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Buffet at Carousel @ Royal Plaza on Scotts Singapore Hotel

Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scotts
Photo By: Elin Chow

"Carousel is best buffet restaurant fot fifth year running in AsiaOne People's Choice Award."

This is one of the news article from the Sundaytimes published on the 23th April 2014, which immediately got me interested in writing this blog entry.

The best buffet restaurant in Singapore? I think I am not in any position to judge as I have not been to many of them. But from the ones which I have managed to try, the Carousel @ Royal Plaza on Scott Singapore is undeniably the best of all.

About The Restaurant

Carousel is an award-winning international buffet restaurant located at Royal Plaza on Scotts Singapore hotel which serves a wide array of cuisines from around the globe. From Mediterranean, Asian, Japanese fare to a lavish seafood spread and dazzling dessert stations, this is definitely a restaurant that will leave most of their diners spoilt with choices.

My Experience

The first time I visited the Carousel, it was on my 22nd birthday. That was a birthday treat from my husband. He had actually made a reservation online with Carousel a week earlier before we arrived on the actual day. And luckily he did! If not, we might not be able to get ourselves a table on that day.

Prices of the buffet is as shown below. We went for their buffet dinner on the weekends. Comparing to many other buffet restaurants, Carousel is definitely not an cheaper option. However, I still find the price quite reasonable for the wide array of cuisines choices they offered to the diners.

Look at those mussels, prawns, scallops, lobsters, king crab legs and freshly shucked oysters. Such glorious seafood selection will definitely make all seafood lovers go crazy!

However, it is a pity that I am not a fan of seafood. Their freshness always never fail to disgust me. Nevertheless, I was still pretty impressed by the good varieties of seafood delicacies that are offered to the diners on free flow.  

The oysters, one of my husband's most favourite seafood delicacy in Carousel.

Just in case if you are doubting the freshness of the seafood, I can ensure you that there are definitely nothing much to worry about. Apparently, the high turnover rate of the seafood delicacies would have ensure that they are always served fresh to the diners. 

How can I be so sure of that? I believe what I had observed throughout my two hours of dining experience will be sufficient to prove that.

My husband and I were allocated to a table situated right in front of the seafood station. From our seat, a male chef was seen busily opening the oysters for the whole night. One after another, he shucked them open, ready to be served to the hundreds of diners. For the entire night, his hands never stopped working because he just could not afford to rest for even a minute.

Even so, there are still queue forming in front of the seafood counter where diners were seen waiting to get their hands on the shucked oysters. That poor cute guy, I really feel bad for him. 

But one of our favourite will always be the fresh lobsters, which in fact, is the only raw seafood that I actually ate. So delicious and sweet, but a little bit salty. I believe the salty taste comes from the sea water. Whatever it is, it does not matter that much as long as it does not taste fishy like many other raw seafood.

After a hearty meal, be prepared to indulge yourself in multiple servings of sweet treats from the desserts stations. Not really impressed by the desserts choices, but still, enough to satisfy my some of my sinful cravings.

I did not managed to capture a lot of photos here as I was too busy trying out the food. Other than the seafood and desserts stations, the Japanese station is pretty impressive too. I love the Sashimi so much! So sweet, so fresh and definitely the best Sashimi I have ever eaten in my life so far. 

Other than a birthday treat at Carousel, my husband also gave me a handwritten card. To others, this may be a worthless gift. But to me, the card is just invaluable. Every of his single word touched my heart deeply. His sincerity, his heart for me, which I believe no amount of money in the world would be able to buy.

Actually, my husband and I have already visited this restaurant twice. The second time was around a year ago. That was again, another treat from him.

So, just in case if you are searching for a restaurant with a nice ambience and good food, Carousel is definitely a great option for you to consider. 

Dining at Carousel was a very pleasant experience for us. Not only that we get to try a wide spread of delicious cuisines from all over the world, but most importantly, also get to spend a little bit of quality time together. 

In addition to that, the level of service we received at the Carousel was just excellent. The staffs were always smiling while attending to every of our request. Our dirty plates were promptly cleared away from our table whenever we left for more food. There was no need for us to ask for water to be refilled for our almost empty glass while we were eating.

Emptying plates at different stations were quickly replenished and kept hot and fresh for all diners. We were also glad that everything were kept clean and tidy all the time. No oiliness, no spills, or food being all tossed around and mixed up. 

The high quality of service really enhanced our dining experience a lot and I believe this is also one of the factor that made Carousel stand out from many other buffet restaurants in Singapore.

Oh, if you are interested in dining at Carousel, there is one thing that you must remember. That is to make a reservation at least a week earlier with them before you actually visit them. If not, there might be chance that you might not be able to get a table on that day. 

By the way, does anyone have a nice buffet restaurant in Kuala Lumpur to recommend to me? I have been craving for buffet so much these days. 

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