With these, I shall end my trip to Singapore Flyer here. Don't forget to read the Part 2  of my tour which will cover the rest of the city land and sea tour. 

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Let Me In - A korean Plastic Surgery Variety TV Show

Photos credit: ID Hospital, Korea, Business Insider, CJ Entertainment

This post entry took me longer than expected. I was literally flooded with tons of information online, trying to digest and summarize them in my own words. There are many mixed responses and comments all over the place. Some emotional and subjective and the others logical and objective. Eventually i decided not to take any side and write this post from my very own perspective. Please note that this will be a particularly long entry. I hope you all would enjoy reading.

Plastic Surgery

In the past decades, plastic surgery was only performed whenever it was necessary, normally involving people who are either born with facial deformities or are severely disfigured due to illness, accidents or domestic violence. Generally, the reason to perform the surgery was to correct or restore a person's facial forms and their functionality. However, different from cosmetic surgery which usually focus on enhancing one's appearance to achieve a youthful look, plastic surgery is a surgical specialty that includes many types of reconstructive surgeries, often involving higher risks and complications.

Plastic surgery, a business once kept under wraps, has evolved into a lucrative business today. It has now became such an unhealthy norm among the modern societies where people started to attribute personal life successes to a person's appearance. This is especially prevalent in South Korea, where plastic surgery is generally becoming very common and accepted by the mass korean population.

Korean obsession with beauty and plastic surgery has became so extreme to the extent that it is actually seen worthy and profitable to create a television variety show on the topic. This resulted in the production of "Let Me In", which has aired a total of 3 seasons so far.

Let Me In 

Let Me In is a South Korea plastic surgery and makeover program aired on a  CJ Entertainment cable network named "Story On". Me In literally means beauty in korean language.

The first season of the show premiered on December 2011 and has since attracted great public attention locally and internationally. Despite the fact that the show has drawn a huge amount of negative responses and criticisms from the viewers, season 3 still ended with a very high viewers rating. Season 4 of the show is scheduled to begin early this year.

The Concept of Let Me In

The general idea of Let Me is simple. Each of the episode will follow a specific theme and applications are accepted based on the theme. For example, the theme for that episode is "Overly obese", then the application criteria for that episode is being severly obese. The applicants will have to go through a few rounds of interviews and out of the thousands, only two of them will be shortlisted as candidates for the final round of interview and voting.

The candidates who have managed to gain an entrance pass to the show have a 50/50 chance. She will have to go through another round of interview with the show MC, Hwang Shin Hye, an online shopping mall CEO, Kim Jun Hi, makeup artist, Lee Kyong Min, hairstylist, Teh Yang and image stylist, Shin Woo Shik

The show will feature the footage from the candidates' personal daily life, often comprising interviews with their family members too. The candidates will begin to tell their life story and how they are being bullied, despised and shamed by others due to their physical appearance. There are also cases where candidates illustrated their sufferings and pains that arises from illnesses or accidents that had not only caused them indescribable misery but also distortion on their original appearance.

However, no matter how heart-aching their life story was, the final vote lies in the hands of the panel of surgeons from ID Hospital, who were always seen hidden behind a huge screen door. As the interview came to an end, often very emotionally, the candidates were usually seen bursting into tears while they pleaded for a new life. At this moment, behind the screen door, the surgeons will start their rounds of discussion and debate before they finalized on a candidate. The criteria? From my observation, there are two main points to be met.

1. How will plastic surgery help and benefit the candidate's daily life? Is it really necessary and crucial that will change and give her a different and much more better life?

2. What are the limitations? How much of her facial appearance they could alter and change by surgical procedures?

The surgeons will proceed to cast their votes and the candidate with the highest votes will be the final chosen one. Of course, there were also a few exceptional cases where both candidates or none of them were chosen.

Whosoever, no matter which one of the candidate is chosen, she will have gotten the ticket to a new different life. The chosen candidate will be asked to visit their hospital for further x-rays screening and surgery discussions. The surgeons will then decide what will be the most appropriate and necessary surgical procedures for that candidate.

My Thoughts

I chanced upon Let Me In season 3 by accident. Feeling bored and extremely curious, I watched my first episode of the show. I was deeply amazed by the result of the surgery. The before and after of the transformation has left me in awe. I found myself naturally got hooked to the show as I continued to watch episode after episode.

I teared when the candidates told their life story in front of the camera. It must took such enoromous courage for a person to reveal the ugly side of their life. Not to mention in front of the hundred thousands of viewers. It makes my heart ache badly when they pleaded desperately for a new life, I could feel their suffering and pain, sincerely hoping that both of them will be able to receive some help.

