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Trip To Taiwan 台湾: Kenting 垦丁 - Kenting An B&B 垦丁An民宿

Photo By: Elin Chow
Official Website: Kenting An B&B 垦丁An民宿
Address: No. 55-6, Daguang Rd, Hengchun Township, Pingtung Country 94645, Taiwan 屏东县恒春镇大光路55-6号

Leaving Green Green Grassland 青青草原 in Cingjing 清境, we set off on a long car journey to Kenting 垦丁, a small beach town in Pingtung Country located at the southern tip of Taiwan. The town is surrounded by sea on all three sides, with the Pacific Ocean to its east, the Bashi Channel to its south and Taiwan Strait to the west.

A popular holiday destination, Kenting is best known for its year-round sunny tropical weather, beautiful white sandy beaches, azure seas and lush green hills.

After a 6 hours car journey, we finally arrived at Kenting An B&B 垦丁An民宿 in Kenting

Kenting An B&B 垦丁An民宿

Kenting An B&B is a 3-star hotel located just a 10 minutes drive away from Kenting National Park and 15 minutes drive away from Kenting main street.

Types of Room and Rates

Kenting An B&B offers guests a selection of accommodation options to suit different needs. Below is the current published rates for the various room types on its website. Please note that the following rates stated below is inclusive of breakfast.

Room Type
Off Peak
Super Peak
Fri-Sun & Holidays
Fri-Sun & Holidays
New Year Day & Chinese New Year Period
Small Double
TWD 1,500
TWD 1,700
TWD 1,700
TWD 2,000
TWD 2,900
Large Double
TWD 2,300
TWD 2,500
TWD 2,500
TWD 2,700
TWD 3,700
TWD 3,100
TWD 3,300
TWD 3,700
TWD 3,900
TWD 4,900
TWD 3,600
TWD 3,900
TWD 3,900
TWD 4,900
TWD 5,900

As usual, Mr Tsai has booked a 6-person room in order to accommodate the 6 of us. Payment of our room was made in cash upon arrival.

Kenting An B&B is in a remote location surrounded by grassy plains and rice fields. There are no convenience stores, restaurants or anything nearby the hotel. It is literally situated in the middle of nowhere, away from bustling crowds, noisy traffic and pollution. Its location is not easily accessible by public transport, so I would recommend you to book this hotel only if you have a driver.

Parking is not an issue as there are plenty of parking spaces available for any size vehicles. So you certainly have nothing to worry about if you are driving your way here. Various dining options can be enjoyed along Kenting Night Market 垦丁大街, which is a 15 minutes drive away from the hotel.

Situated away from the bustling crowds, the remote area is absolutely a prefect place to enjoy the peace of nature.

Excitedly, we entered the room and were pleased to be greeted by a spacious and clean room. Fitted with wooden flooring, our modern air-conditioned room features three queen size beds with an en-suite bathroom. 

The room was sufficiently well-lit with yellowish lighting with ample of space for us to put all of our luggage. Free wifi is provided to all guests, which allowed us to stay connected at all times. We were pleased that the free wifi was easy to connect to and worked extremely well for us. 

The room also features 2 wall-mounted LCD TV. TV selection is good, with plenty of channels to browse through. We spent the rest of the night watching TV in bed. 

Apart from that, there was also a small sitting area with a sofa and coffee table, both of which are used to put our bags. 

Beside the sitting area, there was a patio door at the back of the room that lead to the outdoor patio overlooking a peaceful grassy plain. 

Opening the patio door, we stepped onto the walled paved area with two chairs to sit. We sat quietly for a while, enjoying the peace of the surrounding nature.

Unfortunately, due to the hot and humid weather, we could not sit on the outside patio for too long.

However, there was nothing really amazing about the view. Being in the middle of nowhere, the hotel is an ideal place to relax, unwind and be with nature. 

Other amenities in the room includes a mini fridge with complimentary bottled mineral water, some cups and a hair dryer.

However, we were disappointed to find that there were no tea or coffee making facilities in the room. 

Our room also features an en-suite bathroom with walk in shower. The bathroom was clean and well-equipped with soap and shampoo mounted on the wall in a dispenser.

We were glad that there were more than enough bath towels for 6 persons.

Apart from shower gel and shampoo, the hotel also provides some other basic toiletries such as comb, shaver, disposable toothbrush and toothpaste. Each of these are packed in individual sachets for single use. 

A complimentary breakfast is served at the reception area every morning from 7 am to 9 am. But do not expect much for breakfast.

The breakfast was very basic and nothing impressive. We were given a choice to choose between egg sandwiches, chicken toast or burger. Hot coffee, tea or milk tea is also served with breakfast.

After breakfast, we set off on the road again. Overall, we enjoyed our stay at Kenting An B&B, but we will probably not return due to its remote location. Although peaceful, the view was not amazing enough to convince to return. Since I am in Kenting, I would certainly prefer to stay near the sandy beaches lapped with azure seas.

Even so, staying in the middle of nowhere was indeed a great and unique experience for me. But for people who are looking for convenience, this hotel is certainly not for you. I would only recommend this hotel anyone seeking for peace, tranquility and nature.

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