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[Review] Bio Bright Perfect Body Slimming Cream

Photo By: Elin Chow

Every girl wants to be slimmer. No matter how slim we are, we are never satisfied with our body shape and weight. I am not an exception as well. 

Thus, I started to search for a product online that will not only be effective in maintaining my weight, but at the same time, help me to sculpt a slimmer body. It was then that I have found the Bio Bright Perfect Body Slimming Cream.

I tried to search more about the Bio Bright Perfect Body Slimming Cream online, but strangely, I could not find much information of this product. This explained why I was still skeptical to try the Slimming Cream out even when  I was amazed by what this product claimed to do.

So, what eventually led me into buying and trying this Slimming Cream out? Well, I am not very sure of the reasons too. Probably it was because I was feeling just too desperate to lose even more weight after my 10 kg weight loss. Since there are so many online users who have vouched for effectiveness of the Bio Bright Perfect Body Slimming Cream, I figured it out that I too, should give this product a chance.

Having been using and relying on this Slimming Cream for the past 2 years, I guess it is time for me to share this awesome product with everyone of you now. 

What Bio Bright Says

The Bio Bright Perfect Body Slimming Body is 100% original from USA, but is packed in Malaysia. From the packaging, Bio Bright claims that their Perfect Body Slimming Cream is actually the only slimming beauty product that will not only help one to burn excessive body fats, but at the same time, sculpt a leaner and firmer body. While it is effective in breaking down fat in your body, the Bio Bright Perfect Body Slimming Cream also helps to:

- Promotes blood circulation in your body
- Prevent your skin from sagging after weight loss
- Enhance body detoxification processes and improve constipation problem
- Fade stretch mark fast after child birth
- Tighten skin and repair cellulite skin problem, thus creating a smoother looking skin

What I Feel About This Product

1. The Hot and Burning Sensation

The Bio Bright Perfect Slimming Cream gives off a burning heat sensation on the skin areas where the cream is applied to, which in fact helps to promote blood circulation and burn excess cellulite body fat. I actually love the stinging sensation every time I applied this product on my skin. However, be careful not to apply too much if you are someone who cannot tolerate heat and pain very much. If not you might be crying your lungs out as the Bio Bright Perfect Slimming Cream is the most hottest among all product I have tried so far.

Pain? What do I mean by pain? Now, when I mention about the stinging pain sensation, I do not mean the kind of pain you will experience when you accidentally cut your finger with a knife. The kind of pain you will experience is probably similar to eating a raw red chilli. Spicy, stinging and numbing. However, I can assure you that the stinging pain sensation will go away once your skin have gotten used to that feeling.

2. Tighter and Firmer Skin

So, is the Bio Bright Perfect Body Slimming Cream effective in helping me to lose excess fat in my desired areas? Yes, not much, but it is indeed effective. The Slimming cream can be easily absorbed by the skin in order to burn unwanted body fat more efficiently. I must say that I am really pleased that this product actually has helped me to lose some unsightly fat around my waists, arms and thighs areas.

Unlike many other slimming creams found in the market, this product does not only helps you to lose undesirable fat and achieve your ideal weight loss, but at the same time, also helps to shape up your body. Its ability to prevent skin from sagging resulted from a weight loss is also one of the main reason why I actually favors this product so much.

Ever since I started using this product, I am glad that I have seen really remarkable difference in the appearance of my skin. I am now happy to say that I am no longer bothered by flabby and sagging skin resulted from my massive weight loss previously.

With Bio Bright Perfect Body Slimming Cream, I believe your goal in achieving a much slimmer, leaner and firmer looking will no longer be a dream.

3. Improve Constipation Problem

Surprisingly, the Bio Bright Perfect body Slimming Cream also have the ability to enhance detox effect in our body and improve constipation problem. I am really embarrassed to say that I have been bothered by constipation problem for the longest time in my life. Often, I find myself getting real frustrated for not being able to empty my bowels for a few days or sometimes, a week.

But now, I am happy that my constipation problem has been solved ever since I started using the Bio Bright Perfect body Slimming Cream. Well, it might be entirely due to the product, nevertheless, I feel that it did help in some way or another.