However, the facts I learnt from their life story disgusted me. It revealed the ugly side of humans. How can people are bullied, depised and betrayed because of their physical appearance. Something that is so subjective and never within our control.

The Public Controversy

Despite its high viewers rating, the show has still drawn quite a lot of negative responses and criticisms from the viewers, especially in Korea. The critics are argued based on a few grounds:

1. Purely an advertising tool

I agreed that Let Me In is a product created purely for commercial purposes where CJ Entertainment needed higher viewers rating for their TV channel and ID Hospital wanted more publicity for their business.

In Korea, or even around the whole world, advertising for medical services are mostly banned. Plastic surgery services are usually advertised through the word of mouth. However, the amount of publicity the hospital could get is still very limited.

In order to bring in more profits for such medical services, sponsoring the production of Let Me In seems like a good business opportunity to ID Hospital. Although I know this is the fact of life, I am still upset to know that the doctors did not help the candidates purely for their well-being. The show was not produced with the initial intention to help patients.

The candidates, who have received free plastic surgery and makeover on the show were used as a tool for their advertising campaigns as well. By accepting the in-kind services, the candidates have indirectly agreed to wave all image rights and their before and after photos can be used for a series of advertising campaigns. This can include large billboards, signage displays, internet ads and even commercials on Youtube and movie theaters.

The billboard and elevator sticker are examples. The face on the advertisement is no other than Seo Ye Eun.

It is true that publicity is important for every business. But publicity for plastic surgery services might bring greater social problems to the country. Koreans have always been well-known for their strong pursuit for beauty. Such promotions of the services might further instill a wrong perception in them that beauty can be achieved with money.

The Public Applauds

Even so, it is an undeniable fact that plastic surgery gave the candidates a brand new life. There were many cases which I thought plastic surgery was really necessary and crucial in order for the candidates to lead a normal everyday life.

The candidate above has difficulty in chewing solid foods due to decayed teeth resulted from an accident when she was still a kid. Since then, she has been living in immense pains every seconds, not able to sleep or swallow any food. In addition, she also suffered from severe gastric erosion due to her inability to swallow food.

Plastic surgery let the candidates see light in their life. It gave them hopes, enable them to regain their long lost self confidence, esteem and dignity. They found back the reasons to smile and the desire to pursue a higher quality life.

Yes, we should grateful for what we are born with and cherish everything that are given to us by our dear parents. But I don't think we are in any position to judge or criticize the candidates. Put yourself in their shoes. Even so you might never be able to understand their pain.

Do you have courage to go under such major operation? Can you imagine how much pain they have to endure while recovering? Their artificial beauty does not come as easily as what has been shown on the TV program. 

As for ID Hospital, even though I am upset to learn the facts behind, I have no right to criticize too. The supply and demand theory applies here. Some people might be thankful that they publicized in this way, but some not. The ones who are thankful might be the ones who are demanding such services. It's bad that the surgeons are using their patients. But it is also because of them that miracles happened and changed their life. In addition, brought some of them fame due to the advertising campaigns.

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[Review] Ammeltz Yoko Yoko

Are you constantly being bothered by muscle or arthritis pain? If you are, Ammeltz Yoko Yoko might be able to help you ease some of your pains!

What is Ammeltz Yoko Yoko?

Ammeltz Yoko Yoko is a pharmaceutical product developed by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, Japan. This product basically contains antiphlogistic and analgestic liquid that is effective in providing fast relief for muscular pains, stiffness, sprains and even bruises. For people who did not kmow, antiphlogistic refers to the anti-inflammatory property in the chemical that helps to reduce or pprevent inflammation. Analgestic, on the hand, means painkiller which is used primarily to relieve extreme pain.


Ammeltz Yoko Yoko is formulated by three main ingredients - Methyl Silicylate, Menthol and Camphor.

Methyl Silicylate is an organic ester naturally produced by the Wintergreens plants. It is commonly used as a ingredient in rubefacient plasterd, creams and sprays to treat muscle and joints pains.

Menthol is an organic compound extracted from cornmint, peppermint or other mint oils. It is used as an active ingredient in many rubefacient plasters, creams and sprays for the relief of muscle cramps, sprains, headaches or other similar conditions.

Camphor is extracted in the wood of Camphor Laruel, a tree largely found in Asia. Similar to Menthol, it is commonly used as a drug to treat sprains, swellings and inflammation. It can be easily absorbed once applied on skin and produce a cooling sensation.

