Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year resolutions?

Happy New Year everyone! 

Without realising, we welcomed the arrival of 2014. A brand new year, a brand new beginning and a list of brand new resolutions for the year. I am thankful that 2013 had been a rather smooth sailing year for me. I hope everyone of you has also enjoyed a great and fruitful year too.

For those who has encountered tons of obstacles and hardships in 2013, lets look forward to the year of 2014. Have faith and believe that 2014 will be a year full of happiness, laughters and hope.

"There is always sunshine after the rain". 

The good things will finally come after all the bad things you have encountered. Keeping this faith in mind, I have managed walked through 2013 with smiles. I am grateful for every little obstacles I have encountered last year, for they are valuable lessons in life that I will never learnt in books.

However, there is on thing that I will surely do at the beginning of each year.  That is to list down a list of new year resolutions for the year. 

So, why is it important for us to set new goals for the rest of the year. This is due to:

1. Sense of commitment

Setting a list of goals for the year instill a sense of commitment into an individual. It will motivate and encourage one to follow the goals, thus a high possibility to achieve their targets.

2. Happiness and sense of fulfillment

It brings a sense of fulfillment to an individual when the goals set in the beginning of the year have been achieved. Of course, happiness and joys will followed when goals are achieved. However, for those who have failed, it will provide them a great chance to review and find out what went wrong.

3. Build confidence and helps one grow

Setting goals in the beginning of the year indicates that an individual knows what he wants. Therefore, he will have plans in his mind and will work hard towards his target. 

When one is clear about his goals in life, naturally it will helps to build his self confidence in whatever he do.

In addition, in any case where the goals set for this year are achieved, it will build more self confidence in an individual. This serve as a very good motivation for one to seek for better improvements in life.

How to make resolutions

Well, there is no standard way or method to make new year resolutions. Try reflecting on the past year and ask yourself what you want in the new year. It can be something you wish to achieve materially, physically or even emotionally. 

What I want

My goal this year is simple. That is learn to be contended and more independent in life. I do not want to feel unhappy for things I do not have. Rather, to be grateful for things I possess. And hopefully, I will learn how to better take care of myself and reduce the reliance on my husband.

"What seems to be perfect might not be perfect" . What seems to be bad might not be the worst."

This is a phrase which I often use to encourage myself. 

Do not feel depressed by the bad things you have encountered. 
Do not feel jealous and envy for the good things happened to the others.
Cry hard when you are sad.
Laugh hard when you are happy.
Believe in hope and tommorrow shall be a brand new day.

Yes, it's difficult because we are humans. I am learning to become such person too. Focus on the little things that makes you happy. The joys in life are the accumulation of the random moments you encountered every single day.

Do not compare with others. Do not criticise or judge someone. Live happily in this very moment. Be grateful for what you got. Appreciate the kindness you received. Learn that giving is a greater gift than receiving. Love yourself for who you are because if you don't, no one would have love you too.

This is a little kindness I received from someone who I did not know from work. A little something that have made my day. 

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