I am glad that I am back to 'normal' now. The feeling of being able to empty my bowels at least once a day is just awesome. For people who have experienced the same problem as me, why not give the Bio Bright Perfect Body Slimming Cream a try. It might help.

4. The Packaging and Smell

The Bio Bright Perfect Slimming Cream is packed in a white plastic tub container, containing 500ml of the product. Well, the packaging is not at all fanciful, but I do feel that it is very durable. The consistency of the Slimming Cream is rather thick and comes in a creamy white.

This product actually smell like chinese medication cream, but probably much more stronger than most of the ones you will find in the market. I do not dislike the smell at all and I think I might have love it. I believe from its smelly, most people could have easily tell that this will be a product that will cause an extremely burning and hot sensation once you have applied it on your skin.

Price wise, I must say this product is not on the cheaper end. A 500 ml tub of the Bio Bright Perfect Body Slimming Cream might cost you around RM 110 to RM 160 as most probably, you might only be able to purchase this product from some online store.

It is a pity that none of the retail stores in Singapore and Malaysia carry the Bio Bright Perfect Body Slimming Cream. For people like me who is interested in trying this product this online, the only choice I have is to purchase from a store online. I believe this also explains why there is such a big difference in its price range.

Despite being quite a well-known and popular slimming product in Malaysia, there are relatively lesser people who know about the Bio Bright Slimming Perfect Body Slimming Cream in Singapore. This would also mean that there will actually be much lesser online store selling this product in Singapore. But lucky, I relocated to Malaysia and I could get on my hands on this product easily from several online stores now.

How To Use This Product

In order to achieve maximum effect, it is recommended for you to use the Bio Bright Perfect Body Slimming Cream at least twice a day, preferably every morning and night. The method to apply is very simple. After bath, apply and massage the Slimming Cream in a circular motion over the body areas where you wish to lose excess fat. 

Don't worry if you feel rather confused. I have explained the method to apply this product further in details below with the help of an instruction manual I have received from Bio Bright. I hope this would help you to get a clearer idea.

I believe the below are the main body areas where most of the girls would like burn some fatty meat away. For people who wish to lose excess fat around:

A. Arms areas

Apply and massage the Slimming Cream in circular motion in an inwards direction.

B. Hip/Waist areas

Gently squeeze the excess fat on your waist area and massage the Slimming Cream onto your skin. I prefer to apply this in an upward direction, starting somewhere from your hip to waist areas.

C. Abdomen areas

In clockwise direction, massage the Slimming Cream in a circular motion until it get fully absorbed by your skin. 

D. Thighs areas

Starting from your knees, massage the Slimming Cream onto your skin in an upward direction until you reach your thighs areas. However, I prefer to apply and massage the Slimming cream in a circular motion, focusing just my under thighs areas only. 

E. Calves areas

Starting from your ankle, massage the Slimming Cream onto your skin in an upward direction. This would not only help you to lose unsightly fat mass on your calves areas, but at the same time, soften and shape up your calves muscles.

F. Buttocks areas

Well, I have not tried using the Bio Bright Perfect Body Slimming Cream on my buttocks areas. But if wish to, you could massage the Slimming Cream in an upward direction, starting from your buttocks to your hips area. 

Once you are done, allow some time for the Slimming Cream to penetrate into your skin.  You should experience a burning sensation shortly after that when the Slimming Cream started to work on your excess fat.

Things To Take Note While Using This Product

There are a few things to take note of while using this product. This is to avoid any unnecessary discomfort arising from the application of this Slimming Cream.  

When I say the Bio Bright Perfect Body Slimming Cream is extremely hot, I really mean it. Once you dipped your fingers into this product, it could not be easily wash off from your skin, even when you have tried using soap. Therefore, please take note of the following listed below.

1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap after applying the Slimming Cream.  

2. If you are a contact lens wearer, please remember to put on your contact lenses first before touching this product. If not, be prepared to experience the worst pain in your life if the Slimming Cream comes into contact with your eyeballs. I have personally went through the pain twice. Yes, not once but twice. I remember the pain was so unbearable that I thought I will go blind.

To play safe, please remember to wash your hands with soap again before removing your contact lenses from your eyes.

