Thursday, December 11, 2014

My Photo Story #3: M&M Dark Chocolates!

Photo By: Elin Chow

M&M dark chocolates - it reminds me of my childhood...

I used to love M&M chocolates a lot when I was a kid. My mum will always buy me a tube of M&M chocolates after school and I would pour a bunch of them straight into my mouth at a time. Within seconds, I would have finished the entire tube of it and asked for more.

But I did not like it anymore now. As I grew up, I stopped loving M&M chocolates as I really hate how they always got stuck between my teeth. I find it very frustrating as I tried to remove the tiny pieces of chocolates from my teeth every time I finished eating.

However, I still love its colorful button-shaped appearance. In fact, looking at them actually makes me feel happier than eating them. Unlike the usual M&M milk chocolates, the dark chocolates ones actually taste less sweeter and more satisfying to me. Hopefully, this will make me fall in love with the M&M chocolates once again.

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