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Trip To Cameron Highlands 2014 - Butterfly Farm

Photo By: Elin Chow

Continuing from my previous post about my trip to Cameron Highlands, we set off from Silverstar Apartment @ Greenhill Resort at 8.30am in the morning. After having our breakfast, we headed off to visit the Butterfly Farm.

The Butterfly Farm

Established in year 1990, the Butterfly Farm was initially started by the founder as a hobby to house some of the most beautiful and exotic living creatures in Malaysia. Currently, the Butterfly Farm houses a wide range of live butterflies, insects, reptiles and amphibians, all opened for tourists to visit.

Opening Hours & Admission Fee

The operating hours and admission prices to the Butterfly Farm are as follows:

How To Get There

The Butterfly Farm is located close to the famous Kea Farm, about 3km from Brinchang.

Upon stepping into the Butterfly Farm, I must say that I was not very impressed. It was nothing near my expection. The name itself is a big misnomer as the farm does not breed or cultivate butterflies. Furthermore, it does not house a large collection of live butterflies either. 

The Butterfly Farm is divided into three distinct areas:

1. A butterfly enclosure that offers visitors a great chance to get up close to hundreds of free-flying butterflies.

2. The insects, reptiles and amphibians zone which exhibits most of the amazing insects, reptiles and amphibians species found in the rain forests of Malaysia.

3. A flower farm that features a wide range of Malaysian flower species which never fail to delight most visitors.

So, why is this attraction named the "Butterfly Farm" when it does not only house butterflies, but also a wide variety of exotic wildlife and flowers species? Thus, the name may be a little bit misleading in this case.

Before we enter the Butterfly enclosure, let's take a nice group photo together!

The Butterfly enclosure is a magnificent glass house where dozen species of.butterflies are housed in an indoor rain forest atmosphere. It is built with the idea of creating a beautiful flower garden in an enclosed area, specifically with the purpose of raising and exhibiting butterflies to the public.

From the moment we stepped into the Butterfly enclosure, we were really delighted to be surrounded by a myriad of fluttering butterflies around and all over the place.

Even though I am pretty scared of insects, I could not help but fall deeply in love with such delicate beautiful creature of nature. The Butterfly enclosure actually offers me a really good opportunity to observe these amazing creatures up close and probably capture some great-looking photos on camera. It was a pity that I did not get to bring along my DSLR for my trip to Cameron Highlands. This would mean that I could only rely on my Samsung S3 for the entire trip.

We were also glad that the place was not crowded with people during the time when we visited. This actually helped us to better enjoy and appreciate the attraction more. Of course, the uninterrupted photo-taking time was the best part of our visit. Most of the time, we could capture anything we wish to without any interruption.

I was even intrigued to witness a spider feeding on a poor butterfly. No matter how much I wish to save the butterfly from the spider, I did not. The butterfly was already dead. Even if it is still alive, I will not save the butterfly as well as this will disrupt the natural food chain. 

Although the Butterfly enclosure was not big, we still managed to spent an enchanting hour or so interacting with the butterflies. Occasionally, some of the butterflies even landed on my arms and stay there for a few seconds before fluttering off again. It was such a great experience!

Exiting from the Butterfly enclosure, it is not difficult to spot a cactus bed just right at the entrance. Beside it, you will find a flight of stairs that will you lead down to the rest of the zones.

Look at those horrible pricly thorns! I think I will be badly injured if I accidentally fell on the cactus.

As we headed off to the next zone, we were actually very excited to find some little yellow flowers with purple leaves being planted at the bottom of the stairs. 

At the right of the stairs, you will find a really dirty and wet concrete enclosure where three poor rabbits are housed. There was a very strong rabbits urine odor lurking all over the air around the enclosure. The stench was so overpowering that I felt I could almost puked on the spot when I tried to catch a glance of the rabbits. I really hope the owner could do something to improve the living condition for the rabbits.

