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A Massive Taobao Haul - Household & Personal Items

Photo By: Elin Chow

Finally, I have time to sit down to write about my Taobao haul. I bought most of the items during the double 11 sales last year. Some of you guys actually requested for this post after I posted a photo of my purchases on Facebook. Sorry it took me so long to write because I have been so busy with my house renovation and I simply just do not have the time to take pictures of my purchases.

This is actually the first time I bought directly from Taobao without using any agents. It is definitely much more cheaper to buy directly than using an agent. You can avoid paying for agent fees as much as 10%. So I really recommend anyone to buy directly from Taobao if you can read Chinese.

My package from Taobao weighed about 10.33 kg and took about 3 weeks to arrive. I have chosen to use Lazada (Air) to ship my package because their price is the cheapest.  For 10.33 kg, I paid 193.87 RMB (RM 123.01) for shipping.

Most of the items I bought are household products for our new place, spending 291.68 RMB or RM 184.31 (100 RMB = RM 0.64) in total.


Price: 49 RMB (10 Sets) / RM 31.36 + RM 3.19
Link: Chopstick

I bought 10 sets of chopsticks. If I am not wrong, I believe they are made of porcelain ceramic. These chopsticks are very lightweight, smooth to the touch and have high temperature resistance.

Glass Cup

Price: 23.40 RMB / RM 14.98 + RM 7.21 (Shipping)
Link: Glass Cup

I bought this specially for my company's Christmas gift exchange. The glass cup is available in two different sizes - 750 ml and 1000 ml. I bought the 750 ml one.

The glass cup is made of high quality Borosilicate glass, making it resistant to thermal shock. It comes with free pouch and a tea infuser - great for people who love to drink tea. 

Knife block
Price: 63 RMB / RM 40.32 + RM 11.94 (Shipping)

I bought a knife block to keep all our cutting tools organized and within easy reach. While browsing through the site, I have difficulty deciding whether to get a wooden one or stainless steel one. 

I actually prefer wood knife block to stainless steel knife block because it looks more beautiful and stylish. But eventually, I still decided to get a stainless steel one because it is more hygienic and more resistant to mold.

Bath Towels
Price: 19.90 RMB each / RM 12.74 + RM 6.74 (Shipping For 2 pieces)
Link: Towels

The towels were on sale, which I thought was a really good deal. So I decided to buy 2 pieces to try. The quality of the towels are actually quite good for the price I paid. They are very soft, absorbent and fluffy. Their lightweight nature also makes them handy for travelling. 

Wrapping Paper 
Price: 11.90 RMB (10 Pieces) / RM 7.62 + RM 3.66 (Shipping)

Since it was nearing Christmas, I also bought some wrapping papers. The wrapping papers are really cheap, but the cost of shipping was slightly more expensive than I expected. Luckily, the quality of the papers are good. 

Couple Aprons
Price: 24.75 RMB (2 Pieces) / RM 15.84 + RM 3.07

I have never intended to buy an apron, but these two are so cute, so I ended up buying them. 

The quality of the aprons are good. They are thick and durable, but not water resistant.

Silicone Pastry Mat

Price: 22.80 RMB / RM 14.60 + RM 4.61 (Shipping)
Link: Silicone Pastry Mat

Since I have my own space now, I would really like to learn to bake. That is also why I also bought quite a number of baking equipment from Taobao this time. One of the item I got is this silicone pastry mat because I want to protect the worktop. The price is not exactly cheap after including the shipping cost. But I guess it is still worthwhile because it comes with a free rolling pin.

Measuring Spoons

Price: 16.12 RMB (Per Set) / RM 10.32 + RM 3.90 (Shipping)
Link: Measuring Spoons

I also bought this 10 pieces measuring spoon set because it is so pretty. Measuring spoons are an essential in every kitchen and I believe getting such a colorful set will definitely lift my mood while baking. The good thing is it also comes with a free dough scraper and food bag sealer clips.

Spatula + Pastry Brush

Price: 27.60 RMB / RM 17.67 + RM 1.83 (Shipping)
Link: Spatula + Pastry Brush

Baby blue spatula and pastry brush! They are so pretty, aren't they? This is also the main reason why I have to buy them.

Washing Bags

Price: 30.50 RMB (7 Pieces) / RM 19.52 + RM 5 (Shipping)
Link: Washing Bags

I bought some washing bags to protect delicate garments during the machine wash cycle. The washing bags comes in 6 different sizes to fit different types of clothes. It also comes with a bra mesh bag to protect wired bras during washing.

There are two types of washing bags available: fine mesh or thick mesh. I bought the fine mesh bags because it is softer and more delicate. I used them during my weekly wash and they are fantastic. The zips stayed closed and there are no tangling. I am not sure whether they are durable in the long run, but anyway, they are so cheap.

Mixing Bowl

Price: 25.90 RMB / RM 16.58 + RM 11.11
Link: Mixing Bowl

Of course, not forgetting a mixing bowl too. Mixing bowl is definitely a must have kitchen item. The stainless steel bowl comes with silicone non-skid bottom that keeps it secured in place while mixing.

There are 3 different sizes available - Small (22 cm), Medium (24 cm) and Large (26 cm). I got a medium size one because I thought the large one will be too large.

The quality of the bowl is pretty good and it is easy to clean. It is big and deep, which is great for mixing ingredients together in.

Microfibre Rags

Price: 22.90 RMB / RM 14.66 (5 Pieces) + RM 2.48 (Shipping)
Link: Microfibre Rags

I got some microfibre rags for kitchen use. The rags are really good quality. They are very soft, lightweight, absorbent and fast drying. Most importantly, they are super cheap!