3. If you are intending to conceive, I strongly recommend you to stop using the Bio Bright Perfect Body Slimming Cream. Similarly for those who are pregnant too. If you wish, you may use it on your thighs and arms areas, but avoid applying this Slimming Cream on your abdomen. 

4. Avoid from touching your face after application, even after you have washed your hands with soap. I have experienced some itching and redness resulted from the burning sensation after touching my face with my hands after application of the Slimming Cream. 

However, this does not mean you are not allowed to touch your face for a whole day. Just try to minimize the touch as much as possible.

You may wish to purchase and put on a hand gloves before applying this product. I believe this will save you lots of troubles. However, having even said so, I still prefer to apply and massage this Slimming Cream onto my skin with my bare hands. I find this way much more easier than using a hand gloves.

Final Thoughts

While nothing will ever beat a balanced diet and exercise, we could use a little extra help in order achieve the slim and toned body that we always dream of. With the help of Bio Bright Perfect Body Slimming Cream, you dream will no longer just be a dream anymore.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Visiting The Singapore Zoo [Part 5]

Photo By: Elin Chow

Okay, finally, I have reached the last part of my Singapore Zoo highlights. I hope everyone of you have an enjoyable time reading my wild adventures at the Singapore Zoo. Just in case anyone have not read:

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Before I start on the last post, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Singapore Zoo for their remarkable achievement recently. Due to their continuous hard work and effort, the Singapore Zoo has been ranked as the BEST ZOO in Asia by TripAdvisor this year!

Well done, Singapore Zoo! Keep up with the good job. I will always feel so proud of Singapore Zoo.

Ahem...Sorry that I got sidetracked a little. So, without further ado, let's continue our wild adventure at the Wild African zone.

#35 Giraffe

The Giraffe, tallest animal living on earth. Due to its extremely long neck and distinctive coat patterns, the Giraffe is also one of the most recognizable animals on planet.  Its populations are scattered across the northern regions of Chad, South Africa, western Niger and eastern Somalia where they are usually found living on large grassland, savannas or open woodland.

The Giraffe exhibit is my most favorite exhibit at the Wild Africa zone. It is not because I am particularly fond of Giraffes, but rather this is the only exhibit where I could get really close to the animals from a raised platform.

Just in case anyone is interested, you could purchase a basket of carrots from the Zoo keeper on site and feed the Giraffes during their scheduled feeding time. Observe the Giraffes carefully as they wrapped their extremely long dark tongue around the piece of carrot from your hand. You would be amazed by length of its tongue, which is also known to be longest in the animal kingdom. The tallest animal born with the longest tongue on earth. What an interesting combination!

See! This is apparently how close I could get to the Giraffes! 

#36 African Lion

The African Lion - King of the Jungle. The second largest living cat on earth after the Tiger, African Lions are mostly found in eastern and southern Africa. Its population is currently critically threatened due to habitat loss and increased contact with humans. 

#37 Meerkat

"Look! It's Timon from the Lion King!" I could not describe how excited I was when I saw the Meerkats for the first time.

Meerkat, also known as Suricate, is found largely in Kalahari Desert in Botswana, parts of the Namib Desert in Namibia, Southwestern Angola and also in South Africa.

Meerkats generally tend to live in a sizeable group and work together in numbers. During foraging activity, at least one Meerkat will be left to stand guard while the rest busy themselves searching for food. 

Conincidentally, I happened to capture a shot of the Meerkats showing their unique foraging behaving on one of my particular trip to the Singapore Zoo. I must be quite lucky that day.

Meerkats are insectivores where its diet consists primarily of insects. Occasionally, Meerkat will also feed on other small reptiles such as scorpions, snakes, lizards, spiders, millipedes and centipedes.  

Feeding time! The menu for the day was.... MEAL WORMS! Eew... that was really gross. However, meal worms are a delicacy for the Meerkats.

#38 Warthog

Next, we headed to the Warthog exhibit where you will meet another interesting character from the Disney animation, The Lion King. If you know Timon from the Lion King, I believe you would be familiar with his friend, Pumbaa as well. 

