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Visiting The Singapore Zoo [Part 3]

Photo By: Elin Chow

Are you ready for Part 3 of my Singapore Zoo highlights? Well, let's get started! Just in case you have not read:

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The Boat Ride

On a particular trip to the Singapore Zoo, my husband and I decided to take a ride on the boat for the first time, which unexpectedly, also turned out to be our last. It cost us SGD $4 each for a one way ride along the Upper Seletar Reservoir.

We set off excitedly, looking forward to a different wild adventure. However, never have we expected that the boat ride would turn out to be so boring and uninteresting as there are actually nothing much to see. Even so, it was a rather relaxing ride on the boat which has allowed me to get closer to the nature. For those who have been following my blog would know that I enjoy being close to nature where I am surrounded by trees and birds chirping sounds. 

Elephant Of Asia

It is absolutely fine if you are not too keen for a boat ride. After all, you will not miss out much if you decided to skip it as there are plenty of other wild adventures awaiting for you on the land.

Next, we headed off to a zone named the 'Elephant of Asia'. I believe there is no need for me to elaborate much as you should have known what to expect in this zone.

#16 Elephants

Obviously, the main attraction at the Elephant of Asia are the Asian Elephants.

The Asian Elephants are the only elephas species native to Southeast Asia. Its populations can be commonly found in most of the Southeast Asia countries except Singapore. Known to be the second largest land animal in Asia after the African Elephants, the populations of the Asian Elephants are currently endangered due to destruction of its natural habitats. Other than that, they are often hunted down by humans for their ivory teeth, meat and leather.

If you would like to get a little closer to the elephants, you may wish to take a short ride on their back. This might be the only chance where you will get a feel of the elephant's gray and rough skin. 

However, please note that the price of the ride is not included in the admission fee. It will cost SGD $8 per person for a ride on an elephant's back at a scheduled time-slot. Yes, the elephant ride is not available for the entire day even when you are willing to pay the additional cost. 

Apart from the elephant ride, do remember to catch the "Elephants at Work and Play" show at either 11.30am or 3.30pm too. Be amazed by the amazing tricks performed by these huge and intelligent animals. So plan your time well and be on time to enjoy the great performance by the elephants!

#17 African Penguins

The African Penguin, also known as the Jackass Penguin or Black-footed Penguin, is a species of Penguin native to the  south-western coast of Africa. Unlike other species of Penguins, the African Penguin is the only species that are accustomed to warmer climate.

Due to over-fishing activities, pollution of seawater and global climate changes, the population of the African Penguins are currently endangered. 

Look! How adorable the African Penguins are! 

#18 Orangutan

Found only in rain forests of Borneo and Sumatra, the Orangutans are currently highly endangered due to illegal poaching activities and massive deforestation. In Malay Language, Orangutan also means "Man of the Forest'' as it is known to be the most intelligent species among the primates' family.

Reptile Garden

Next, proceed to the Reptile Garden where it houses a wide varieties of snakes and reptiles. Definitely not my most favorite zone to visit as the sight of most reptiles and snakes tend to creep me out a lot.

#19 False Gharial

Just in case you have failed to spot the False Gharial at the Treetop trails, you are given another chance to observe this fearsome creature at the Borneon Marsh. You may wish to read more about the False Gharial in Part 1 of my Singapore Zoo highlights.

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#20 Malayan Sun Bear

The Malayan Sun Bear, also named the Honey Bear is found commonly in the rain forests of Southeast Asia countries. In terms of size, the Sun Bear is the smallest in the entire bear species. Its name is derived from the  patch of golden colored crescent shaped of fur on its chest. 

Unluckily, the Sun Bear was not in the mood to greet its visitors when we visited. How disappointing! 

#21 Komodo Dragon

Named the King of the Lizards, the Komodo Dragon is the largest and heaviest species of lizard found on the Indonesian Islands of Komodo, Rinca, Flores, Gili Motang and Padar. Its diet is purely carnivorous, where it often prey and feed on animals much larger than its size. This aggressive and  fearsome reptile has the ability to poison its prey before it ripped it apart.

The Komodo Dragon is currently critically endangered in the wild due to human hunting activities, habitats loss and death caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcano eruptions. 

#22 Rhino Iguana

The Rhino Iguana, native to the Caribbean islands of Haiti, is one of the largest lizard species in the Iguana family. Its name is derived from its three horn-like outgrowths on the end of its snout, which somewhat resemble the horn of a Rhinoceros.

#23 Aldabra Giant Tortoise

The Aldabra Giant Tortoise is one of the largest tortoise in the world. Its populations are mainly found on the  islands of Aldabra Atoll in the Seychelles. Oh gosh! It's really gigantic!

Being herbivorous, the diet of the Aldabra Giant Tortoise consists primarily of grasses, leaves and fruits. Occasionally, it will feed on small invertebrates and carrion too. 

In some cultures, the Aldabra Giant Tortoise symbolizes longevity as it is known to be the longest living animal on earth. To date, the oldest Aldabra Giant Tortoise is thought to have reached 170 years old.

#24 The Snake House

Are you an avid snake lover? If you are, be sure to check out the Snake House while you are exploring the Reptile Garden. I have been trying hard to recall each of their names, but I could not. If anyone of you are able to recognize any of the snakes, please feel free to mail me so that I could get their information updated here.

So I guess I have come to the end of this post. Hope you enjoy Part 3 of my Singapore Zoo highlights too. I shall be back with Part 4 very soon.

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