Ammeltz Yoko Yoko for me 

Actually, I surprised myself again when the idea of writing a review for Ammeltz Yoko Yoko popped up in my mind. Similar to the Hazeline Snow Moisturizing Cream, the Ammeltz Yoko Yoko has probably been around since our grandparents' generations. As a child, I would always find a bottle of this laying in a corner in my house. At that time, I remember I will often watch in fascination as my dad applied and massaged Yoko Yoko onto his shoulders' and back areas.

"Daddy, what are you applying from the weird little bended bottle with a blue sponge?" I would innocently ask him this question then. " It is my best painkiller. This will make all my pains disappear instantly," he would always smile and reply me this.
So, you might have wondered why am I using Yoko Yoko even at the age of 23. It is because I have been constantly bothered by both knees and shoulders' pains since many years ago. I have not suffered any injuries in these two areas. But I have started to experience pains when I was 15 even when I did not do anything strenuous on that day. The pains started out to be minor initially. However, it got worst in the recent two years which started to affect my daily life greatly. I find myself could not concentrate on anything, feeling easily annoyed by everything. There are times where I simply could not fall asleep at night due to the continuous aching I felt in my knees and lower back areas. I could not sit or stand for a very long period of time and if I would have to, I would feel extremely tired or giddy. There are also times where the aches frequently turned into cramps.

Yes, I admit I have the body of an old woman. I guess this is the fact of city life. It is usually fatigue that have caused me such body pains. The long travelling time to work, all the rushing and the stress to live in a city has placed a heavy load on my body. I have been advised to do some exercises during my free time. But it does not help much. I tried massaging and stretching up my body, but nothing works. Eventually, I broke down due to the fatigue I felt over my body until my husband suggested me to try Yoko Yoko.

Yoko Yoko. I could not remember what Yoko Yoko was. I just thought it sounds familiar. Just like Hazeline Snow Moisturizing cream, Yoko Yoko has been forgotten by many people. So, I decided to write this review as to do Yoko Yoko some justice and also to share this with people who might be experiencing the same problem as me.

Is Ammeltz Yoko Yoko effective? 

I would say yes. Ammeltz Yoko Yoko works great for me so far although it will not 100% ease your pain.


Similar to most rubeficant plasters or creams, this product comes with a very strong medicinal and alcohol smell. But this is not an issue for me as I always love the smell of medicinal oil. For people who dislike such smell, you may wish to purchase the one with less smell which comes with a different formulation. But I guess the effect is the same.


The liquid feels very cooling at the moment it touches your skin which will be followed by a burning sensation after a few seconds of application. The burning sensation is not very strong but is enough to numb your pains instantly and relief any muscle stiffness caused mainly by fatigue. The best thing is the burning effect does not easily disappear and would probably lasts for a few hours. I would say Yoko Yoko is particularly effective in providing fast relief for my shoulders' pains and stiffness that is usually caused by my prolonged use of computer. It is also effective in helping to relax my muscle after every cramp and bring most of my fatigue away.

Packaging and Price

The design of the Yoko Yoko's bottle still fascinate me even till today. Yoko Yoko comes in a bending neck shape bottle with a blue rubber sponge at its opening. This unique bottle design allows easy application of the liquid to every part of the body. The blue rubber sponge also helps to prevent too much of the liquid from dispersing at one go.

Yoko Yoko is priced at a rather cheap price, considering it is a Japan product. You could easily get one in Watsons or Guardian or any major supermarket outlets at around SGD 6++ or RM 12++. A 82ml bottle of Yoko Yoko could last me for almost a year.

Other uses

Apart from relieving muscle or artristis pains and stiffness, some users have said that it have other uses as well

For runners

Apply a sparing amount of Yoko Yoko on your ankles and knees before you go for a marathon or short run. It will help to prevent or reduce inflammation resulted from the run.

For people with headaches and bruises

Some users have commented that Yoko Yoko helps to ease their headaches and bruises as it has the ability to improve blood circulation.

I believe I have come to the end of my review. For people who are frequently bothered by muscle or joints pains but have never tried Yoko Yoko, this might able to provide you with temporary relief.

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[Review] Kao Essential Nuance Airy Ultra Honey and Shea Butter Hair Mask

Have you ever heard about Kao Essential Nuance Airy Ultra Honey and Shea Butter Hair Mask before? If you have not, I believe you would have at least saw one or two product from Kao Essential damage hair care line retailing in most of the Watsons or SaSa stores in Singapore. In fact, this product has not only created a big rave in Japan and Singapore but also all across Asia. The Kao Essential Damage hair care line has gotten so popular till it became one of the highly discussed product among the famous bloggers online.

