Sunday, May 8, 2016

Tips For Traveling In Malaysia

Malaysia is renowned for its spectacular natural beauty and is another one of Asia’s jewels for holidaymakers. With English spoken practically everywhere it’s certainly a popular option for Westerners, especially as it has the beaches, culture and outstanding scenery that go hand‐in‐hand with most people’s idea of the perfect vacation.

Sights and Attractions Not to Miss in Malaysia:

Malaysia features a diverse range of attractions and sights certain suit the fancy of any traveler, regardless of his or her appetite for adventure. If you happen to enjoy snorkeling and diving, you will notwant to miss the opportunity to dive below the rich waters and explore the underwater treasures waiting just off the coast of the Perhentian Islands.

Looking for adventure on land? Take a hike through the oldest rain forest in the world. Travelers who prefer to satisfy their need for retail therapy will welcome the chance to shop‐till‐they‐ drop while exploring the many shopping malls in the cosmopolitan city of Kuala Lumpur.

However, in order to truly experience the broad diversity of Malaysia's culture, make plans to visit Sarawak Cultural Village. A living museum dedicated to showcasing various ethnic groups, including the Chinese, Malays, and Indians. The museum also features activities as blowpipe shooting, coconut bowling, and traditional dance lessons.

When to Schedule Your Trip to Malaysia:

The best time to plan your trip to Malaysia is between the months of March and early October. This will help you to avoid high levels of humidity and rainfall that could make your trip unpleasant. While the rains do tend to be heavier during January and February, this is also a good time to travel to Malaysia because it allows you to enjoy the country's many festivals, including Thaipusam, a Hindu holiday and Chinese New Year.

How to Pack When Traveling to Malaysia:

Plan to bring light clothing made of cool material to stay dry and comfortable. The average temperature in Malaysia ranges between 25 and 35 degrees Celsius, or 68 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember to bring along sun protection and sturdy walking shoes if you plan to do a lot of exploring and sightseeing.

When arriving during the rainy season, you should also bring some waterproof clothing.

Money Matters:

Make a point of checking the exchange rate online before exchanging your money. Banks in Malaysia generally open at 9:30 am. Most people find they receive better rates if they wait to handle their money exchanges rather than handling it at the airport.

Enjoying Malaysia's Culinary Delights:

Malaysia has a rich culinary culture comprised of a fusion of influences. Among the dishes you should make a point of trying during your travels to Malaysia include Nasi Lemak, Air Batu campur, Satay, and the national drink of Malaysia, Tarik, a type of milk tea.

Dental Tourism:

It may not be uppermost in your mind when you’re booking a holiday but Malaysia offers excellent dental tourism services. Should you opt to take advantage of the undoubted skills and expertise of a Malaysia dentist, you’ll make handsome savings of at least 60% compared to the prices at home. Even for a simple tooth filling this could save you a couple of hundred bucks or more, and if you decide to have a major procedure, such as a dental implant, it could save you thousands.

Malaysia offers a world of experiences. Plan ahead to get the most out of your holiday and make it one to remember.

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