The insects zone features a good collection of beetles that are commonly found in Malaysia. Some of the beetles displayed in this zone includes the Cheirotonus Arnaudi, Odontolabis Femoralis Femoralis and many other interesting species.

However, I did not managed to capture any photo of the beetles that are exhibited in this zone as I am always not fond of insects. In fact, most of the time, the sight of insects terrify me so much so that I could not even stand to get any closer to them. I just could not wait to get rid of them whenever I see any of them lurking around the corner of my house!

Situated right behind the insects house, at the reptiles and amphibians section, we were really excited to find a gigantic tortoise resting in an enclosure with a small pond. Although it is gigantic, this tortoise is definitely not as big as the Aldabra Giant Tortoise that I saw at the Singapore Zoo.

We actually tried to get the attention of the tortoise. But nothing seems to work as the tortoise continue to ignore our presence. I swear the tortoise is one of the most dull and boring creature living this world. It really makes me wonder why there are actually people who love to keep tortoise as a pet. 

On the left hand side of the tortoise enclosure is a mini frog pond where several frogs called its home. Seriously, I really feel that frogs are such ugly creatures. Its wet and slimy appearance always disgusted me very much. I could not imagine myself touching one with my own hands. They look so yucky to me!

Whereas, on the right hand side, you find a large glass enclosure where two adorable Chipmunks are housed. How I wish I could bring these cute furry ones home! 

It was only when I looked back at the photo I took that I realized that we actually left without exploring the other side of the bridge. So, I am not sure what have we missed out. Let's hope that there are nothing awesome at the other side of the bridge.

Located right in front of the tortoise pond, there are also a couple of glass enclosures that house different species of snakes, each unique in its own way. To be frank, I am extremely terrified of snakes too. Even so, I still could not help but have to capture a few pictures of the snakes as its beauty fascinated me very much.

Among all the snakes, I feel extremely fond of this green one. It looks really adorable and pretty to me! 

I think I am still fine with just one snake, but not a dozen of them! Can you imagine what would happen if all these snakes escaped from its enclosure? Not sure whether they are poisonous, but whether or not, this is bound to create some huge panic among people.

However, I think the green ones look more sinister and dangerous to me.

Right at the end of the farm, behind the snakes enclosures, we were delighted to find a mini flower farm filled with vibrantly colored flowers. How wonderful it will be if I could be surrounded by such beautiful flowers everyday. 

It is without doubt that brilliant sun flowers can always bring a smile to one's face. Thus it is really delightful and inspiring to see rows upon rows of sun flowers in full bloom as we strolled down the flowers field.

I am not particularly fond of flowers. But I must admit that the sunflowers are one of the most cheerful flowers I have ever seen. Indeed, the sunflowers did seem to brighten up my day and put a smile onto my face. 

The Morning Glories are beautiful too. Look at those purple trumpet-shaped flowers! I wonder why I have failed to notice its beauty in the past?

With that, we ended our visit to the Butterfly Farm. Overall, it was quite an enjoyable and worthwhile trip. The admission price of RM 5 is really affordable, especially if you are visiting in a large group of people.

The farm is actually not very big or interesting, but for the RM 5 which you had paid, there is really nothing much which you could complain about. I expected more, but the experience was still not too bad. If the owner could, I would really suggest him to have the name of the attraction changed. If not, at least try to make the butterflies the main attraction of the farm.

Personally, I really feel that the Butterfly Farm is just a perfect place for a family with kids to spend some quality time at. It will not be bad to visit the Butterfly Farm as an educational trip where kids get to explore, learn and interact with our Mother Nature.

However, I do have a feeling that the living creatures are not well-taken of. Take the rabbits for example. The furry little ones look really lifeless to me. Well, not just the rabbits only. It was the same for other living creatures that are housed at the Butterfly Farm as well.

However, as what I had said, for RM 5 which you had paid, the Butterfly Farm is still worth a visit. Take this time to learn and appreciate our Mother Nature.

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