Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Trip To Gardens By The Bay, Singapore: Cloud Forest

Photo By: Elin Chow

Enter the Cloud Forest, a mysterious and magical world veiled in mist. Treat your senses to the freshness and cooling sounds of the waterfall in the Cloud Forest conservatory and experience the unique biodiversity of a cool-moist environment.

Operating Hours & Admission 

The Cloud Forest opens from 9 am to 9 pm daily (last ticket sale at 8 pm, last admission at 8.30 pm). Unlike the Bay South Outdoor Garden, access to the Cloud Forest is not free, Admission rates are as follows:

The local resident rate is only applicable to Singapore citizens, permanent resident and employment passes, work permits and dependent passes holders. You are required to provide your proof of residency when you purchase your ticket at the counter.

Please note that the Cloud Forest will be closed on a specific day each month for maintenance. You may want to check out the maintenance schedule from its official website before you make a trip down to the Gardens.

Level 1 - +5 Degrees & Secret Garden
Level 2 - Earth Check
Level 3/4 - Tree Top Walk
Level 4 - Crystal Mountain 
Level 5 - The Cavern
Level 6 - Cloud Walk
Level 7 - Lost World

The recommended visit route is to take the elevator to the mountaintop where you will find The Lost World. Descend through the Cloud Walk and Tree Top Walk via the spiraling walkways that wind down, finally ending your journey at the Secret Garden located at the foot of the mountain.

The Cloud Forest features a 42 meters (138 ft) high artificial mountains complete with the tallest indoor waterfall covered in lush vegetation from Montane region that grows between 1,000 to  3,500 metres above sea level.

Upon stepping into the glass conservatory, a gush of cool, wet air created by the massive waterfall greeted us. We were awed by the sight, smell and sounds of rushing water as we got a little drenched in the water sprinkled by the waterfall.

The entire conservatory was cold and misty. To replicate the moist and damp conditions found on tropical mountains ranging from 3,000 - 9,000 feet above sea level, temperature inside the Cloud Forest is kept between 23 to 25 degree Celsius and may drop as low as 15 degree Celsius in the evening. Thus, you may want to bring along a light jacket when you are visiting the Cloud Forest.

Along the way, there are some aboriginal sculptures that would serve as an excellent backdrop for photography.

We also came across a miniature village on display that illustrate the key mode of transport in mountainous areas around the world.

Level 7 - The Lost World

The highest point of the mountain features a cloud forest vegetation at 2,000m above sea level. 

From the mountain top, we also get to enjoy an amazing panoramic view of the Marina Bay waterfront and Singapore's city skyline. 

Cloud Walk

Once you are done with The Lost World, proceed to make your way down to the plateau below via the spiraling Cloud Walk that encircle the mountain.

The walkways are broad and easy to navigate so it is pretty much wheelchair and stroller friendly. Thus, there should be nothing much for you to worry about if you are bringing along a baby stroller or accompanying someone on a wheelchair. 

The mountain

Planted densely on the vertical mountain walls are a mixture of fascinating orchids, delicate ferns, colorful Bromeliads, dazzling Begonias and menacing carnivorous Pitcher plants that are epiphytic in nature.

The external walkway offers visitors an opportunity to get up close and appreciate the beauty of these epiphytic plant species growing vertically on top of each other.

As we strolled down the walkway,we get to admire the bizarre walkway and man-made mountain from every angle.

Occasionally, we would stop in our path and gaze up in awe at the magnificent architecture. Everything we saw was just simply so unbelievably breathtaking!

Waterfall View

At the Waterfall View level, we got to enjoy a spectacular view of the waterfall up close via a viewing platform that overhangs just beside the falls.

The viewing platform is so close you can almost reach out to the water. We also enjoyed the deafening roar of water plunging over the high cliffs.

Level 4 - Crystal Mountain

The Crystal Mountain showcases a variety of harvested stalactites, stalagmites, limestones and crystal body that are typically found in underground caves inside the mountains.

This is where you can learn more about how continent are formed, the age of earth and the importance of fossils in understanding our planet's past.  

Level 3/4 - Tree Top Walk

Once you are done with the Crystal Mountain, you can proceed to the Tree Top Walk, which is built 30 meters above the rain forest floor.

The Tree Top Walk offers visitors a spectacular and interesting bird's eye view of the treetops.

Level 1 - Secret Garden

The descent down the Treetop Walk leads one to the Secret Garden located at foot of the mountain. This was also where we ended our journey at the Cloud Forest.  

The Secret Garden is a gentle ravine walk through a narrow gorge where visitors can get close to plants that belong to families that are once abundant on Earth, yet are becoming increasingly rare today. 

Walking through the garden makes us feels as though we were in some enchanted forest.

It will probably take an hour for you to walk through the entire conservatory at a comfortable pace. But the likelihood is that you will stay longer than expected. Although the entrance fee might be a little too expensive, we were glad that it was worth every penny. Walking down the spiraling walkways is definitely an experience I will never forget. Even if you are not an avid flower lover, a visit to the Cloud Forest at the Gardens By The Bay is a must. The cool and moist environment is a great place to escape from the relentless heat in Singapore.  

The Cloud Forest is an amazing masterpiece of architecture that you should not missed. Remember to bring along your camera as there are plenty of photo opportunities around. Be sure to visit early in the morning before the massive crowds and and tour groups arrive.

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  1. There are new exhibits and displays in the Cloud Forest. And it is still such an amazing place to visit....