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[Sponsored] Say I Love You With A Fresh Bloom From A Better Florist

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Flowers are a beautiful and perfect gift for any time of year, and for any occasion. There is no better way to express your love and appreciation for someone than sending flowers. It is just the perfect way to say "I love you".

I have recently been contacted by A Better Florist, looking to feature their online flower delivery service on my blog. After a quick browse through their website, I find myself falling in love with the beautiful and impressive flower arrangements on offer. So I agreed immediately and since I am currently residing in Malaysia, I specially requested to have the flower arrangement of my choice sent to my best friend in Singapore instead.

For those who do not know, A Better Florist is a Singapore-based e-commerce flower delivery startup founded by Steve Feiner, an ex googler with an aim to provide a better flower delivery service. The company believes that sending and receiving flowers should be easy, affordable and beautiful.

They believed that no matter where your recipient is, you can celebrate any occasion with fresh flowers from A Better Florist. Regardless of the distance and destination, A Better Florist will allow you to express your love and appreciation to the loved one, even if you are not there physically.

The company offers the freshest flowers at a fairly affordable price. All their flowers are grown and shipped directly from farms from Cameron Highlands daily. Every bloom is nurtured with love and care before it is ready to be picked. Only the most beautiful blooms will be picked and used in your favorite bouquets. As a result, the flowers are just 2 to 4 days old when they reached the customers, and will not wilt so quickly.

Limited Selection 

Unlike other florists in Singapore, A Better Florist only offers a limited selections of three types of flower arrangements for customers to choose from - from flower bouquets and arrangements, to beautiful bundles and fruit baskets. This has helped to make the selection process easier and less stressful, which also ensured the quality and freshness of the flower arrangement.

The Signature Bloom

The Signature Bloom includes a beautiful combinations of the freshest flowers of the season. Each bouquet is handcrafted, thoughtfully designed and instagram-ready. The Signature Bloom features the Allision, the Emilia, the Lilah and the Julianne.

The Farmer's Choice

The Farmer's Choice includes seasonal blooms that are sourced straight from the farm. Featuring the Spring Breeze, the Ayla, the Keira and the Hayden.

The Bundles 

The Bundles are carefully crafted combos that are perfect for co-workers and best friends. Featuring the Prince Charming Bundle, the Blissful Bundle, the Wonderland Bundle and the Sugar Rush.

Other than that, A Better Florist is able to customize a fresh flower arrangement to suit almost all other occasions, including weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, depending on your specific needs.

I have chosen to send my friend the Lilah from the Signature Bloom, but unfortunately, due to some miscommunication on their side, my friend received the Keira from Farmer's Choice instead. To be honest, I was feeling a little unhappy and disappointed with their service when my friend told me she received the Keira instead of the Lilah. So I immediately emailed A Better Florist, hoping to get an explanation for this.

Their reply was prompt, and they admitted and apologised for the mistake they made and I gladly accepted their apology. They actually insisted sending my friend the right bouquet to make up for their mistake even though I said it's ok and they do not need to. I am really impressed with their fast response and excellent customer service.

The Keira consists of fresh lilies, roses and ammi majus. The gorgeous blooms arrive wrapped in their signature rustic burlap with silk ribbon, and comes with a handwritten card, containing my personal messages, as well as a flower care instruction card and flower food.

Please follow the instruction card to prolong the life span of the flowers, which arrived wrapped in a water absorbent sponge to keep them fresh.

Just as they promised, my friend received the Lilah a few days later. The Lilah comes in a glass vase as pictured, which makes it perfect for any table decorations.

The Lilah consists of fresh bright blooms with starburst pincushion. It is absolutely gorgeous! Just like the Keira, or in fact, every bouquet from A Better Florist will come with both the handwritten card and flower care instruction card. I really appreciate that little extra effort the company puts in to make every customer's experience a special one.

My Thoughts

I never like flowers because I think they are expensive and wilt quickly. But I would not deny that they will not only brighten and add a splash of colors to the house, but also a great way to express your love and appreciation to your loved one.

Whether it is Mother's day, Valentine day, birthday or any other special occasion, A Better Florist has got you covered. The company offers the easiest and most convenient way to send flowers and makes for perfect last minute gifts idea.

With just a few simple clicks, you can send an arrangement of beautiful flowers to anyone, anywhere in Singapore on the same day at no extra charge, provided if you order before 3 pm.  All your gifts will be hand delivered by the professional A Better Florist courier team by car or motorbike to ensure timely delivery.

Free same day delivery is available from 9 am to 6 pm every day of the week. You can pick the most convenient time slot to have the flowers delivered to your loved ones. Did you suddenly remember a special occasion and last minute flowers? Don't worry, A Better Florist also offers an express 90 minutes delivery, ensuring the flowers will reach the intended recipient on the same day. Unfortunately, the only downside is they do not allow you to choose a specific delivery time.

Overall, I am deeply impressed by the high quality customer service and freshness of the flowers from A Better Florist. Apparently, the company has placed customer satisfaction as a top priority. and is always trying their best to make every of their customer happy. If you are a flower enthusiast, I believe you will love what A Better Florist has to offer!

No monetary compensation was received for this review and all opinions expressed were my own. Thank you A Better Florist for offering such great opportunity to show my love and appreciation to my friend! 

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