A wild member of the pig family, the Warthog is the only pig species found living in grassland, savanna and woodland in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Tropical Crops and Orchid Garden

Just in case you wanted to take a short break from observing animals, do consider visiting Tropical Crops and Orchid Garden located right behind the Wild Africa zone. 

The Tropical Crops and Orchid Garden is set against the beautiful backdrop of the Seletar Reservoir. Aww... I really love the fresh air, the smell of trees, scent of the beautiful flowers and occasional birds chirping sounds. So peaceful and calm.

Rain Forest KidzWorld

For parents with kids, the Rain Forest KidzWorld, especially the Wet Play area is definitely one of the must visit zone for you at the Singapore Zoo. Featuring a mini water theme park, I believe this is where kids will enjoy their day at the Singapore Zoo so much till the point that they would not want to leave.    

I did not dare to join in the fun as I thought it would be quite an embarrassing thing for me to do at my age. Imagine my husband and I scream in excitement as we splash each other with water? I believe we will look extremely ridiculous and stupid to most people. If we have a kid, I think that will be an entirely different case. 

#39 Pony, Falabella & Horse

It is fine if you do not wish to get yourself wet. Instead, you might want to spend more time visiting the farm animals instead while you are exploring the Rain Forest KidzWorld. 

Ponies are small horses that are distinguishable by their thicker manes, tails and overall coat. Comparing to horses, ponies are born with smaller ears and sturdy body. Other than that, their legs and heads are relatively much more shorter than horses. Ponies, although have several distinctive features, are often mistaken as foal of horses. I am not an exception as I too, have failed to differentiate a pony from a young horse.

A Falabella, on the other hand, is a miniature horse. Known to be one of the smallest breeds of horse in the world, its populations are most found in Europe and America.

#40 Goat

A subspecies of the wild goats of Southwest Asia and Eastern Europe, domestic goats are actually among the earliest animals domesticated by humans. 

#41 Rabbits

Rabbits! I love rabbits and I believe most of the kids will love to give the rabbits a cuddle too. Sadly, the Singapore Zoo does not have a rabbit cuddling session where you could pay and hug the rabbits. I bet I would go all crazy if I am allowed to hold one. 

Look at those little furry ones! How adorable! 

Well, I have come to an end of my Singapore Zoo highlights. Hope that everyone of you have a really wild and enjoyable adventure with me! 

If you happen to be someone who just love to visit the Zoo like me, I believe you will enjoy a wild and fun day at the River Safari Singapore as well.

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Visiting The Singapore Zoo [Part 4]

Source: The Singapore Zoo
Photo By: Elin Chow

Are you excited for Part 4 of my Singapore Zoo highlights? Well, I hope I have not kept anyone waiting for too long. If you have not read the previous parts:

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#25 South African Ground Squirrel

The South African Ground Squirrel is a rodent native to the South Africa where they are found living in underground burrows. 

#26 Red Fox

The Red Fox is the largest in the Foxes family. Its populations is widely spread across the entire Northern Hemisphere from the Arctic Circle, North America, Central America and Asia. 

Unfortunately, it was a cold and rainy day when we visited the Singapore Zoo. I could not get to capture a better photo of the Red Fox due to the misty glass panel. The perfect weather to take a nap. Even so, I will not deny that the Red Fox still look absolutely adorable! Don't you think so too?

Fragile Forest

Next, we headed to the Fragile Forest where you get to experience the complex rain forest ecosystem. This is undoubtedly one of my most favorite zone to visit in the Singapore Zoo. A 20,000 cubic metre enclosed flight area, the Fragile Forest is one of the largest in the world. 

As we stepped into the Fragile Forest, we were delighted to be welcomed by a flutter of beautiful butterflies busily feeding on nectar. It was such a wonderful and pleasant sight!

Colorful birds are allowed to fly freely around the enclosed flight area. 

#27 Lesser Mouse-deer

The Lesser Mouse-deer, also known as the Lesser Malay Chevrotain is the smallest hoofed mammal in the world. Native to the tropical rain forest of Southeast Asia, the Lesser Mouse-deer can be commonly found in countries such as Brunei, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

The Lesser Mouse-deer are truly adorable, don't you think so too? 