So, a year ago,  I started using the Kao Essential Nuance Airy Honey and Shea Butter Hair Mask and since has become a fan of this product. Despite the popularity of Kao Essential Damage haircare line, this is the only product in the series which I have actually purhased and tried.

Before I start my review on the Kao Essential Nuance Airy Hair Mask, let me tell you more abou the condition of my hair first.

My Hair

I have naturally curly and very soft and fine hair that can be very unmanageable most of the time. On top of that, I am born with oily scalp which makes me prone to dandruffs or would cause me lots of itchiness if I don't wash my hair everyday. As such, I have to visit the hair salon frequently every 3 months for hair bonding and treatment in order to tame my unmanageable hair.

Thanks to my hair stylist, I started using professional shampoo two years ago which helped my oily scalp problem a lot. However, due to the excessive hair rebonding processes and serum control shampoo, my hair ends began to get drier and more frizzy than before. I started using hair conditioner daily after washing my hair every day. It has helped to improve my hair condition slightly. My hair feels more hydrated and less tangled than usual. However, it is not sufficient to repair the damages caused to my hair and regain its usual shine. So, I decided I needed something stronger. Yes, a hair mask.

Unlike most of the other reviewers who have long hair, my hair is short. In fact, all of the users who did reviews on any haircare products have long hair. However, let me assure you that it is just equally important for people with short hair to care for their hair as well. It is a pity that I only got to understand this two years ago.

What Does Kao Essential Says

The Kao Essential line is specially designed for damaged hair. With its new improved Essential Damage Care's formulation which now contains Shea Butter and high purity honey, it promises to repair and hydrates the last 15cm of your hair which is most prone to spilt ends, frizziness and tangles caused by regular chemical treatments and styling.

The Kao Essential damage care hair masks come in two formulations - The Nuance Airy in the pink container and Rich Premier in the orange container.

So what's the difference between the two formulations?

Nuance Airy

More suitable for people with oily hair that can be easily weighted down which often resulted in flat and limp hair. The Nuance Airy range helps to give the hair a light and bouncy feel with a three domensional finish. The wild rosy essence leaves a protective layer over hair to keep it soft and moisturized at all time.

Rich Premium

More suitable for people with dry and untameable hair which requires that extra bit of moisture. The Rich Premium range is richly moisturizing which helps to achieve smoother and manageable hair. The Sunflower Essential Oil leaves the hair looking shiny and keep it in shape.

Benefits Of Shea Butter

Shea butter has the natural ability to protect your hair from UV damages. It also helps to repair hair dryness, brittleness and split ends caused by the weather and provides intense hydration to it.

Benefits Of Purity Honey

Purity Honey has the ability to deeply repair and strengthen damaged hair. It also helps to hydrate and improve the hair's manageability.

What I Like About This Product

Since I have oily scalp that resulted in oily hair, I picked up the Nuance Airy Ultra Honey and Shea Butter hair mask instead of the Rich Premium range.

1. Smell

I bet every girl will love the Kao Essential hair mask at the very moment they opened the cap of the container. I couldn't describe the scent in exact words but it is just lovely and amazing! It has a very sweet fruity smell that seems to make you feel very happy. The best thing of it is the scent does not easily disappear after you washed off the mask from your hair. The sweet scent just seems to linger on your hair even till the very next day. I love it so much that I could go on smelling my own hair the whole day! People who have saw me must have thought that I am crazy!

2. Packaging and Price

The packaging is another thing that will make most of the girls crazy. The Nuance Airy hair mask is packed in a lovely pink plastic container. It is just so adorable!

The price is rather afforable too. I purchased mine for SGD 9.90 from one of the SaSa store in Singapore. As I have really short hair, a container of this could last me for almost a year. However, I have been unable to restock this in KL since I finished my last container a month ago. Luckily I have found another hair mask that works awesome for me as well. I will share with you guys soon here.

3. Deeply Moisturizing

As what Kao Essential has claimed, the Nuance Airy hair mask has done miracles to my damaged hair. My hair feels very soft and smooth after application, leaving it less frizzy and tangled. I feel very pleased that my hair actually appeared to be much more voluminous and shiny than before. Not only does it provide intense hydration to my dry and straw-like hair, it also makes my hair much more manageable now.

