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Visiting The Singapore Zoo [Part 5]

Photo By: Elin Chow

Okay, finally, I have reached the last part of my Singapore Zoo highlights. I hope everyone of you have an enjoyable time reading my wild adventures at the Singapore Zoo. Just in case anyone have not read:

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Before I start on the last post, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Singapore Zoo for their remarkable achievement recently. Due to their continuous hard work and effort, the Singapore Zoo has been ranked as the BEST ZOO in Asia by TripAdvisor this year!

Well done, Singapore Zoo! Keep up with the good job. I will always feel so proud of Singapore Zoo.

Ahem...Sorry that I got sidetracked a little. So, without further ado, let's continue our wild adventure at the Wild African zone.

#35 Giraffe

The Giraffe, tallest animal living on earth. Due to its extremely long neck and distinctive coat patterns, the Giraffe is also one of the most recognizable animals on planet.  Its populations are scattered across the northern regions of Chad, South Africa, western Niger and eastern Somalia where they are usually found living on large grassland, savannas or open woodland.

The Giraffe exhibit is my most favorite exhibit at the Wild Africa zone. It is not because I am particularly fond of Giraffes, but rather this is the only exhibit where I could get really close to the animals from a raised platform.

Just in case anyone is interested, you could purchase a basket of carrots from the Zoo keeper on site and feed the Giraffes during their scheduled feeding time. Observe the Giraffes carefully as they wrapped their extremely long dark tongue around the piece of carrot from your hand. You would be amazed by length of its tongue, which is also known to be longest in the animal kingdom. The tallest animal born with the longest tongue on earth. What an interesting combination!

See! This is apparently how close I could get to the Giraffes! 

#36 African Lion

The African Lion - King of the Jungle. The second largest living cat on earth after the Tiger, African Lions are mostly found in eastern and southern Africa. Its population is currently critically threatened due to habitat loss and increased contact with humans. 

#37 Meerkat

"Look! It's Timon from the Lion King!" I could not describe how excited I was when I saw the Meerkats for the first time.

Meerkat, also known as Suricate, is found largely in Kalahari Desert in Botswana, parts of the Namib Desert in Namibia, Southwestern Angola and also in South Africa.

Meerkats generally tend to live in a sizeable group and work together in numbers. During foraging activity, at least one Meerkat will be left to stand guard while the rest busy themselves searching for food. 

Conincidentally, I happened to capture a shot of the Meerkats showing their unique foraging behaving on one of my particular trip to the Singapore Zoo. I must be quite lucky that day.

Meerkats are insectivores where its diet consists primarily of insects. Occasionally, Meerkat will also feed on other small reptiles such as scorpions, snakes, lizards, spiders, millipedes and centipedes.  

Feeding time! The menu for the day was.... MEAL WORMS! Eew... that was really gross. However, meal worms are a delicacy for the Meerkats.

#38 Warthog

Next, we headed to the Warthog exhibit where you will meet another interesting character from the Disney animation, The Lion King. If you know Timon from the Lion King, I believe you would be familiar with his friend, Pumbaa as well. 

A wild member of the pig family, the Warthog is the only pig species found living in grassland, savanna and woodland in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Tropical Crops and Orchid Garden

Just in case you wanted to take a short break from observing animals, do consider visiting Tropical Crops and Orchid Garden located right behind the Wild Africa zone. 

The Tropical Crops and Orchid Garden is set against the beautiful backdrop of the Seletar Reservoir. Aww... I really love the fresh air, the smell of trees, scent of the beautiful flowers and occasional birds chirping sounds. So peaceful and calm.

Rain Forest KidzWorld

For parents with kids, the Rain Forest KidzWorld, especially the Wet Play area is definitely one of the must visit zone for you at the Singapore Zoo. Featuring a mini water theme park, I believe this is where kids will enjoy their day at the Singapore Zoo so much till the point that they would not want to leave.    

I did not dare to join in the fun as I thought it would be quite an embarrassing thing for me to do at my age. Imagine my husband and I scream in excitement as we splash each other with water? I believe we will look extremely ridiculous and stupid to most people. If we have a kid, I think that will be an entirely different case. 

#39 Pony, Falabella & Horse

It is fine if you do not wish to get yourself wet. Instead, you might want to spend more time visiting the farm animals instead while you are exploring the Rain Forest KidzWorld. 

Ponies are small horses that are distinguishable by their thicker manes, tails and overall coat. Comparing to horses, ponies are born with smaller ears and sturdy body. Other than that, their legs and heads are relatively much more shorter than horses. Ponies, although have several distinctive features, are often mistaken as foal of horses. I am not an exception as I too, have failed to differentiate a pony from a young horse.

A Falabella, on the other hand, is a miniature horse. Known to be one of the smallest breeds of horse in the world, its populations are most found in Europe and America.

#40 Goat

A subspecies of the wild goats of Southwest Asia and Eastern Europe, domestic goats are actually among the earliest animals domesticated by humans. 

#41 Rabbits

Rabbits! I love rabbits and I believe most of the kids will love to give the rabbits a cuddle too. Sadly, the Singapore Zoo does not have a rabbit cuddling session where you could pay and hug the rabbits. I bet I would go all crazy if I am allowed to hold one. 

Look at those little furry ones! How adorable! 

Well, I have come to an end of my Singapore Zoo highlights. Hope that everyone of you have a really wild and enjoyable adventure with me! 

If you happen to be someone who just love to visit the Zoo like me, I believe you will enjoy a wild and fun day at the River Safari Singapore as well.

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