#28 Ring-tailed Lemur

Welcome to Madagascar! If you happen to be a fan of the Dream works animation "Madagascar", I believe you would not be unfamiliar with the character named King Julien, a Ring-tailed Lemur who self-proclaimed to be the Lord of Lemurs.

The Ring-tailed Lemur, native only to the land of Madagascar, is the most recognized species in the Lemur family due to its long, black and white ringed tail.

The Fragile Forest is definitely one my most favorite zone to visit of all time. Animals that are housed in this zone are allowed to roam freely around the enclosed area in close proximity to humans. 

Although the Ring-tailed Lemurs look extremely friendly, I was really hesitant to touch it. However, at the end, I still managed to do it. All thanks to my curiosity. How does touching a Ring-tailed Lemur feels like? Well, I must say that its fur feels really soft and warm. It feels so much like a furry soft toy!

#29 Black-and-White Ruffed Lemur

Just like the Ring-tailed Lemur, the Black-and-White Ruffed Lemur is the largest and most endangered Lemur species found on the island of Madagascar. Its fur are always black and white without much variations and interestingly, both males and females generally look the same.

I managed to get down close with the Black-and-White Ruffed Lumur while exploring the Fragile Forest zone too. However, I did not managed to touch and feel its fur as it does not look as sociable as the Ring-tailed Lemur. A decision which I regretted very much later.

Just like the Ring-tailed Lemurs, the Black-and-White Ruffed Lemurs are very friendly and sociable in nature. Look at this little furry one. I believe its fur would feel so much softer than the Ring-tailed Lemurs. 

This Black-and-White Ruffed Lemur does have an unique sleeping position. 

#30 Malayan Flying Fox

The Malayan Flying Fox, also known as the Large Flying Fox or Greater Flying Fox is the larger species of the bats. Native to Southeast Asia, the Malayan Flying Fox can be found in countries such as Malaysia, Phillippines and Indonesia.

The Malayan Flying Fox is herbivorous, feeding primarily on flowers, nectars and fruits. Even so, the sight of bats still frighten me a lot. 

#31 Naked Mole Rat

The Naked Mole Rat, also known as the Sand Puppy or Desert Mole Rat, is a species of rodent found largely in East Africa. Just as what its name suggests, the Naked Mole Rat are completely hairless, which I believe is also one of its most distinctive feature.

However, do not be fool by its appearance. It may seem to be vulnerable, but unexpectedly, the Naked Mole Rat are almost immune to pain.

Wild Africa

Be awed by the majestic beauty of the African wilderness at the Wild Africa zone. This is where your wild adventures begins.

#32 White Rhinoceros

The White Rhinoceros, largest in the family of Rhinoceros, is also known to be the second largest living land mammal on earth. Native to Africa, its populations can be mainly found in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Uganda.

Interestingly, I just happen to know that the White Rhinoceros spend half of its day eating and the another half resting and doing all sorts of things. I was really amazed by its huge appetite! How could they swallow such a huge amount of food everyday? 

Anyway, if you are wondering why are the White Rhinoceros always eating, I believe this will be the answer to your question. 

#33 Cheetah

The Cheetah, deemed as the fastest land animal on earth are found mainly in Africa, parts of Iran and Southwestern Asia. Cheetahs are born to run, naturally equipped with the ability to reach as fast as 112 to 120km/h in a mere 3 seconds.

#34 Zebra

The Zebra - a horse with distinctive black and white stripes.  A beauty that is so unique and unexplainable. Its populations are mainly found across the African grassland, savannas, woodland and even coastal hills.

However, unlike its closest relatives, horses and donkeys, Zebras are rarely domesticated as they are naturally harder to be tamed due to their unpredicable nature.

Zebras are generally very sociable in nature. In fact, I always thought that they are very tame and friendly animals since they are the closest relatives of horses. I could never imagine how aggressive and violent they could get when they are irritated. But I guess, it is always wrong to judge a book just by its cover.

Having said that, we just happened to spot one that seemed to be feeling slightly annoyed by something. Or was it just playing with itself to pass some time away? We were not very sure too.

I guess I shall end Part 4 of my Singapore Zoo highlights here. I shall continue my wild adventures at the Wild Africa zone in Part 5. Stay tuned and I shall be back very soon again.