Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Getting The Keys To Our First Home!

Photo By: Elin Chow

After a long 3 years wait, our new house is finally ready. Having watched the house being built from scratch, we have been anxiously waiting for this moment for the past 3 years. I figured that it will be a good idea to document this momentous moment in my blog so that I could look back in the future. But unfortunately, I could not share some of the photos due to privacy reason. However, do not be disappointed because I will try to share as much as I could.

The project was completed 3 months ahead of schedule, and the delivery of vacant procession started near the end of September. However, we only managed to make an appointment to collect our keys somewhere around mid of October.

Vacant procession was done at the activity room of our condo, where we were warmly welcomed by the staffs. We felt almost like VIPs. After confirming our details, we received sets of keys, 2 access cards and key fobs, all packed nicely in a box. Then, we signed several documents to mark our acceptance of keys to our new property before proceeding to on-site inspection.

A Peek Into Our Humble Abode

It is a 900 sq ft 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms condo unit located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The developer does not have a showroom when they launched the project 3 years ago, we do not know what to expect. But I have high expectation, which often lead to greater disappointment.

The overall design of the condo is not bad, but I feel that there are still many areas that can be improved. The entryway leading into the house is very small, with the front door opens directly to the dining + living room. The house is partly furnished with tiles, basic bathroom fixtures, painted walls, internal doors and a very ugly kitchen sink. Floor to ceiling windows allows plenty of natural lighting into the house.

I was really surprised when I first saw the kitchen. The kitchen is so much smaller than what I have expected, and the yard is ridiculously tiny with hardly any place to move after putting in the washing machine.

The kitchen and yard are separated by a wooden sliding door, which is obviously a little redundant. Furthermore, the design of the door is really ugly. We are planning to dismantle it just to add a little more space to the kitchen.

The living area and balcony are slightly larger than what I have imagined. It will be a great place for family and friends to gather and spend some quality together.

The glass balcony offers external living space and an obstructed view over the surrounding area.

Our house comes with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The master bedroom is decently sized and comes with an attached bathroom. Both the bathrooms are spacious and nicely furnished and decorated.

Bedroom 1 is almost same size as the master bedroom, except that it does not come with an attached bathroom. The room has an odd corner which can make decorating a tricky affair.

Bedroom 2 is really tiny with 2 small windows. I believe the room will only able to accommodate a single bed and a wardrobe with not much space left to move around. I will be using this room as my study + makeup room.

A Peek Into The Common Facilities

The common facilities are pretty impressive, which includes:

Half Olympic Sized Swimming Pool

Kids Play Pool with Wet Apparatus and Decorative Water Curtain

Sexy Lazy Pool with Jet Spa

Cantilevered Sky Gym

Open Yoga Deck

Par Course For Elderly

Herbs Garden

Kids Playground

Sky Garden @ Level 37

Some other facilities also includes BBQ pits, pre-function room, activity room and aerobic room. There are works still waiting to be completed, so I could not take better photos of the place.

Checking For Defects

We thoroughly checked every areas of our house - the ceiling, doors, windows, piping, tiles and fitting installations. To be honest, I feel a little disappointed with the workmanship. It was not bad, but definitely not up to my expectation. Their workmanship is really rough, and there are many minor areas that have to be touched up. I feel that the quality of their workmanship can really be better for the price we paid.

Of course, I know well that I cannot expect everything to be perfect, but I expect it to adhere to certain standard. It seems that the developer was rushing to handover the project ahead of schedule. Yes, they did it, completing well ahead of schedule, and I am really thankful for that. But I rather they complete on time and deliver better quality of work.

From the first glance, the entire unit seems perfect with zero defects. But when we got close and scrutinise each area carefully, we started to notice minor defects all around the house. The entire house is really dirty. It seems that they did not even bother to clean up the unit before handling over the keys.

