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Trip to Bukit Tinggi Malaysia - Berjaya Hills: Colmar Tropicale

Photo By: Elin Chow

It was during December last year that my husband and I decided to visit Bukit Tinggi for the first time in our life. Actually, prior to this trip, I have never heard of the attraction named as Bukit Tinggi in Malaysia before. So, when my husband suggested that we should visit Bukit Tinggi on a half day trip, I felt really excited about the idea. Immediately, the next day, we got in our car and drove all our way to Bukit Tinggi.

Bukit Tinggi

Situated in Bentong district of Pahang, after Genting Highlands,  lies a beautiful and peaceful small hill known as Bukit Tinggi . Located 2000 feet above the sea level is a bustling small town hill village, filled with activities and tourists. Undoubtedly, the cooling and refreshing weather is what makes such a small hill town one of the popular attraction to visit in Malaysia.

How To Get There

Located approximately 48 km away from Kuala Lumpur, Bukit Tinggi is easily accessible from Karak Highway via a 45 minutes drive by car.

Alternatively, just in case if you have no intention to drive, Berjaya Group also provide daily shuttle bus services that run daily from Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur to Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills at the scheduled timing. The schedules and fares of the shuttle bus are as shown below:

You may wish to visit the Colmar Tropicale website for more information. 

Places of Attractions

Once you paid and entered, you will be able to access to the three main attractions in Bukit Tinggi. They are named the Rabbit Farms, Japanese Village and of course, Colmar Tropicale. However, we only managed to visit the Japanese Village and Colmar Tropicale due to bad weather conditions on that day. To prevent this post from getting too lengthy, I shall break up my visit to Bukit Tinggi in two separate blog entry. I will cover Colmar Tropicale in this particular post first and the Japanese Village in my next entry.

Entrance Fee

All guests are required to pay an entry ticket upon arrival at the entrance gantry. The rate for the ticket is as shown below:

Please note that for in-house guests who are staying with Colmar Tropicale Berjaya Hill Resort, the entry tickets will be refunded to you during check-out. However, the number of refundable tickets will depend on the type of room you had booked.

Colmar Tropicale 

Colmar Tropicale, a French-themed village and resort inspired by the old town of Colmar in Alsace, France, which is known to be one of the most beautiful city in Europe.

In front of the entrance. you will find a beautifully crafted fountain, which was known to be an official gift from Alsace, France.

Upon arrival, we were immediately awed by the diversity of architectural styles, which I believe is what makes Colmar Tropicale unique and attractive to both the local and foreign visitors. 

The entrance of the attraction was fronted by a wooden drawbridge and a clock tower that is designed after the Riquewihr Tower in Alsace. Interestingly, the clock tower is also fitted with a cuckoo bird that chimes and comes out every 15 minutes and on the hour. However, it was a pity that that I did not personally get to see that with my own eyes.

The wooden drawbridge reminiscent of an ancient castle. While crossing the wooden drawbridge, it made me felt as though I was being transported magically to a fairy tale land, ready for a brand new and exciting adventure!

Officially opened in 2000, the Colmar Tropicale Berjaya Hills Resort is a 4 star resort comprising a total of 248 French-themed hotel suites and rooms for its guests to choose from. Each of the rooms are air-conditioned and well-furnished with classic light wood furnishing.

Although we love the place very much, we were not interested to book ourselves a room and spend a night at Colmar Tropicale. It was mainly because we found that the cheapest room, which would cost about RM 250 per night was a bit overpriced. Furthermore, it seems that the rooms offer little privacy to its guests. Why do I say so? I shall elaborate on this in the later of my post.

Apart from the wooden drawbridge and cuckoo clock tower, I was also captivated by the colorfully and beautifully painted life-size horse sculpture. Well, I believe the horse-sculpture is definitely striking enough to attract the attention of most visitors at any time and day.

We arrived quite late on that day. That was another reason why  we did not have sufficient time to visit the rest of the attractions too.

While at the Colmar Tropicale Bejaya Hills Resort lobby, this magnificent suit of amour again caught my attention. There are actually six of these lying around the resort.

Exiting from the Colmar Tropicale Beyaja Hills Resort, we strolled down the cobblestone pathway, surrounded by rows and rows of colorful vintage buildings with timber window frames.

It was around Christmas when we visited the Colmar Tropicale. In the middle of Colmar Square, a gigantic Christmas tree warmly greeted us. The joys and happiness of Christmas filled the cooling air and warmth our hearts.

In front of the christmas trees, we were delighted to find a red carriage drawn by another two brilliantly and fancifully painted life-size horse sculptures. Although I was disappointed that I could not go for a ride in the horse carriage, I was still glad that at least I have my prince with me.

Sitting in the centre of the Colmar Square is another water fountain. This was where we decided to sit and rest for a while before we continue to explore the place.

Both side of the cobblestone streets are lined up with rows of restaurants, souvenir shops and hotel suites and rooms.

