Friday, February 28, 2014

I Miss Him...

Dear Diary,

It's been 3 weeks since I last saw him. I miss him so much so much...

One month ago, when I first heard that he has finally found a job, I was overjoyed. It's been four months since he went out of employment following our relocation back to K.L. But when terms of the employment was finalized, I nearly cried. The job requires him to go outstation constantly. The first day of his work, he has been immediately outstation to Penang for half a year.

My mind went blank instantly when he discussed this matter with me. I couldn't imagine a day without him. Just 4 months into our marriage and we have to be separated for such a long time. I have no idea how should I react.

I have no time to properly bade him goodbye. But I got angry when he said he was not going to accept the employment. Even so, a majority part of me badly wanted him to stay. I was just being too greedy.

Between money and him, it was such as tough decision for me and him. Many would have said that love should not be measured by money. But the reality made us no choice at all.

The first night after his departure to Penang, I cried real badly. I couldn't sleep well, not having to wake up almost every hour to find him not sleeping beside me. It was the same for the nights that followed by where I often have to cry myself to sleep.

I miss his face, his smile and his smell. I longed for his hugs, touches and kisses. He is always there for me whenever I needed him. He is the only one who I can share my joys and sadness with. He would wake me up every morning and send me to bed with kisses every night. I miss his frequent naggings and even our small fights.

Three weeks ago, he was back for Chinese New year celebrations. But I threw my tantrums on him. I did not mean it. All I wanted is to have his full attention on me. I just hope that we have some alone time together just like the times when we were still dating. Just me and him.

Yet, he did not get angry even when he has a very bad temper. Instead, he tries hard to find ways to make me happy. He is such a caring guy who always have me in his top priority list.

"Please take care of yourself when I am not around dear."

Even before he left for Penang, he is still worrying about me. It was always at such moment when I will realize how much I meant to him. I tried hard to hold back my tears when I sent him off. He hates it when I cry.

Life is tough in K.L without him around. I have learnt how to take public transport to work, manage my finances and to order my food and drinks. He used to be the one doing these for me. I know well that I have to learn be more independent. Yet, I am not willing to. I just love the feeling to be taken care of.

No matter how sad I feel, I have no one to tell. I have no friends here who I can confide to. Even words could not express how much I miss him. I could only cry silently in my bed every night. And no one knows.

I miss the time when we just got married. That was the only time when we could temporary put down our burdens and enjoy our new life together.

I do not ask for more now. All I wanted now is to be able to hear his voice more often. He is even too busy to text me now. I know well that he is working very hard for our future. I feel sad for making him so tired every single day. I could only wait for his texts every night. Even so, he asked me not to wait for him just because he is worried that I might get too tired at work the next day. His thoughtfulness brought me to tears again...

I know that I should not bother him with my complaints and unhappiness at work. But I just wanted to cherish the little time when I get to chat with him every night. To tell him every interesting or horrible things that happened to me that day. I wanted to know how he spent his whole day as well. I miss the times where we could chat endlessly without worries.

He is the man I promised to love forever. I miss him like crazy. Every second, every minute, every hour and every day. He is always in my mind. Although we are only three hours of drive apart, he is still at a place where I couldn't reach him. Never have we been apart for so long. Three weeks feels like months. How will half a year be like?

I just wish he is here to hold me now and tell me "It's okay dear. I am here". I miss him...

Thursday, February 20, 2014

[Review] The Face Shop Arsainte Eco-Therapy Extreme Moisture Essential Cream

Phew~ Finally I get to finish this post. I have been in a writer's block recently where I just find it difficult to continue my unfinished post. It's not that I have no idea what to write. Rather, it's because I simply could not put my words into sentences. But anyway, I have managed to finish this post now. I am sorry if this is a little bit shorter as compared to my previous product reviews.

So... In this post, I am going to review on The Face Shop Arsainte Eco-Therapy Extreme Moisture Essential Cream. This was once my most faithful and favorite night moisturizer of all time before I decided to replace it with Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Cream. For those who have never heard about the Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Cream, you may wish to take a look at my review on this product here.

