Trip To Bali, Indonesia: Romantic Dinner At Jimbaran Bay

By Elin Chow - Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Photo By: Elin Chow

Originally a small fishing village with a daily market, Jimbaran Bay is now the home to some of the world class 5 stars beach hotels and resorts in Bali. Perched atop the hillside, you will also find many luxury villas, offering spectacular view over Jimbaran Bay. There are however, little budget accommodation in Jimbaran Bay. It is definitely not a place that caters well to budget travelers. As a result, Jimbaran Bay is also affectionately known as the "Beverly Hills of Bail" or the "Millionaires Row"

Jimbaran Bay is famous for its white sandy beach, seafood restaurants and breathtaking sunsets. There are approximately 50 grilled seafood restaurants lining the beach that serve a mouth-watering array of seafood delicacies. The beach area can be divided into three different sections - the North, Middle and South. The North area is where all the high-end restaurants are located, the Middle area has all the most affordable establishments and the South area is where you can find a balance between the both.

A trip to Bali is never complete without watching the sunset and most people visiting the island would usually include a romantic sunset dinner at Jimbaran Bay in their itinerary.  So, even if you could not afford to stay in one of the luxurious resort at Jimbaran bay, at least make a trip to visit the area to watch sunset whilst enjoying some of the freshest seafood that you can find in Bali.

Jimbaran Beach is known to be one of the best beaches in Bali. The sand is fine and almost white and the sea water is very calm and gentle, which makes it just perfect for swimming. The beach is very clean and you will find numerous restaurants with rows of tables set directly right on the sand.

Despite mass tourism development since 1980s, Jimbaran Bay is still a functioning fishing village and offers some of the freshest seafood from the local islands. Daily catches are brought in by local fishermen, who sold them to local restaurants and hotels. If you are lucky, you might be able to watch fishermen unloading their catches of the day.

Jimbaran Bay is conveniently located just south of Nguarh Rai International Airport where you can watch the planes landing and taking off throughout the day. We did not realize that we were sitting just next to the airport until we saw a plane landing. 

Kite flying is popular in Bali, especially in the summer months. High above, kites of all sorts of designs and colors can be seen flying in the blue sky.

Jimbaran Bay offers some of the most amazing sunset in Bali. It is undoubtedly one of the best places in Bali to catch a sunset. Hundreds or even thousands of tourists flock to the beach every evening just to catch the beautiful sunset.

Most of the restaurants start to get very busy when the sunset approaches. I would suggest anyone to visit early before sunset, around 5 pm, to get a good seat at one of the many restaurants that lined the beach.

It was nice that we actually get to enjoy the spectacular Balinese sunset while waiting for our orders to be served. The restaurant was empty since we arrived early, so we can choose whichever table we wanted to sit. 

It was always fascinating to watch the color of the sky change gradually.  As the color changed, the sky began to glow more brightly.
The red fiery ball slowly descend behind the thick layers of clouds over the Indian Ocean while our feet dig into the soft white sand.

Unfortunately, during cloudy days, there was nothing really spectacular about the sunset. In fact, it was extremely disappointing to see the sun just disappear behind some clouds above the horizon.

Even so, the sunset was still amazing. The beach is quiet, and unlike most other popular beaches in Bali, it was not crowded, thus making it a great place to unwind and relax. There were no hawkers and no hassle. The atmosphere was very laid back and relaxed.
In the next instant, the sun just disappeared behind the thick layers of clouds, above the horizon, leaving behind its orange glow. The beach comes alive after the sun set with live music and good food. 

Nightlife in Jimbaran Bay is limited to quiet bars and restaurants, but most venues generally close at 11 pm every night. It is not an area well known for its nightlife. Instead, most people come here for the restaurants, the beach and the beautiful sunset.

For ultimate nightlife experience, you might want to visit one of the many night clubs and bars in Kuta, which is just a 15 minutes taxi ride away from Jimbaran Bay. This is where you can party until the wee hours of the morning.

Almost all the restaurants at the beach serve the same menu with one dining format. The restaurants offered fire grilled (bakar) seafood with your own choice of various fish, squid, shrimp and other shellfish, local vegetables steamed with garlic, rice, soup and local spicy spices.

The atmosphere was lovely and romantic for dinner and each table was dimly lit by a oil candle after dark. Although the food was not exceptionally delicious, the service was great. The price was a bit pricey by Bali standard but it was enjoyable to dine here.

Not far away from the restaurants, you can find street vendors selling roasted corn along the beach. You can consider buying some of these roasted corns from these street vendors if the food are not filling enough for dinner.

There was also live music quartets who will sing to you while you dine. To make your dinner more romantic, you can order and ask the quartet to perform a specific song privately for you at your table. They can sing all genres of music in several languages and it was not really private. Most of the people sitting nearby your table will be able to hear their performance too. Even so, it is always nice to enjoy a romantic dinner by the beach with live music.

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