Saturday, February 8, 2014

Why Did I Blog?

"Why are you blogging?"

A few days ago, I have been asked this question by my husband who saw me drafting down a new post on my tablet. To be frank, this question caught me off by surprise and immediately got me off thinking.

Yes, why did I started blogging? Why am I writing again especially after I gave it up so many years ago.

How did I started

I was introduced and started blogging when I was 14 under the influence of my younger sister. I vividly remember at that time, I will 'force' myself to update my blog at least twice every week. I have nothing and absoutely have no idea what to write. I blog just because blogging was the trend at that time. It was the time when blogging started to become a hot hobby for everyone.

I was convinced that following this trend is the quickest way for me to know more friends. Not knowing my real purpose of blogging, I will often find myself stuck in front of my computer screen, trying to get a topic to write.

"Today is such a boring day. I don't know what to do. I feel lonely."
"Sorry for the delay. I have been very busy with school lately. Exams are coming. I promise I will update soon."

These are some of the most typical post you could find on my blog at that time. I would say among the hundreds, more than half of them have the same contents. Those were posts which don't even take 5 minutes of my time to write. Some of the time I will just throw in certain random photos or videos to make posts which doesn't seem to serve any real purpose.

Then I realize I wrote for the seek of updating, not because I love blogging. I wrote with the hope to impress and attract others' attention.

So... eventually, I got tired and sick of blogging. I stopped updating and went on to delete the blog which I have never feel proud for.

Blogging now

Now, what inspires and motivates me to blog again? Below are my few reasons:

1. To provide opinions and comment on every aspect of life

I started for a very simple reason. That is to build a space where I could provide my opinions on issues I got interested in. A platform where I could comment and document every of my thoughts in. I do not need to care whether anyone will be listening or interested in whatever I say at any point of time or got interrupted when one got bored.

It helps me to read and think more and also become a better writer. I started to learn more about so many different new things I have never thought of in my life.

Furthermore, I am not a natually good speaker. Often, I will find myself got neglected by people around me. My words are often left unheard. This gave me a even good reason to blog.

2. Build my confidence

Initially, I wasn't very confident or sure whether I would be able to continue with this blog. I might ended up like before. But as I begin to spend more time and effort in writing a post, I got really excited and proud of myself. I could smile when I look back at every of my previous posts in my blog. There are meaningful contents which took me weeks to research and write. It gave me so much satisfaction which money could not buy.

3. To help and inspire people

So, as I got more comfortable and confident in blogging now, I have a new goal. That is to hope that the blog posts I wrote will be able to help people who are in the same situation as me. Or that people will be able to find some inspirations in my writing which will eventually change their life.

In addition, I got inspired too. I began to think more deeply about my life and the world. I reflected on myself, feel ashamed and gulity of my actions and start to make little changes in life.

Even so, I know it is difficult to inspire others. I do not even know whether there will be people who are interested in whatever I write. But I shall try my best and work towards this goal. Hopefully, someday, someone would come over and thank me for making a difference in their life.

4. To make money

Frankly speaking, who doesn't like money and fame. Of course I have thought about this as I really need every little bit of money I could get. If not, I wouldn't have added in the Nuffnang ads in my blog at the first place. But so far, I have not even started to earn a penny yet. T.T

However, to successfully monetize a blog is always not easy and also not my main purpose as well. It will be an added bonus for me if I could earn an income from blogging someday. If not, I will be contended with all the little satisfaction I get from writing as well.

5. To document my life

I needed a space to record every of my important life events. Although so far I have not yet started to blog about my personal life, I foresee myself to do it in the near future.

6. To shift away from hectic work life

Blogging a also a way for me to temporary shift away from the hectic work life and harsh reality. It helps me to relax from my montonous 9 to 6 work life and do something I will enjoy without having to spend any money.

I do get stress from writing as well, especially when looking for a good topic to write. I get stress to write in good English language as well. I apologise for any of the poor language I have used.

7. To bring happiness

Lastly, I hope I will be able to bring a little smile and happiness to whoever who happened to chance upon my blog. It will be a space where one will feel relaxed and entertained.

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