What does The Face Shop says

The Face Shop Arsainte Eco-Therapy Extreme Moisture Cream helps to strength your skin and increases the skin's ability to hold moisture. This is because It is made from 100% Bamboo extract instead of water. Bamboo Extract contains 9 kinds of essential amino acids and glucose, magnesium and other kinds of minerals which are effective in hydration and providing nutrition for the skin.

 "7 Free Formula", which means this product is free from 7 harsh chemicals - parabens, synthetic pigments, alcohol, benzophenone, animal ingredients, mineral oil and triethanolamine.

In addition, this product is also made up of 85.1% Natural Origin Ingredients. I am not sure what this really means, so I actually looked up in Google. I suppose Natural Origin Ingredients refer to botanical, minerial or marine ingredients obtained through approved chemical processes. These ingredients will not cause harm to the environment or the human's health.

Benefit of Bamboo Extract on skin

Bamboo Extract can be obtained from the leaves and stalks of  the Bamboo plant. It is a rich source of Silica, which are effective in improving and keeping our hair and skin healthy. This is because Silica contains a large amount of minerals such as Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium which helps to improve skin health. In addition, due to its anti-oxidants properties, Silica actually also helps to slow down skin aging and achieve youthful looking skin naturally.

What I think about this product

1. Intense hydration

The Face shop Arsaint Eco Therapy Extreme Moisture line is an ECOCERT certified skincare line co-developed with France AMI group targeted at consumers especially with sensitive dry skin.

As what The Face Shop has promised, this product works as a very good moisturizer for me. The cream not only helps to hydrate my drying skin instantly, it also makes my skin looks brighter and well replenished.

The cream itself is not watery but can be easily absorbed by my skin. Apart from providing intense hydration, my skin also feels much more softer and smoother after consistent application.

However, I am not sure whether this product helps to slow down skin aging due to its 100% Bamboo Extract formulation. I am too young to actually see the effect. But it did helps to create a healthy looking skin for me.

2. Packaging and smell

The packaging is simple. Nothing too fancy or attractive. The product is packed in a small glass-like pot, containing 50ML of the cream. Personally I have always feel the packaging to be a little bit too heavy actually. But luckily, the packaging is still quite durable despite being heavy.

As for the smell, it varies for individuals. Some users love it and some just hate it. I dislike it to a certain extent as well but it doesn't really matter to me as the smell is not too overpowering.

3. Greasy but lightweight

For people who have combination or oily skin like me, I feel this product to be quite oily after application. However, it does not feel heavy on my face. There are a few instances where I have experienced some break ups the next day after applying the cream for the previous night. But I do not think the greasiness of the cream was the main cause to my pimples.  In fact, I thought the greasiness of the cream is what keeps my skin well moisturized.

But the good thing is the cream does not feel sticky on my skin at all even when it is greasy. If not, I think I would have stopped using it long ago.

4. Price

The price is rather affordable but not cheap. However, it is not expensive too considering that a pot of it would have last me more than half a year. I don't really remember how much I got this. I think I paid around SGD25 - 30 on Gmarket to have it shipped from Korea. It will cost much more expensive if you choose to purchase this from The Face Shop retail stores in Singapore.

How do I use this

Basically, I use this product as my night moisturizer. I would apply the cream after my toner before I go to bed. However, I wouldn't use this product every night. Rather, I will switch this between my Nature Republic Super Aqua Max cream every 2-3 days to prevent extra oil from building up on my face.

Although, this is not my favourite face moisturizing cream of all time due to its greasiness, it is my saviour whenever I have dry skin days. So for people who has dry skin, you might want to give this product a try.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Why Did I Blog?

"Why are you blogging?"

A few days ago, I have been asked this question by my husband who saw me drafting down a new post on my tablet. To be frank, this question caught me off by surprise and immediately got me off thinking.

Yes, why did I started blogging? Why am I writing again especially after I gave it up so many years ago.

How did I started

I was introduced and started blogging when I was 14 under the influence of my younger sister. I vividly remember at that time, I will 'force' myself to update my blog at least twice every week. I have nothing and absoutely have no idea what to write. I blog just because blogging was the trend at that time. It was the time when blogging started to become a hot hobby for everyone.