Unlike many other professional hair masks available in the market, the Kao Essential hair masks' formulations are very light, non-oily or sticky. The consistency of the hair mask is actually quite thick but does not weight down your hair. This is another reason why I love Kao Essential Nuance Airy hair mask!

What I Dislike About This Product

There is nothing in particular I really disliked about the Kao Essential Nuance Airy hair mask. Definitely I will purchase it again if I am able to find this in the Malaysia SaSa store. Of course I am clearly aware that I could get this from SaSa store online too. But I just find it rather too expensive and not so worth to get it shipped to Malaysia.

How to use this product

I apply this hair mask while bathing every once or twice a week. I have tried applying this daily too during bad hair days where I seriously just need that extra moisture. However, some people might find the formulation too rich to be used daily. It will all depends on individual's hair condition.

Basically, I will shampoo my hair clean first and towel dry them. I will then run my fingers through my hair to detangle them to ensure smooth and consistent aplication. After that, I will gently apply and massage the hair mask onto the ends of my hair.  As I am naturally born with oily scalp, I will avoid applying the hair mask  directly onto my scalp.

Wait for 10 minutes. I will go ahead to shower myself and wash my face before I rinse the hair mask off.

Avoid from getting your hair wet while waiting for the mask to penetrate into your hair. Remember to rinse the mask off well too as it will be very difficult and painful to get it off once it dried up on your hair. I have personally experienced this myself before.

Final Thoughts

If you have been searching for a good and affordable hair mask that could help to improve your hair condition, why not give Kao Essential a try. This product would not be another over-rated or over-priced hair mask you would find in the market. It might not be the best for you, but still it will not disappoint you.

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Waiting Is A Torture

Photo credit: Koreandrama.orgThe Malay Mail Online

I believe everyone has something which you are anxiously or painfully waiting for. No matter how patient you are as a person, I believe there are bound to be times where waiting just seems like forever. You set your mind to eagerly wait for something to happen, but it just never feel like happening. It makes you anxious all the time. You check the clock constantly and was often surprised how little time has only passed.

Why waiting is often associated with torture? It's because you actually expected something to happen. However, the only thing that is lacking is only confirmation from a third party. When the confirmation didn't come within your expected time frame, you worry that things will not come as what you have expected. You started to question, to search for answers and eventually get depressed and demoralised for things not going smoothly. You blame for all the bad lucks.

I am not an exception as well...

To be frank, 2014 has not been so nice to me. Just 3 months into 2014, I lost every confidence I used to have. I doubted myself. I blamed everyone. Neither, 2014 is not a good year for Malaysia too. One incident after another happened without control. We could only waiting for miracles.

#1 : Job interviews

Although I am currently employed, I feel very unhappy with my current employment. Before I invested more time and hardwork into my current employment, I decided to search for better opportunities. But never have I expected I will encounter so much difficulties and unfairness.

I went for several interviews lately and ended with disappointment. For those companies I have not yet heard back from, waiting for an update is just a torture. Much worst, most companies in Asia don't even bother to update their interviewees at all.

I believe everyone has the experience where you went for an interview with xxx company and was asked to wait for further news from the HR. You have briefed about the company and the terms of employment. The interview was enjoyable and you have feeling that the company likes you and you have gotten the job. You waited excitedly for a confirmation call. But you never heard any. As days passes, waiting became agonising and torturing. Why? It's because you have high expectations and that the interviews made you want the job even more desperately.

Everytime after an interview, I have difficulties focusing on any other things. I would keep on checking my phone, making sure that my line connection is working well. More stupidly, I even called myself to make sure my phone rings up. Every email alert I received make my heart beats faster. I fear but still hold on to hope that it will a congratulation email rather than "we regret to inform you that you are not shortlisted. Thus, we wish you the best of luck in your future job search." But I was even more disappointed to find that was not an email from the company.

I have insomnia during days when I have interviews scheduled. I wish I am done with the interviews soon so that I do not have to worry so much. But I worry even more after the end of the interviews. Always, I tried to tell myself not to expect too much. The higher your expectation, the more disappointment you will feel. But it's not easy. I could only patiently and painfully wait for the outcome.

I hate interviews...

#2 : The dry spell

Singapore and Malaysia are hit by a dry spell in the past 3 months. It has been reported that this year is the driest year in history ever. Neither of the countries have seen this coming.

The reserviors started to dry up while the air quality reached an unhealthy level. Once again, we are bothered by the haze problem. Everywhere reeks of burning smell due to forests and vegetation fires. The dry season has gave the Malaysian government no choice but to cut water supply in some of the areas in Malaysia.

