Monday, March 9, 2015

My Photo Story #5: Company Annual Dinner 2015

Photo By: Elin Chow

My company had its annual dinner held at Hotel Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur last month, just 2 weeks before the start of Chinese New Year. So I figured out that it might not be bad to share some of the fabulous photos I had managed to take at the event on that night.

Drawing our lucky seat number before we entered the ball room. 

The hotel was nice enough to provide us with some Chinese New Year props for our photo taking session before the dinner.

Here are some of the awesome looking photos we managed to take using the props provided.

Having fun at the various game stations set up by our company's sports club after the photo taking session.

Getting ready for the start of the dinner.

Our night started with a Lo Hei Yusheng, also known as Yusheng or Propersity Toss. Yusheng is a Teochew-style raw fish salad that usually consists of strips of raw fish (most commonly Salmon) mixed with shredded vegetables, a variety of sauces and crackers.

Eating Yusheng is part of a cultural activity for Chinese living in both Singapore and Malaysia. It is often served as the appetizer of a multi-dish dinner as it symbolizes good luck and prosperity for the year.

To eat this, all diners will stand up and toss the shredded ingredients high up in the air with their chopsticks. While tossing, diners are expected to shout various auspicious wishes out to bring in good luck for this luck. So, we wished for things like increments, bonuses and wealth.

Another welfie sessions with my pretty colleagues. We just could not stop taking photos on such a happy night!

We were caught taking a wlfie by one of my colleague. Surprisingly, this turned out to be my most favorite photo of that night.

We got the guys to join in as well.  

Too much welfie? How about a group photo instead? 

I was forced by my colleagues to take some very unglam photo with them! Although it was really ugly, we had our fun.

One of my colleague just decided to 'pop' out from nowhere to spoil our selfie! 

Since he was so keen to take a photo with us, let us take a welfie then!

We ended our night with a vain welfie. I think we actually enjoyed taking photos more than food. But most importantly, the entire event was a complete success and all of us had enjoyed ourselves very much!

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