Friday, September 18, 2015

Trip To Taiwan 台湾: Kenting 垦丁: Kenting National Park 垦丁国家公园

Photo By: Elin Chow

Leaving Eluanbi Park 鹅銮鼻公园, we continued our journey north, spending the rest of the day driving and exploring the eastern coast of Kenting National Park 垦丁国家公园 before embarking on a long journey to Taitung 台东.

Kenting National Park 垦丁国家公园

Situated at the southern tip of Hengchun Peninsula, Kenting National Park is the oldest national park in Taiwan. Known for its tropical weather, white sandy coral beaches, towering mountains, breathtaking seaside cliffs and stunning coastline, Kenting is a popular beach destination in Taiwan, attracting over 6 millions of local and international visitors each year.

It was a hot and sunny day in Kenting. We drove for miles on this bright blue day with the dazzling azure ocean on our right and cool green mountains on our left. Along the drive, we stopped at several scenic locations just to stretch our legs a bit and take some photos of the surrounding scenery.

Fongchueisha 风吹砂

First, we stopped at a place named Fongchueisha 风吹砂, which translated means "wind blown sand".

Located between Eluanbi Recreation Area on the east coast and Jialeshuei Recreation Area, Fongchueisha is formed by unique weather pattern in the area.

During wet seasons in summer months, eroded sands are being washed into the ocean; the flow of sand forms a "sand river". During winter, the strong northeastern wind blows the sand up to the top of the cliffs, thus creating the spectacular view of sand falls, sand rivers and sand hills.

We stood on the edge of the cliff overlooking the Pacific ocean, enjoying the warm breeze and sunshine. I could feel the summer heat on my face and arms, but the ocean breeze blew away the heat.

The picturesque natural landscape offers plenty of opportunities for breathtaking photgraphy. 

We spent some time taking photos and admiring the spectacular view from the top before continuing our journey further north.

Just as its name suggests, the wind was so strong in this area that it picked up sand and drove it against our skin. Sand was flying everywhere around us, piercing straight into our skin like countless needles. 

After our photo opportunity, we got back into the car and continued our drive north. Along the route, there are spectacular views around every corner to stop, admire and take a photo of. But of course, it was impossible for us to stop at every one of them. 

We stopped at a roadside rest stop next. The rest stop offers an uninterrupted stunning views over the ocean and surrounding mountains, providing excellent photo opportunities.

It was a peaceful place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and relax under the warmth of afternoon sun as you listen to the calming ocean waves.

Step back, take a deep breath of the fresh mountain air, slow down and forget everything for a moment.

We sat silently for a while, enjoying the glorious scenery accompanied by a gentle ocean breeze. 

An unspoiled haven of natural beauty, Kenting National Park is an ideal destination for anyone who enjoys breathtaking scenery and stunning ocean views at every turn. It is one of the perfect place for people who are looking for peace, tranquility and nature.

Much of the national park remains largely unspoilt and undeveloped, making it a delight to explore. The roads were empty, the surface was good and the natural scenery was fantastic. Whether you are a nature lover or not, Kenting National Park is definitely a must visit place if you are in Kenting.

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