Most edges of the window frames are covered in cement and there are many stains on the floor and wall tiles. Most of the defects we spotted are very minor, but it does adds up to quite a long list. Some of the other minor defects we submitted include:

- Small chips and scratches on floor and wall tiles
- Scratches on window frames
- Scratches on toilet bowl covers in both bathrooms
- Most of the doors in the house are misaligned and the locks does not fit properly
- Rusty shower head and balcony railing (not sure whether it is rust or dirty)
- Missing lighting points
- One of the electrical socket tripped
- Faulty switches

The only major defect we spotted is the water seepage at the kitchen ceiling. Overall, we spent about 4 hours in a span of 3 days looking around the house for defects. We are told that rectification works will be done within a month, so hopefully we can start the renovation of our home at the end of next month.  I shall update again after the rectification works are completed.

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Friday, October 6, 2017

[Sponsored] Missha The Original Tension Pact | Natural Cover / No.21

Photo By: Elin Chow

A few weeks ago, I received another email from Q-Depot.com offering me another product for review purpose. So, being a fan of korean cosmetic and skin care, naturally, I could reject such offer. For this review, I received the Original Tension Pact by Missha. Thank you Q-Depot for sending me new product to try.

The product was packaged nicely in a box and is shipped directly from Q-Depot warehouse in Korea. It took slightly over a week for the package to arrive in Kuala Lumpur. For those who have never heard of Q-Depot, this is a Korean cosmetic online shop that offers quality and authentic Korean skin care and make up products at a fairly affordable price. You can read more about them in my previous review.

The Original Tension Pact comes in four different types to suit different skin and needs, and each is available in 3 different shades - No. 13, No. 21 and  No. 23.

Perfect Cover - Offers full coverage with a matte finish
Natural Cover - Offers light to Medium coverage with a natural finish
Intense Moisture - Offers medium to full coverage with dewy finish
Tone Up Glow - Offers sheer coverage with a dewy finish

I chose the Natural Cover in No. 21 because I prefer something light and gives a natural finish. But I was really worried that the color would be a little too light for my skin tone. Just like most other Korean brands foundations, the shades offered by Missha seems to run lighter than American brands.

The Original Tension Pact is a cream foundation housed in a lovely pink/peach colored reflective plastic case with rainbow hologram stripes and rose gold trim and button, containing 14g of the product. Yes, I am surprised to find that this is actually a cream foundation, not a liquid foundation. This is my first time using a cream foundation instead of a liquid one, so I am really excited to try. 

Just like most other cushion foundations that you will find in the market, the Original Tension Pact also comes with a good sized mirror and a puff for application. There is a open-flip plastic lid that separates the puff from the cream foundation, keeping it clean at all times.

The packaging is compact and travel friendly, thus it is easy to carry around for any touch up without having to worry about spillage. Please make sure you close the lid back properly and tightly to prevent the product from drying up.

Unlike most of the cushion foundations that you will find in the market, the Original Tension Pact comes with a finely woven mesh net rather than soaked cushion. The cream foundation sits freely under the finely woven mesh net, which allows the product to dispense evenly onto the puff.

The cream foundation has a slightly watery consistency, but with a slightly heavy texture. A little of  it actually goes a long way.  Although the foundation offers fairly medium coverage, it is good enough to even out my skin tone and reduce redness on my skin.

However, I do not like foundation that are too thick. The color of the foundation is a little pinkish and runs brighter than many other brands. It does not match my skin tone very well, even though it does help to create that flawless skin that I am looking for. But it does not give that natural finish that I have expected. It definitely looks like you are wearing a fairly thick foundation on your face.

The foundation gives a semi-matte finish, but sadly the color is a little too bright for my liking. I am not sure whether No. 23 would suit my skin tone better. The good thing about this foundation is that it comes with sun protection with SPF 37/PA++. You might want to wear additional sunscreen underneath the foundation.

The Original Tension Pact is a little pricey than many other korean cushion foundations, but still fairly affordable. Oh, did I mention that the foundation has an overpowering scent? I do not really like the scent of it even though it was not unpleasant. 

For anyone using this foundation, I recommend that you build up the coverage by adding light layer. Do not rub the foundation into your skin, or else it might make you face looks cakey. Would I recommend the Original Tension Pact? Well, probably not because I am certainly not in love with this product.

For anyone who are interested to make a purchase on Q-depot.com, please use this code "SW10OFF" upon check out to get 10% off your first order.

No monetary compensation was received for this review and all opinions expressed were my own. Be sure to follow me on Facebook or Twitter  for any latest updates on my blog. So stay tuned!