Even the lamp post look antique, just like those you would often see in most fairy tale movies.

Located right at the end of the cobblestone street, you will find an observation tower where you will get enjoy a spectacular 360° view of Colmar square. To reach the top of the tower, you could either choose to climb your way up the stairs or take the lift. For us, we prefer to take the stairs at our own pace while admiring the scenic view of the surrounding hills.

Climbing our halfway through, stopping from time to time to check out the view of Colmar Square, Really impressive! However, do not give up and continue to climb your way to the top. I believe the view at the highest point shall not disappoint you.

I believe these are the hotel suites and rooms. Imagine if I were standing on my room balcony, enjoying my cup of coffee and the cooling breeze and suddenly, I became the main character in a stranger's photograph. How would you feel? I believe anyone of you would feel really uncomfortable. So, now you understand why I feel that the resort actually offers little privacy to its guests.

For any guest who would like to go for a swim in such a cooling weather, the resort also has a small and nice outdoor pool. But I really wonder how many of its guests would actually use the pool and risk catching a cold at the end of the day.

The top of the viewing tower offers us an even nicer and more spectacular view of the whole Colmar Square.

From the top, we managed to catch a glimpse of the Bejaya Hills Golf & Country Club too! Covering an area of 16,000 acres, the golf course is nestled high up in the mountains, surrounded lush greenery and rain forest. A beautiful sight, but obviously, it is a place for the rich only.

Far far away, the peak of the mountains are entirely covered by thick and heavy fog. Mysterious yet beautiful. I believe it must be really cold up there.

Climbing down from the viewing tower, once again, we headed back to the entrance.

Back at the entrance, under the wooden drawbridge, we were delighted to find a moat filled with beautiful white and black swans!

What a beauty! I could not describe how excited I was when I saw these beautiful birds!

To be frank, this was actually my first time seeing a swan. All my life I have never expected that I will have a chance to see one, especially in Malaysia. I was even more surprised to learn that swans are not only white in colour. There are black ones too! Oh gosh! I felt so ignorant.

Comparing both, I actually love the white swans more than the black ones. I find the white ones more beautiful and cuter than the black ones. This also explained why I have captured more photos of the white swans than the black ones.

But this does not mean that I did not find the black swans cute at all. It has its own beauty as well. I believe there are some others who might prefer the black swans more than the white swans.

So, with these, I have come to an end of this post. Hope that everyone of you have an enjoyable time reading about my fun-filled day spent at Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi. Stay tuned for the next part and I shall be back very soon again!

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  4. Hy ellin, i've been wondering if you know how to goes to colmar tropicale from genting highland? Are there's any transportations that can bring us there? Thanks.

    1. Hi,
      I believe the only way is to drive or take a taxi. But taking a taxi can be very expensive.

  5. Hi nice post! Is the roads up difficult for driving? I am not use to drive up hill :p

  6. Hi nice post! Is the roads up difficult for driving? I am not use to drive up hill :p

    1. The road is quite narrow and winding. I would say it was not an easy drive.

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  8. where you suggest to stay if u plan to visit Bukit Tinggi?

    1. Hi, I am not really sure. I only know that you can stay at Colmar Tropicale.

  9. May I know how cold is the weather?

    1. It's not very cold when I went. Slightly warmer than Genting Highlands.

  10. Are there any eateries available?

  11. No eateries, but there are several restaurants. I did not have any meals there since I only went there as a half day trip.

  12. Hi Elin, Thanks for the information. Did you drive there? I intended to drive my own during this Christmas. It is dangerous to drive there with a proton saga? Thank you.

    1. Hi SC, Yes, we drove there, with a Proton Saga too. The road is narrow and winding. Please be careful when you drive.

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  14. Hi Elin, thanks for sharing the informative post & nice pictures. We are planning for a 3D2N trip to Bukit Tinggi with our parents and 2 small children. Driving from Kedah and estimate to reach late afternoon or even evening on 1st Day. Leaving probably noon time on 3rd day to KL.
    1. Will a 3D2N trip be too long for the place? We allow a bit more time considering our small kids.
    2. Would you recommend to drive up and stay in Colmar Tropicale on 1st day or stop and overnight in a town nearby (Bentong probably?) then drive up on 2nd day?


  15. Hi, Thanks for the info. We are going tomorrow!

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      Many thanks for your Superb Info, we are traveling Tomorrow (hopefully by bus) from KL and staying at Colmar Tropicale, we dnn,t treat ourselfs very often and because the price for other Activity's were included in price we went for it.

  16. thanks a lot i and my friend going there this saturday,.,thanks for the info it really help me

  17. Hi Elin, me and my partner are planning to go there next week. Isit safe going uphill by car? Also how much budget do i need at least?

    1. Hi Irfan,

      You will some driving experience to drive up because the roads are narrow and winding. As for budget, it depends what you want to do up there. I did not spend much because I only visited attractions that are free.

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