Monday, June 23, 2014

[Review] L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil Masque

Photo By: Elin Chow

A while ago, I finished my last bottle of Kao Essential Nuance Airy Ultra Honey and Shea Butter Hair Mask which left me anxiously searching for a replacement product to treat my extremely damaged hair resulted from my frequent chemical treatment processes. Having no chance to visit a SaSa store, I decided ask my hair stylist for some recommendations. He introduced me to a few of the L'oreal hair mask and among them, he suggested me to try the L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil Masque as this is the one that will suit my hair condition the best.

So, without much consideration, I purchased it right away without expecting much. But to my surprise, this turns out to be one of the best hair product I have used so far.

What Does L'oreal Says

Formulated with Argan, Avocado, Cottonseed and Grape Seed oil blends, the L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil Masque is specially designed to replenish dry and damaged hair, thus leaving it feeling nourished, glossy and irresistibly soft to the touch.

Benefits of Argan Oil

Argan Oil, often also known as 'liquid gold' or 'Moroccan oil' by many others, is an organic plant oil extracted from the kernels of the Argan tree. For centuries, Argan Oil has been a well-kept secret among the Berber women in Morocco as Argan trees are extremely rare and can only be found growing in specific climate in the Southwestern Morocco.

Argan Oil is famous for its natural ability in treating damaged and frizzy hair resulted from frequent hair styling, chemical hair processes and environmental pollution. Being naturally light in weight enables it to easily penetrate the deeper layers of your hair, thus providing intense hydration and nourishment to tame frizziness.

Most commonly termed as miracle oil in today's world, Argan Oil contains a large amount of Vitamin E which is essential for healthier hair growth. It also helps to strengthen brittle hair to minimize breakage and hair loss.

Benefits of Avocado Oil

Studies has shown that Avocado Oil, an edible oil extracted from Avocado fruit pulp, is effective in reviving dried and damaged hair resulted from excessive hair styling, chemicals treatments and environmental pollution. The high concentration of monounsaturated fibers also helps to lock moisture into hair cuticles.

Benefits of Cottonseed Oil

Cottonseed Oil, extracted from the seeds of cotton plants, it helps to provide nourishment to the hair, thus making it feeling extremely soft and smooth.

However, some have argued that Cottonseed Oil may contains natural toxins as people in the past had been using it to control insects and mite pests. Since it is insecticidal, it might be harmful when it is  applied on humans as well.

Benefits of Grape Seed Oil

Grape Seed Oil, extracted chemically from the seeds of grapes, typically wine grapes, contains a large amount of Vitamin E, an antioxidant known to be effective in strengthening brittle or weakened hair, thus creating a stronger, healthier and more shiny looking hair.

Apart from that, Grape Seed Oil is also know for its ability to lock in moisture to prevent damaged or frizzy hair due to its natural moisturizing and deep conditioning properties.

What Do I Like About This Product

1. Texture & Smell

The L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil Masque comes in a 200 ml golden plastic tub with a open screw cap. The consistency of the masque is rather thick and creamy in texture. In fact, it feels like butter but does not feel greasy at all. I must admit that I was feeling a little worried at first that the product will leave a sticky feeling on my hair due to its thickness. However, I am really glad that there are no stickiness or greasiness left on my hair after application. Despite its thickness, the product still glides on smoothly onto my hair, leaving it feeling extremely soft and smooth.

As for the smell, not sure how should I describe it. Well, I am particularly not a fan of its smell. This product smells a bit like baby lotion and comes with a very strong powdery smell. I do not dislike it, but I do not like it either. To me, it is like a love-hate relationship.

The smell of the L'oreal masque linger on your hair for a whole day after every wash. However, it is not as strong and as lasting when compared to the Kao Essential Nuance Airy Ultra Honey and Shea Butter Hair Mask, I really miss the sweet scent of the Kao Essential Hair Mask. It just smell so wonderful!

2. Deeply Moisturizing

Just like the Kao Essential Nuance Airy Ultra Honey and Shea Butter Hair Mask, the L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil Masque works miracle on my hair. My hair feels very soft and smooth after each application, leaving it extremely hydrated with a healthy glow. I find my hair has become much more manageable than before since I started using this product.

Apart from that, this product is also great for treating chemically damaged hair. My hair was actually very damaged and dry after a straight perm session a month ago. However, I am pleased that the L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil Masque is able to revive my lifeless hair, making it feeling nourished and healthy once again.

3. Price

I bought my tub of L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil Masque from my hair salon, which cost me RM 65. The price is quite reasonable considering that a tub of it might be able to last me for at least half a year. I am not sure where you could get this product in Malaysia but one thing for sure is that you would not be able to find the L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil Masque from any of the Watsons or Guardian outlets here. Most probably you would have to purchase this from hair salons or any of the hair products retail or online stores.

What Do I Dislike About This Product

There is nothing in particular that I dislike about this product except the bulky packaging which makes it not so travel-friendly. This means that I have to scoop out some of the masque (probably with a spoon) and transfer it to a small container if I would like to bring this product along with me while travelling. It will be great if L'oreal could launch a more portable and travel-friendly packaging.

How Do I Use This Product

I basically use this as a daily hair conditioner after I washed my hair everyday. Sometimes, I will switch between a cheaper drugstore hair conditioner and the L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil Masque. But still, I find myself reaching out for this product more often than the other as the result has never disappointed me.

The steps to apply this masque is as simple as below:

1. Shampoo your hair and towel dry it.

2. Run your fingers through your hair to detangle them.

3. Dig out an appropriate amount of the masque and massage them onto the ends of your hair. Avoid you scalp if you have oily hair.

4. Allow the masque to sit on your hair for 3 to 5 minutes. If you are a very patient person, you might wish to leave it on for much longer. I believe this will enable your hair to absorb this product better.

5. Rinse off and make sure you have washed every tiny bit of the product away.

Final Thoughts

If you are someone who is constantly bothered by damaged and dry hair, you may wish to try the L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil Masque out. It might do wonders for your chemically damaged hair. I am thankful that I had been introduced to this product by my hair stylist. Without the L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil Masque, I might still be fretting about my extremely damaged and straw-like hair which is almost unmanageable. However, with this masque, I will not have to worry about my hair being all messy, dry or damaged anymore. Definitely one of my must-have hair product! But of course, I still love the Kao Essential Nuance Airy Ultra Honey and Shea Butter Hair Mask very much too.

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