Have we ever thought of the day where Malaysia did not have enough water to supply? Nope! Maybe for Singapore but not for Malaysia.

We pray for rain and we could only wait. There are plans to create artificial rain with cloud seeding technology. It did help to create some rainfall that did not last for 5 minutes.

I miss the smell of rain. I miss the raining season.

#3 : Disppearance of MH370

Just when we are hit by the persistant dry spell and trying to look for a solution to it, the news about the sudden disappearance of Malaysian Airlines, MH370 broke out. The news surprised the whole world. Numerous of rumours broke out, all of them trying to guess the reason of the sudden disappearance of the plane. Instantly, Malaysia became the limelight of the world.

Search efforts has been immediately carried out once the news broke out on international news. It has been a week since the plane lost contact from the world. Families of the missing passengers are devastated and some collasped into despair.

The public sent in their prayers, hoping that it will lead MH370 back to us safely soon. The families could not do anything but to wait endlessly for any new update on their loved ones. We are curious about the reason why an entire plane disappeared without any sign. All of us are waiting for an answer.

But to the missing passengers' families, the reason might be not as important. They need an explanation. They are waiting to see their loved ones again, even for one last time.

Although I hope that MH370 will be in a safe place, part of me strongly feel that it will be bad news. There is a possibility of hijacking, disintergration, explosion and many other reasons. I could not imagine how the families of the missing passengers are feeling now. It must feel like world's end for them.

"Cherish every goodbye because that might be the last goodbye". We don't know what will happen next in our life. So cherish the present moment. May the endless wait end soon. Let's pray for MH370.

#4: My husband's return

As mentioned in one of my previous post, I am eagerly waiting for my husband's return. Due to his job requirement, he has been outstation to Penang for half a year. I am counting down every second, every minute, every hour and every day for his return. You might ask why am I so attached and dependent to him? It's because he is the only one I have here. He is the only one who I believe will never betray me and stand on my side.

Recalling the time when we are still dating, I could not even bear to not even see him for a week. Many people say that it's because our love was not strong enough and our hearts were not close together. But we still managed to hold our hands together and promised to walk our life together. His kisses and hugs never fail to calm my distraughted heart. He is my support, emotionally and physically. I miss him so much.

#5: Kdramas online

I am a Kdrama addict. I believe you will understand if you are too. Whenever I started on a new Kdrama, I couldn't stop. But the frustrating thing is having to wait for a new episode with translation to be uploaded online every week. There are times when you have problem viewing the latest episode. There are also times when you realized the uploaded episode do not come with translation in languages which you understand. Whenever at such moment, I believe you will feel immensely annoyed and angry.
So I learnt to only start a drama after it ended and have all the episodes uploaded in working condition. I might be a bit slower to catch the most popular drama at that time, but I hate the idea of waiting even more.

I recently just finished "You who came from the stars" or "Love from the stars". I am late, but not very late. It only took me 3 days to finish the whole drama. But it's great not to wait every week.

#6: The inspiration to write

Writing a new post requires inspiration. Many times I have a topic to write but found the post to short to be published. Therefore, I try to search for more information to include in a post. Just like this post where I just wanted to write briefly on my interviews, complain about the weather or talk about local news and more. However, the ideas are shattered all over like pieces of jigsaw puzzles. Often, I found myself waiting for the pieces to be gathered together to form a complete set.

The wait can be short or long sometimes. I feel anxious while waiting for all the ideas to be gathered. There are times where I have encountered a period of writer block which I have mentioned in my previous post.

So, I try to relax and forget about blogging for a while. I watch drama, play my games and read up on other bloggers' blogs to look for the inspiration to write. It is torturing but as I started to write more, I have gotten quite used to it now.

#7: Urinary and bowel urgency

I believe everyone would have experience a time where you urgency need to go to the washroom but is unable to. I usually experience this while I was travelling on train or bus while on my way to work.

The wait to arrive at my destination always feel horrible at this moment. Neither I could alight the train or bus halfway to go to the washroom. I might be late if I did that. Everytime at this moment, I will secretly pray that the train or bus will move faster. But at the same time, curse for every stop it stopped at.

Final thoughts

So, these are the few things I found waiting to be a torture recently. But not all waiting are painfully. "Good things are worth the wait". I believe most people would have heard this semtence before.

Do you have things which you are eagerly waiting for but never happened? Share with me if you don't mind!