I was convinced that following this trend is the quickest way for me to know more friends. Not knowing my real purpose of blogging, I will often find myself stuck in front of my computer screen, trying to get a topic to write.

"Today is such a boring day. I don't know what to do. I feel lonely."
"Sorry for the delay. I have been very busy with school lately. Exams are coming. I promise I will update soon."

These are some of the most typical post you could find on my blog at that time. I would say among the hundreds, more than half of them have the same contents. Those were posts which don't even take 5 minutes of my time to write. Some of the time I will just throw in certain random photos or videos to make posts which doesn't seem to serve any real purpose.

Then I realize I wrote for the seek of updating, not because I love blogging. I wrote with the hope to impress and attract others' attention.

So... eventually, I got tired and sick of blogging. I stopped updating and went on to delete the blog which I have never feel proud for.

Blogging now

Now, what inspires and motivates me to blog again? Below are my few reasons:

1. To provide opinions and comment on every aspect of life

I started for a very simple reason. That is to build a space where I could provide my opinions on issues I got interested in. A platform where I could comment and document every of my thoughts in. I do not need to care whether anyone will be listening or interested in whatever I say at any point of time or got interrupted when one got bored.

It helps me to read and think more and also become a better writer. I started to learn more about so many different new things I have never thought of in my life.

Furthermore, I am not a natually good speaker. Often, I will find myself got neglected by people around me. My words are often left unheard. This gave me a even good reason to blog.

2. Build my confidence

Initially, I wasn't very confident or sure whether I would be able to continue with this blog. I might ended up like before. But as I begin to spend more time and effort in writing a post, I got really excited and proud of myself. I could smile when I look back at every of my previous posts in my blog. There are meaningful contents which took me weeks to research and write. It gave me so much satisfaction which money could not buy.

3. To help and inspire people

So, as I got more comfortable and confident in blogging now, I have a new goal. That is to hope that the blog posts I wrote will be able to help people who are in the same situation as me. Or that people will be able to find some inspirations in my writing which will eventually change their life.

In addition, I got inspired too. I began to think more deeply about my life and the world. I reflected on myself, feel ashamed and gulity of my actions and start to make little changes in life.

Even so, I know it is difficult to inspire others. I do not even know whether there will be people who are interested in whatever I write. But I shall try my best and work towards this goal. Hopefully, someday, someone would come over and thank me for making a difference in their life.

4. To make money

Frankly speaking, who doesn't like money and fame. Of course I have thought about this as I really need every little bit of money I could get. If not, I wouldn't have added in the Nuffnang ads in my blog at the first place. But so far, I have not even started to earn a penny yet. T.T

However, to successfully monetize a blog is always not easy and also not my main purpose as well. It will be an added bonus for me if I could earn an income from blogging someday. If not, I will be contended with all the little satisfaction I get from writing as well.

5. To document my life

I needed a space to record every of my important life events. Although so far I have not yet started to blog about my personal life, I foresee myself to do it in the near future.

6. To shift away from hectic work life

Blogging a also a way for me to temporary shift away from the hectic work life and harsh reality. It helps me to relax from my montonous 9 to 6 work life and do something I will enjoy without having to spend any money.

I do get stress from writing as well, especially when looking for a good topic to write. I get stress to write in good English language as well. I apologise for any of the poor language I have used.

7. To bring happiness

Lastly, I hope I will be able to bring a little smile and happiness to whoever who happened to chance upon my blog. It will be a space where one will feel relaxed and entertained.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

[Review] Hazeline Snow Moisturising Cream

Photo By: Elin Chow

Finally I finished this particular review. I have been drafting on this post since the beginning of January. Yes, it took me long to publish since there are so many distractions around me recently. 

Surprisingly, I have never expected myself to even have the interest to write a review for this product. But I am doing it now. I am excited to share because this is a very successful product with a long history.

Hazeline Snow Moisturising cream - this is a popular skincare product that has been around since our grandmothers' generation. Well, at least for the majority who grew up in Singapore and Malaysia, I believe the Hazeline Snow Moisturising cream will not be unfamiliar for you.

