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[Review] The Face Shop Face It Essence BB Base

The Face Shop Face It Essence BB Base - this is definitely not a raving product from The Face Shop. Even so, this is still one my most favorite cosmetic product of all time. Why do I say so? It's because I have not been seeing many people using this product so far. Or probably there are a lot? I am not sure. Perhaps, there are just not too many people talking about it as compared to the other products from The Face Shop.

About The Face Shop Face It Essence BB Base

An innovative formula that integrates swirls of violet and pink bases to improve dark and dull skin tone, thus creating a brighter and more radiant skin.

Key Features of This Product:

The Face Shop Face It Essence BB Base is a color makeup base that corrects your skin tone before the application of a foundation and concealer. It purpose is to smoothen uneven skin surfaces and refine skin tones in order to create a beautiful base for makeup.

This product contains Sprout GF complex (Sprout extract) that is effective in keeping the skin moisturized even when makeup is applied.

What is Broccoli Sprout Extract? 

Broccoli sprout extract is extracted from the three-to-four-day-old Broccoli sprouts plants when it contains the highest amount of Sulforaphane, a potent phytonutrient that is effective in the prevention and treatment of skin cancers.

As such, Broccoli sprout extract has several benefits when applied on human skin. Studies have shown that Broccoli sprout extract can:

- Protect against skin cancers
- Reduce the visible signs of aging
- Decrease inflammation

The high concentration of Sulforaphane in the Broccoli sprout extract causes skin cells to have the ability to resist the effect of UV radiation more effectively. It protect the skin from the harmful effect of the UV radiation and helps to maintain a youthful and healthy looking skin.

What Is A Makeup Base?

A Makeup Base, also known as a Primer, is a cosmetic product that is applied to the skin before foundation or concealer. Its purpose is to smooth out lines, wrinkles or blemishes and provide the foundation or concealer a smooth base layer for application.

Wearing Makeup base Without Foundation

So is it fine to wear makeup base without foundation? Well, I guess it depends on personal preference. For me, it is absolutely fine as this is simply what I have been doing for the past three years.

Well, you might feel wrong, but you could not be sure as there are no rules that has stated that you have to wear a foundation over a primer. 

Furthermore, I am a hater of foundation or even BB creams. They always tend to make my face feels really oily, dull or caked just after a few hours. I have tried so many different brands in the past but none of them gave me a satisfying result. Eventually, I got so disappointed that I just stopped buying and using foundation

What I Like About This Product

1. Color Correction

The Face Shop Face It BB Base is a low coverage product. Or rather, this product does not offer any kind of coverage to the skin at all since it is not a foundation or BB cream. But it does help to correct my uneven skin tone and create a smoother looking skin.

2. Minimize Pores

For the longest time in my life, I am bothered by my large visible pores which often appeared to be so obvious in a HD photograph. Even though I knew that foundation would be able to help me achieve a flawless smooth skin, I just could not convince myself enough to try that cosmetic product again.

I am glad that The Face Shop Face It Essence BB Base has helped to minimize the appearance of my large pores and achieve an almost flawless skin. It might not perfect but I am still happy with the result.

3. Glowing Skin

The Face Shop Face It Essence BB Base contains some tiny shimmery bits that seems to make my face sparkle and glow all the time. The violent and pink base also help to brighten up dull skin, creating a more radiant look.

4. Packaging & Price

The Face Shop Face It Essence BB Base comes in a transparent plastic pump bottle with a violet cover cap. The packaging allows me to know how much of the product I am left with so that I could restock it in time. 

Furthermore, the pump packaging allows me to get an appropriate amount of the product very easily. Just a pump of it is sufficient to cover my entire face. No wastage, very user-friendly and most importantly, very hygienic.

The price is affordable, considering that a bottle of this could last me almost a year. However I am not sure whether The Face Shop Face It BB Base is still available in the market. It seems like The Face Shop has decided discontinued this product a while ago because I could no longer find this on the website. But I believe you could still purchase this product from some of the online stores. It will probably cost you around SGD 25.

I really hope that this product is still available in The Face Shop retail stores. Or at least it will not be discontinued. If not, I might have to start searching for alternative makeup bases to replace The Face Shop Face It Essence BB Base before mine finishes up.

What I Dislike About This Product

There is nothing in particular that I really dislike about this product. I just feel that this product probably could be better if it has some oil controlling properties, which will help to keep my face free from shine after a long day.

In addition, please note that The Face Shop Face It Essence BB Base contains Parabens, which is not really a big issue for me.  If you are someone who is particularly concerned about the use of Parabens in cosmetic products might result in cancers, this is definitely not a product for you to consider.

How I Use This Product

I am thankful that I do not need a very high coverage product as I am not bothered by any serious skin problems. This has allowed me to use The Face Shop Face It Essence BB Base without applying a foundation after it.

I prefer really light and almost natural looking makeup than piling my face up with lots of cosmetic products. To keep everything simple, this is usually what I do for my face makeup.

1. I applied The Face Shop Face It Essence BB Base to even out my skin tone and at the same time, to keep my skin moisturized.

2. Next, I will proceed to conceal any pimple scars or dark eye circles with a concealer.

3. Prime my eyelids with an eye primer for eye shadows

4. Lastly, I will apply the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder to finish my makeup. This is to ensure that my makeup looks smooth and will remain matte for the whole day.

Since The Face Shop Face It Essence BB Base does not have any oil controlling properties, the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder is one of my most favorite product used to control and reduce sebum production on my face.

Final Thoughts

"Embrace your flaws, but not conceal them."

There is no perfection in this world. It is more important to learn to love and accept your flaws than trying all your means to conceal them. This is when you feel most confident about yourself. Confidence is make one beautiful. A beauty that comes from within.

If you are looking for a light makeup base, The Face Shop Face It Essence BB Base is definitely a product that is worth a try. A must-have product for me to achieve a smooth glowing skin.

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