Food storage containers

Price: 35.60 RMB / RM 22.78 each  + RM 35.60 (Shipping for 3)
Link: Food Storage Containers

I always love food storage containers. This one is available in 4 different sizes - 800 ml, 1100 ml, 1700 ml and 2100 ml. If you buy 2, you will get a 800 ml one free. So I bought two 1700 ml containers and got a 800 ml one for free.

I am really glad that the glass containers arrived nice and good with no obvious scratches or crack. The containers are nicely wrapped with lots of bubble wrap for protection. I am always impressed by the way the Taobao sellers pack the items. But the bad thing is all the additional wrapping and packaging really adds to the weight of the package, which will cost more to ship.

Japanese Style Seasoning Jars

Price: 25 RMB  / RM 16 each + RM 20 (Shipping for 2)
Link: Japanese Style Seasoning Jars

I have been looking around for a nice seasoning jar to store my seasoning. It took me quite a while to find these on Taobao.

This one is available in 3 different sizes - small, medium and large. I bought two of it in medium size, which measures 13.6 cm in height, 10 cm in width and with a capacity of 750 ml. It is actually a little too big, but I guess big is better than small. The jars are made of ceramic and the quality is pretty good. It is nice and simple, but a little heavy.

Honestly, this seller do not have a lot of reviews, so I was skeptical about buying it. Furthermore, it is not exactly cheap at all. But eventually, I still decided to buy it because I really love the design of the jar and it is not easy to find a similar one on Taobao. Luckily it turns out just like the pictures.

Second Purchase

I recently made another purchase at Taobao again in February, right after Chinese New Year.  Initially I planned to separate my Taobao haul into two different posts, but at the end, I still decided to combine them together in a post.

I used sea shipping to ship my items this time. The package took almost 3 weeks to arrive, weighing about 9.6 kg. Yes, it took a longer time to arrive, but it cost much lesser to ship the items by sea. So I really recommend shipping by sea if you do not mind the longer waiting time.

100 RMB = RM 0.63

Boat Socks

Price: 2.70 RMB / RM 1.70 each + RM 0.26 (Shipping)
Link: Boat Socks

Seriously, these boat socks are so cheap! It costs less than RM 2 each. I think it is not impossible to find such cheap socks anywhere here in Malaysia! This is actually the second time I bought from this seller. I love their socks because they are thick and comfy. Most importantly, they are so cheap!

100% cotton Panties

Price: 39.90 RMB / RM 25.14 (5 Pieces) + RM 2.33 (Shipping)
Link: Panties

Yes, I got most of my panties from Taobao because it was very cheap. This is also the second time I bought from this seller.

These panties are sold in a set of 5 and for every set you buy, you will get 3 pieces for free. Sounds like a really good deal, isn't it? There are many different designs available for you to choose from too. Quality is good for the price I paid. The cotton is soft and comfortable, but not very durable. They tend to get loose after a few months, so I usually throw them away after half a year.

Chinese Tea Pot Set

Price: 39 RMB  / RM 24.57 + RM 5.86 (Shipping)
Link: Chinese Tea Pot Set

I got this set of chinese tea pot specially for my husband because he loves drinking Chinese tea. The set includes 1 teapot, 6 teacups and 1 teapot filter. This tea pot set will be a great gift for family and friends. But unfortunately, it does not come with a gift box.

Table Cloth 

Price: 22.96 RMB / RM 14,46 + RM 2.89 (shipping)
Link: Table Cloth 

I also bought a table cloth just to cover my washing machine from grease and dust. Yes, it may sounds a little funny, but I really feel that a table cloth will do the job well. There are multiple sizes and many different designs available to choose from.

This one I bought measures 140 cm length x 140 cm width. I specially chose a white checkered design just to suit my the overall design of my kitchen.

Silicone Table Edge Protection Cover

Price: 9.90 RMB (8 Pieces) / RM 6.24 + RM 0.64 (Shipping)
Link: Silicone Table Edge Protection Cover

I specially got these protection covers to protect our legs from the sharp table edges. They are sold in a pack of 8 and comes with 3M adhesive stripes that keeps them in place. These protection covers can be easily installed on any surface with edges, and their clear color allow them to blend perfectly into my decor.


Price: RMB 32.50 / RM 20.48 + RM 10.59 (Shipping)
Link: Bakeware

I also bought a few more baking equipments this time. Bakeware are essentials if I would like to start baking. This set that I bought consists of 5 pieces, which includes a muffin pan, loaf pan, cake pan, pizza pan and flour sieve. There are a few combinations available for you to choose from. But I do not want to buy too many of them because I am not sure whether I am going use them.

PVC Table Mat

Price: RMB 19.98 / RM 12.59 (4 pieces) + RM 3 (Shipping)
Link: PVC Table Mat

PVC table mats to protect my table top from scratches and marks. These PVC table mats are non-slip, heat resistant and easy to clean.

Mouth Rinsing Cup

Price: RMB 13.14 / RM 8.28 (For 2) + RM 2.25  (Shipping)
Link: Mouth Rinsing Cup

I have been looking around for nice rinsing cups for the bathroom. I actually prefer glass cups to plastic ones. But my husband forbids me from getting glass ones because he thinks that I will accidentally break them. So I got us a pair of plastic cups instead. They are really cheap and cute, but do not suit my bathroom decor well.

Pastry Cutting Mold
Price: RMB 9.90 / RM 6.24 (For 3) + RM 0.72
Link: Pastry Cutting Mold

My husband and I fell in love with scones recently and we thought of making it ourselves. So I got a few pastry cutting mold in order for us to make our own scones!


I hope you guys enjoy this massive Taobao haul. So far, all my Taobao shopping experiences are good. You can find almost anything on Taobao. Most of the sellers are honest and care about the rating. Prices are cheap and quality of the products are generally good. Of course, there are bad quality products too. Thus, it is important to read the reviews before buying.

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