Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Marriage Proposal

I believe every woman wants to have a romantic and memorable marriage proposal. Well, I am not an exception too. Often, I will fantasize how my future husband would propose to me someday. How and where he had planned for the marriage proposal to take place? What will he says to get me to marry him? Will there flowers? Will he be getting a ring? Will it be an eventful moment? 

So, as mentioned in my previous post, he finally proposed to me during our getaway trip to Bintan. Actually, before he proposed, I already knew that we would be getting married right after I have completed my university education. In fact, we had been discussing about our marriage plans since we were only a year into our relationship. 

What makes me so sure? Well, I do not know the answer too. Perhaps, it was because I just could not wait to marry and spend a lifetime with him. Even so, I still eagerly look forward to the day when he will officially propose to me. 

Over next one year, I hinted him multiples of times about the marriage proposal which I have always dream of. But most of the time, he will just try to brush me off with a cheeky smile. Often, this led to wonder whether he really have the intention to marry me or not. If yes, why was he not proposing?

Just when I have convinced myself that it is absolutely fine to marry without a marriage proposal, he proposed. It came as a big surprise for me, although I am the one who had took the time and effort to plan and create that prefect opportunity for him. 

So, we arrived at Mayang Sari Beach Resort in Bintan on the 29th March 2013. It was a scorching hot afternoon and all we wanted was to quickly check into to our air-conditioned room.

Immediately right after we put our bags down, he held my hands and got down on both of his knees. He looked at me affectionately and started to speak in a very gentle deep voice.

"Would you marry me dear? You are my very first and I promise that you will be the last in my life. I promise that I will protect, care and try my very best to make you feel happy and wanted every second in your life.

I am really sorry that I have not prepared any flowers or ring for such an important occasion. But I promise I will get you these as soon as we got back home. I felt even more sorry that I did not know how to plan a special event to make such a lifetime moment memorable for you..."

He paused for a while, unsure of what to say next. Silently, I looked at him while my tears uncontrollably fell down my cheeks. Seeing my tears, he seemed to get more nervous and worried. While still on both his knees, anxiously, he started to apologize again.

"Are you feeling sad that I have made such a terrible marriage proposal? I am really sorry for making you feeling disappointed. But I promise that I will not let you down or stop loving you every single day. I will take good care of you..."

I interrupted him and asked him to get up on his knees. Of course, without any hesitation I said, "Yes, I do!" Or did I just nodded my head to show him that I accepted his marriage proposal? I could not really remember.

He stood up and embraced me tightly into his arms. Then we exchanged passionate kisses while tears continue to roll down my cheeks. My mind was blank. I could not speak as I was just too overwhelmed with happiness.

Although I had a feeling that he would propose on our trip to Bintan, I could not be sure. There were no signs that indicate that he was going to propose on that day. Thus, I dropped the idea and convinced myself that I might be thinking too much.

However. the reason for my tears was never because of the bad marriage proposal which I had received from him. I cried because he has finally officially asked me to be his wife. Even though he proposed without flowers or a ring, I was still deeply touched by his true heart, sincerity and love for me. I could feel his anxiety when he saw me cry and that he started to blame himself for not doing better.

This was when I realized that having a incredibly dramatic proposal was actually not the most important thing to me. What matters the most is his love for me. I was deeply convinced that he is the only guy who I wanted to spend my life with. Furthermore, I knew that he is never really a romantic guy in the first place. Thus, I guess all I expected was just a simple proposal from him.

To be frank, I only came to realize much later on that he had actually got down on BOTH his knees when he was proposing to me! How could I not have noticed that at that time! It seemed as if he was begging me to marry him. So, how can I reject a guy who begged me to be his wife?

Anyway. as what he had promised, he brought me to pick out our engagement ring from a jewelry store right after we came home. For that, I have chosen an engraved white gold ring that comes with a small shiny diamond. It was simple, but beautiful. I believe its simplicity signify our pure love for each other.

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