I was first introduced to this moisturising cream by my parents when I was very young and have since been using it until I reached my teenage years. Unlike our grandmothers or mothers' time, we were spoilt with the varieties of skincare products available in the market today. Eventually, the Hazeline snow mosturising cream as forgotten by me. Not only that, I was convinced that this product is just too cheap for my skin until I suffered from a very terrible sunburnt many years ago from my trip to Tioman island in Malaysia.

About the Hazeline snow moisturising cream

Well, unlike from my usual product reviews, I couldn't really list out the things I like about this product. Rather, I would say I have a love and hate relationship with the Hazeline snow mosturising cream. Why? Let me explain more in details below.

1. Whitening and soothing effects

I must admit this product do have some whitening effects on my skin. The cooling texture of the cream helps to soothe the pains caused by sunburnts and regain my original fair skin tone.

Despite the fact that the Hazeline snow moisturising cream did help to heal my sunburnts, I could not be 100% sure that this will works for everyone. I could only assume that the whitening effect could be effective for people who suffered from minor sunburnts recently.

2. Texture and smell

Unlike most of the moisturising creams available in the market, this product does not come in a cream texture. The texture itself is semi-solid, but melts into a powdery cream when it comes into contact with the skin.

As for the smell, I could still accept as I dislike it to a certain extent. The product has a slightly rosy scent, but not to my liking.

3. Non-oily

The Hazeline snow moisturising cream can be easily absorbed, leaving my skin soft and smooth. This product will not make my skin feels greasy, sticky or heavy after application. Rather, it helps to mattify my skin with a powdery feel.

As such, the Hazeline snow moisturising cream is a product suitable for people from every age groups and skin types. It is such a popular and well-established product that you could easily find one in every household using it during the olden days.

4. Price

I swear the Hazeline snow moisturising cream is dirt cheap!!! I got mine at around SGD 4++ only in Singapore or RM 12.30 in Malaysia!!! I believe I could not find another moisturising cream in the market that is priced the same.

5. Moisturizing power

If I have to choose between this and my Nivea body lotion, I will have chosen the latter as my everyday moisturizer. The reason is simple. I just feel that the Nivea body lotion is much more moisturising than the Hazeline snow moisturising cream.

6. Packaging

I think the main thing I hate about the Hazeline snow moisturising cream is the packaging. The product comes in a glass jar with a yellow cap. Whenever I thought of using this product, I have to dig my fingers into the glass jar and try to get some of the cream out. Due to its semi-solid texture as mentioned above, I often have some of the cream caught inside my fingernails. To me, this is not only irritating but also unhygenic. It will be good if the Hazeline snow moisturising cream can be packaged in a more 'user-friendly' way.

In addition, for people who adore cute packaging, the Hazeline snow moisturising cream might be a very unattractive product for you. I guess this is why this product can be retailed at such a low price.

7. Contains Parabens

One of my concern I have about the Hazeline snow moisturising cream is that Parabens are used in the formulation of this products - Merthylparben and Propylparaben.

So... what are parabens? Parabens are commonly used as preservatives in many personal care products due to its ability to stop fungus, bateria and other microbes growth.

However, some of the researches have shown that Parabens could increase the risk of getting breast cancers for women. In-depth studies conducted by researchers has found high concentrations of Parabens present in human breast cancer tumors.

Even though the use of Parabens in personal care products have raised concerns of many researchers in recent years, FDA has not yet banned the use of such preservative. This is because the researches and studies done so far are not sufficient to prove that the use of Parabens in personal care products is harmful to human body. Instead, the amount of use is limited by the FDA where they consider to be safe.

I do not know whether products which contains Parabens are safe for my body or not. I am no reseacher myself. The researchers also do not know the answer themselves. What I could say is I will try to minimize the use of these products. I still do use them because I love what they can do for me. It's just that I try to substitute them by other products which do not contain Parabens for everyday use and use those with Parabens once in a while.

8. Blend well

One thing to remember when using the Hazeline snow moisturising cream is to blend it well and make sure everything has been absorbed into your skin nicely if you do not wish to walk around looking like a ghost.

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