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Trip To Bali, Indonesia: 6D5N Trip Itinerary + Overview

Photo By: Elin Chow

It has been almost two years since our visit to Bali and now, I am excited to share all our wonderful adventures in Bali! I am sorry that it took me so long to write about my Bali trip. There are so many backlogs of travel posts for me to clear, but I am doing this slowly with pleasure. This is definitely going to take me some time, so please be patient with me.

Understand Bali

Bali, commonly referred to as The Island Of Gods or The Island Of Thousand Temples, is breathtaking beautiful, magical and above all, romantic. Boasting beautiful natural landscapes and breathtaking sunsets, the island is known as one of the top honeymoon destination in Asia.

Bali is different from most of Indonesia. The island's population of nearly 4 million people are predominately Hindu unlike the rest of Indonesia are predominately Muslim. Balinese Hinduism is practiced by majority of the population of Bali.

The Balinese are very devout people where a large part of their lives are dedicated to religious ceremonies and daily rituals. The Balinese carry out their religious obligations with pride, and everyone in the family (even the youngest) take part in the ceremonies, rituals and sacred offerings. Throughout the day, everywhere you look, you will find small offerings in front of shops, temples, restaurants, hotels and resorts and even on the dashboard of a car. Temples can also be found everywhere, in fields, roadsides, beaches and even family housing compounds. This is also why Bali is known as The Island Of Thousand Temples.

The culture of Bali is unique. Despite mass tourism, the Balinese people has succeeded in preserving their culture. The Balinese are deeply attached to their religion and culture. They spend a lot of time in temples and are deeply committed to worship.

Most people in Bali speak reasonable English, so communication should never be a problem. The Balinese are generally very friendly and hospitable people, and will always greet you with a smile even when they cannot communicate in English. Please note that it is not mandatory to tip in Bali. However, I would suggest you to tip if you receive a good service. A small tip goes a long way!


Private customized tour package

As this was the first time we were visiting Bali, we have no idea how we should go about planning our trip. We did not know much about the island's history, people and culture. Thus, we decided to engage the service of a private tour guide to help us create a customized itinerary, book our accommodation and drove us around the island.

Due to a lack of proper public transport system, the best way to get around Bali is with your own transport, whether you rent a car, a bike or hire a private car with a driver. A private and customized tour service would offer one flexibility, privacy, convenience and comfort. This is the most convenient way to travel across Bali to visit the many places of interests at your own pace.

Hiring a driver in Bali is reasonably cheap and reliable, which allowed us to visit and explore the many places that would otherwise be inaccessible.

So, after searching and browsing through several Bali tour packages online, we decided to book the 6 Days 5 Nights Full Ground Package with Febri's Bali Tour based on tons of good reviews we have read on TripAdvisor. I must say that was by far our best travel decision we have made for our trip!

Our 6 Days 5 Nights Package includes:

- 5 nights at 3* hotel
- Return airport transfer
- Private tour guide and driver
- Private full air-conditioned vehicle
- All entrance tickets
- 2 hours spa treatment
- 5x breakfast, 4x lunch & 4x dinner

Febri provides both a driver and tour guide at a fairly affordable price. Most of the tour packages I have found online usually only have a driver cum tour guide to take you around the island. This is what makes Febri's tour service special and different from the other tour operators.

I am glad that our decision to engage the service of Febri provided us a great opportunity to learn about the culture and history of the island. We were able to ask questions whenever we wanted. Our tour guide, Adi, was always very enthusiastic to explain whatever we wanted to know about the island.

We learn about some of the Balinese ritual and ceremonies, characteristics of a traditional Balinese family home, how much a typical person in Bali earns per day and what are the local prices for common goods and meals. It was great to travel with our own tour guide and enjoy a customized sightseeing tour suited to our personal tastes. Thus, I would strongly recommend anyone to hire a private driver to take you around the island if you want to experience the best of Bali.

I have written a separate detailed review for Febri's Bali Tour. Please read if you are interested to know more about my experiences exploring Bali with Febri's Bali Tour.

Contact Details

For those who are interested in engaging the service of Mr Febri, you may contact him either via

Email: info@febrisbalitour.com
Facebook: Febri's Bali Tour

6 Days 5 Nights Tour Itinerary 

The below shows the itinerary we have planned and covered during the 6 days we spent in Bali. Hopefully, this will be helpful to those who are planning to visit Bali any time soon

Just like my 11 days 10 nights round island trip to Taiwan, all the places on the itinerary below will be slowly linked to the individual blog posts that will follow by in the next few months. So be sure to follow me on Facebook or Twitter to get the latest updates on my 6 days Bali adventures!

During our 5 days in Bali, we traversed between the top of volcanoes and mountains to narrow winding road flanked by rice fields. We thoroughly enjoyed Bali and wished that we had more time to explore the rest of the island. Bali has so much to offer and every place is amazingly unique in its own way. Even so, this itinerary was a great introduction to the island.

Day 1

Kuala Lumpur International Airport > Arrival at Ngurah Rai International Airport > Check in POP Hotel Kuta Beach

Day 2

POP Hotel Kuta Beach > Barong Dance at Batubulan > Ubud Art Village > Kintamani Volcano > Lunch > Bali Luwak Coffee Plantation > Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple > Tegalalang Rice Terrace > Kecak & Fire Dance

Day 3

Tanah Lot Temple / Pura Tanah Lot > Uluwatu Temple / Pura Luhur Uluwatu > Lunch > Padang Padang Beach > 2 Hours SPA Treatment > Jimbaran Bay Romantic Dinner

Day 4

Royal Family Temple / Pura Taman Ayun Mengwi > Ulun Danu Bratan Temple > Lunch at Pacung Rice Terrace  > Kuta Beach

Day 5

Watching Dolphins at Lovina Beach > Breakfast > Buddhist Monastery > Lunch > Gitgit Waterfall > Buyan Lake / Twin Lake > Candi Kuning Market

Day 6

Ngurah Rai International Airport > Kuala Lumpur International Airport

So, basically, this is my itinerary for my 6 days trip to Bali. I will be posting individual posts about the places we visited in Bali soon. So, be sure to follow me on my Facebook or Twitter to get the latest updates on my 6 days Bali adventures! Also, do not forget to share my blog posts with your family and friends if you find them helpful. In the meantime, you might also want to check My Wanderlust page for some of my other travel adventures.


  1. Thanks for sharing the tips. Am gonna go there at the end of 2016! Curently choosing one of these packages http://7.holiday/packages. Your tips will come in handy! Share more of your exp!

  2. And don't forget to visit Sekumpul Waterfall, it is the highest waterfall in Bali located in Buleleng regency 3 hours from the airport. And Sangeh monkey forest, where the monkeys are very friendly, they won't steal anything from you!

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  5. Hi Elin, thanks for sharing your travel experience. This article is very useful to me since I am planning my 2017 year travel to Asia, and the moment I saw your day 4 and day 5 pictures, I have decided I need to visit Bali this year. I also did some research online and found there is another itinerary about Bali online, what do you think the plan of this one?
    This will be my first time to Indonesia, so I want to be prepared. Thanks again for your travel tips.

    1. Hi,
      That itinerary is quite good one. It not only allows you to see the art and cultural side of Bali, but also explore the beautiful nature the island has to offer. However, it does not include a visit to Lovina Beach, located at the northern side of the island. If you would like to watch the dolphins in the wild, a visit to the Lovina Beach is a must.

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