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Trip To Taiwan 台湾: Taitung 台东 - Duoliang Station 多良火车站

Photo By: Elin Chow
Address: No. 8-1, Longsi Road, Duoliang Village, Taimali Township, Taitung Country 台东县太麻里乡多良村泷溪路8-1号

Leaving Kenting National Park 垦丁国家公园, we embarked on a long car journey to Taitung 台东 via the Southern Cross-Island Highway, located at the southeast coast of Taiwan facing the Pacific Ocean.

Taitung is third largest country in Taiwan, yet its remote location makes it the least visited and least well-known destination on the island. The drive from Kenting National Park to Taitung takes about 2 hours through narrow winding mountain roads. Although tedious, the sights along the way were exceptionally breathtaking.

After a 2 hours car journey, we arrived at Duoliang Station 多良火车站.

Duoliang Station 多良火车站

Located in Taimali Township, Taitung, Duoliang Station is one of the train station of South-Link Line operated by the Taiwan Railways Adminstration. Built and completed in 1991, the 98.2 km long South-Link Line runs along the southern tip of Taiwan, connecting the eastern and western coasts.

Named as the most beautiful train station in Taiwan, Duoliang station is known to have officially ceased its railway services in 2006 due to low patronage. Currently, the station serves as a tourist spot for both local and international visitors.

Duoliang Station is located up a slightly steep slope, along the No.9 Provincial Highway. It had rained earlier and was slightly drizzling when we arrived.

I believe some of you must be wondering why Duoliang Station is named the "most beautiful train station" in Taiwan.

This is the only train station in Taiwan that overlooks the breathtaking landscape of the Pacific Ocean. 

The entire train track run along the coast, with beautiful Pacific ocean on one side and lush green mountains on the other.

We walked down a few flight of stairs that leads to a viewing platform offering a stunning panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding landscapes.

From the platform, the view is beautiful beyond description. This is a perfect spot to enjoy the amazing view below.

We were delighted to be surrounded by amazing ocean view, lush greenery and mountains. The coastline and mountainous inland are exceptionally stunning and largely unspoilt. It was so picture perfect.

I was glad that the drizzle was able to stop for us to capture some nice looking group photos.

Since the drizzle has stopped, we took our time to admire the scenery that surrounded us and took plenty of pictures. The picturesque scenery offers great backdrop for photo opportunities.

The station is not crowded and  almost never crowded since this is not a well-known attraction in Taitung. We were glad to enjoy uninterrupted photo-taking time while admiring the view.

Just like any other tourist destination, there is a coin-operated binocular that allowed one a close-up view of the area.

I could feel the gentle breeze on my face while the waves delicately kiss the shoreline. Everywhere we looked, it was peaceful and calm. 

Next to the train station,there is a souvenir shop selling some of the usual tourist souvenirs. Unfortunately, nothing really caught our eyes so we left store empty handed

Taitung is relatively undeveloped compared to the rest of Taiwan, with most of its areas being left unspoiled. Being one of the least-visited country in Taiwan, Taitung is far less crowded with both locals and international visitors, thus making it a great place to enjoy tranquility and nature. 

I would recommend anyone to include Duoliang Station in your itinerary if you are visiting Taitung. The view is absolutely stunning and breathtaking. Definitely worth a visit!

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